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Beautiful Baby Cables and Big Ones Too

I confess I don't love the name of this sweater, but that doesn't matter because I love wearing it.

Baby Cables Finished

The sleeve drama was short lived and after a soak in some Soak and a few tense moments when it appeared that I had made a queen-sized blanket instead of a pullover, I had myself a new sweater.  Just so you know, Zara is superwash, and while the label says not to machine dry it, you gotta or else the thing stretches to magnificent proportions (just be sure to dry on low and watch it to sure you get the size right.

Baby Cables Back

I know a lot of you love this sweater, but are a bit leery about the neckline.  It's a toughie.  I have the same ambivalence about it.  I prefer to wear something underneath my sweaters (even one as soft as this) because I'm a sweaty kind of girl and I don't want to have to wash a sweater every time I wear it.  A regular crew neck tee looks like ass underneath this sweater, so the hunt is on for a very wide scoop neck, or I will just cut the neck out of an old one I have around here.

Baby Cables Front

Undergarment issues aside, I did find that the neckline did stretch as the day went on.  I can see two solutions. 

1. There is no reason why one cannot start with less stitches the neckline and essentially add a few rows to make the neckline narrower.  I had to add some rows before dividing for the armholes, so there's some play in there and it won't spoil the overall look of the design.  The thing with this option is that you have to decide to do this before you start.

2. My solution is an after-the-fact one.  At Lorelei's suggestion,  I crocheted a chain stitch with a 3.5mm hook around the neckline, making my stitches a smidge tighter.  It didn't change the look and now I have a nice, solid feeling neckline that shouldn't move too much.  If I find it's not quite right, it's less than 10 minutes  work to zip it off and do it again.  And as you can see, it looks pretty much like the cast-on edge.

Close up of new neckline

My modelled photos were taken before the crocheting, and the difference isn't all that much to the overall look, but it feels more secure on my shoulders.

All in all this was a well written pattern for a very nice sweater.

Rippin' Stupid

I've been tearing along on Baby Cables this last week and by Saturday night I was in the home stretch.  We were watching a pretty-good movie (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead) and I left the last few rows for the next morning so I could cast it off with all my wits about me.

Sunday, I start casting off and something is not right.  The right sleeve (the first one I knit) had 15 garter ridge; the left sleeve has 16.


I figure I must have messed up the last left cable by putting in a couple of extra rows in the middle part.  So I need to rip back about 15 rows.  Frogging ensues.

Then I consult my chart and check it out.  I count some rows, stitches and garter ridges and get a sinking feeling.  The left sleeve is the correct one.  The right one is wrong.  So now i need to reknit the one I just frogged and rip out the other sleeve.

How stupid am I?  Don't answer that.

I'm not sure if you can see the difference, but this is after I re-knit the already-correct-sleeve-I-frogged.  The ripped sleeve is the one I should have ripped out in the first place. 


I didn't have the same amount of knitting time on Sunday (went to see Madagascar 2, which was good fun, then felt like crap due to bad food I ate) so I'm having a do-over tonight.


It's looking good and I hope it'll be dry for knit-night at Lettuce Knit on Wednesday.  If I don't do anything else stupid to it.

Knitting Interlude

All this time on my own does make going out mighty difficult, so I've been getting in some really solid knitting time.

I'm on the body of Baby Cables...and I'm still in love with this sweater.  The Zara is squooshy, the pattern is fun and mindless (because I got no energy for thinking once the kids are in bed) and this is turning into a very wearable nice looking sweater.


By this time next week Craig should be home.  But maybe not.  Seems he's waiting for a part.  If it doesn't come in, he's home Saturday but may have to go back.

If the part does come in, he may just stay a bit longer. I'm not really liking either option... So I'll just show you another photo of my gorgeous WIP.


Back to it. I rented Michael Clayton and could watch half of it tonight if I don't crash in front of the tv.

Some griping with some knitting at the end

My annual physical was uneventful except for learning one thing new--apparently I'm an inch shorter (want to verify this when I get home)--and getting confirmation of something I was in denial about--I've put on weight.  People at work call it the Simcoe Hall Spread and while I knew it was happening--too many lunch meetings, crappy catered food all over the place, not enough moving around--I figured it wasn't that bad. 


I need to lose 10-15 lbs.  Shit.  It was good to hear it from someone else because I didn't really want to hear my own inner voice noticing that all my clothes were too tight. 

I had started making some dietary changes this summer; no more beloved Coke every lunch (replaced it with almost palatable Coke Zero), trying to have less beer, less eating out for lunch etc. and I am riding my bike to work.  But it's not enough.  Time to get back into a gym.  Well, after Craig is back from his work trip.  No sense joining today only to take 5 weeks off because I have no childcare.  I will start back at the office lunch time yoga tomorrow and try *really* hard to keep it up (though I have a lot of lunch time workshops to attend which makes it difficult).

The better news was that all the envelopes were stuffed by the time I got into work today.  I have a fabulous team here and they spared me that job.  And we ordered in Thai food for lunch (I had more mango salad than pad thai noodles since I was still feeling the sting of the scale).

But enough about that...let's look in my knitting bag instead.

Here's my film festival sock.  It's the project I knit in lines, before movies start, during the Director Q&A's etc.  My first movie is tomorrow night! 

I got a bit of a head start on it during Xander's soccer game.  The yarn is one of the Kaffe Fasset Regia colours.


And here's my eye of partridge heel--very nifty.


And Baby Cables.  So pretty.  I'm just 20 rows in and I remember how much I love the Zara yarn (it's so squooshy). 


No Vino photos yet.  I need to be wearing some pants and it's too damned hot to wear a sweater coat.  I'm not complaining about the heat (it's like we're getting more summer!) just the idea of being wrapped in wool outside in this weather.

I fold

I'm tired.  Really tired.  It's partly because I stayed up too late watching the premiere of the new 90210 (well not all of it; when I found out it was 2 hours long I went to bed, but it was still way past my bed time) and mostly because I spent the day standing up operating a letter folding machine.

Even with a machine folding over 3000 pieces of paper is hard work.  So much so that I don't even have the energy to knit Baby Cables (which I started and LOVE).  I took pictures but my camera batteries died and my nearly new charger doesn't work and I'm too tired to find new batteries (you get the picture).

Time for bed.  Tomorrow I join the co-workers who are stuffing the envelopes.  After I go for my annual physical (bleh).

Yep. Get a PhD, stuff envelopes.* 

*Good thing I'm paid well, have excellent benefits and a fabulous boss.

Found my Fall Must-Have Sweater

While I'm in no way ready for Fall to actually arrive, I have been thinking about what to make for the prime sweater-wearing season.  I have two main criteria in mind: something I can wear to work and something which uses stash yarn.

Linden was in the running and so was Bonnie.  (Isn't the Twist Collective Zine great?!).  I have yarn for both in the stash; Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Ash and Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in a beautiful blue repectively.  But both of those are more cavorting-in-the-leaves sweaters.  I will probably make both of them, but not right now.

This is the sweater I need to make.  Baby Cables and Big Ones Too.  It's the feminine version of Cobblestone.  I love that it's dk, I love the little cables.  I love it all.  And, I have some Zara in a pretty Stone colour that will work perfectly.

I'm trying hard not to start it right away though, I have a few things in the work basket that I should pay attention to.  I've been working on my second Vinterblomster mitten since I finished Hip in Hemp (thanks for all the comments, I LOVE this skirt, it wears great), and I need to assemble Vino so I have it to wear this Autumn.  I've also been neglecting my poor Bohus, Grey Mist, which is another good work piece.  I need to take it out, establish where I left off (I keep saying I will take better notes, and never do), and get to work on it.  It's only plain stockinette, nothing more complicated than knitting socks, and still relatively portable.  It's time to get to it.

I did pull the Zara out of the stash last night though and printed and read through the pattern.  I just want one of those three things finished before I get right into this new one.