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First FO of 2010!

So it took a little longer than a month.  It was worth the wait.  Anhinga is done.



And I love it.

I was a bit worried that it wasn't going to suit me.  It does have that "is this maternity wear?" part in the front. But I don't feel like that how it looks on me (besides I was ginormous when pregnant).  The fit in the shoulders is perfect and the 42" has just the right amount of ease.


 I used Sublime Aran--wool, silk, cashmere and the yarn is squooshy and very nice.  I would use it again--and will, the leftovers are being commissioned into a chullo for Emma.  I used 13 balls rather than the 15 called for (Sublime seems to be a perfect sub for the Berocco merino).



Here's hoping all my knits of 2010 work out this way.

Sweater in a month?

I was *this* close to having a sweater completed in a month.  Started on December 6th, finished January 6th, but I don't think it's going to happen.

It's a bit of a silly goal, since knitting isn't about producing things in record time, but I hit a nice patch of knitting monogamy and was whipping through Anhinga so quickly I wanted to get. it. done.  Of course, I did meander into spinning over my holiday and did other stuff like skating on the lake at the cottage, so it wasn't like I was completely focussed on this sweater.

IMG_3647 IMG_3663

Sunday I started feeling like I was coming down with something but I worked through the tummy troubles and whipped off the last sleeve.  Yesterday, undaunted by more troubles and lack of sleep from the troubles of the night before, I started on the seaming and picked up the neckline.  Twice (for both things).

Here's the rub about knitting deadlines; you start cutting corners to get. it. done.  Today when I'm home from work (or very soon if I don't start feeling better) I'm going to take a critical eye to this sweater and do it right.  That might mean a bit of re-seaming--some of the seams are meant to be seen so they're a bit tricky, or picking up the neck for a 3rd time, but in the end I'll have a sweater that's nice looking and not just something I threw together.

Holiday Knitting

Having two weeks off at the end of the year is bliss.  It feels like it's going by too quickly, but that's because I'm enjoying every lazy minute of it.

This time around I'm enjoying a bout of knitting monogamy.  I started Anhinga right after I finished my Grey Mist bohus and I'm half the back, and one sleeve away from the finishing.


The yarn is Sublime Aran--a wool, silk and cashmere blend that's nice a squooshy.  It's a bit splitty, but after 9spi, anything on 5.5mm needles is indeed sublime.

I was (and am a bit still) worried about how this sweater will look on me.  I made the front pieces first and got a sense of how it will look.  It should work.  I also made the 42" size so it has a bit of ease.  This is not the kind of sweater that should hug the body.

I've also taken some time to spin.  My desiccated brain singles are now all spun up and having a rest before I ply.  Pencil roving is kinda fun, but I'm ready to try some different kinds of drafting.  I have a yarn credenza full of Grafton batts and I'm going to jump in before the week is out.



Otherwise it's back to the bathroom.  Today we take a stab at finishing the tiles around the tub.  Then we're just fiddly finishing stuff away from having a completed main bathroom.