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Lazy day with all the fibre crafts

Sunday stuff

I have 10 rounds left on my never-ending Viajante shawl and instead of taking today to just get it done, I decided to warp the loom instead. 

Each round is a billion stitches, or at least a million so I suppose I can cut myself some slack, I probably wouldn’t finish it today. Warping the loom is definitely a weekend thing, so it makes sense to start a scarf rather than not finish a project.

I’m using sock yarn leftovers, mostly from Josephine’s blanket for another Mad for Plaid scarf. My idea is to have a few scarves in storage for gifts - I do not need another neck accessory. Bust some stash, give someone a lovely handmade gift, everyone wins. 

Here it is on the loom. I rather like the sparkle grey yarn in a weaving project.


Now to get back to Viajante while I wait for the beef stew to cook. I already made a bread. Perfect winter supper. 



That is a fun warp! I have never tried using sock yarn on my loom. I really like the idea :)

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