January 18, 2021

Instead of Complaining on Twitter... Today, like many people on Twitter, I had opinions about the latest announcement from the Ontario government about the pandemic. Instead of bitching on Twitter I wrote a letter to the Premier and cc'd my MPP. I suggest you do the same. Premier@ontario.ca Mr. Ford, A short note from an Ontario citizen to say that the measures announced today aren't good enough. You're not listening to your health experts and are being too timid with your response to the pandemic. The messages are inconsistent, difficult for the public to understand, and make front-line workers vulnerable and unprotected. What's needed and has been recommended by many already: 1. Paid sick days for workers. The federal supports only take effect when someone tests positive for COVID. Ontario workers without paid sicks days cannot take time to get tested without losing pay. They will come to work sick and infect others. This is so important for long-term care facilities where people continue to get sick and die. 2. No evictions. Full stop. People need homes. 3. A narrower definition of essential businesses - I can still have a crew come to my house to renovate my kitchen just because I want a change. I can still go to Walmart or Costco and buy no food. There are too many loopholes that mean COVID spreads. 4. Close non-essential workplaces where people can't work from home. Workers are risking their health so I can get new slippers sent to my home or take out food. Nothing sold by Amazon or Gap online is essential. We need to close more things down and pay those workers to stay home for a short time rather than continue with minor changes to the rules which lead to more illness and death for a long time. Experts at your table are recommending these and other important measures. Listen to them. I could have said far more. Maybe I'll do that in a few days. If citizens don't start directly engaging with our leaders things will never change.

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