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In case you were wondering about the bathroom...

We're still working on it.

It's 90% done.  We're showering and I've had a bath.  (I'm not giving you the good pictures until the big reveal!)



I have very nice storage cabinets that hold tonnes of stuff (and I got rid of lots in the process of storing and moving it all--extra bonus)



 We have a sink to brush our teeth in, but no mirror. The floor and toilet are in (and that brought much rejoicing).  


 The walls are even painted and there are lights.


But man, those last little bits that make it all look finished are killing us.

Today windows and trim are being painted.  


And the door is being modified.  The room got a bit smaller (which is good for the structural integrity of the room and had to be done) which meant the door didn't fit in the opening.  It was something we didn't foresee at the beginning or we would have ripped out the frame then.  So now, the frame is ripped out, the door is narrower and we're putting the pieces together again.


Minor setback.

The vanity and sink are in.  They are pretty.  And almost perfect.  By almost I mean that the standard marble counter I ordered is not big enough because the stupid-sales-person who ordered this for us at the Home Depot failed to mention that the rather expensive solid maple decorative but not required side pieces added 1 3/4 inches to the 36" cabinet.  So the cabinet is now 37 3/4 inches with a 37 inch counter.  

Right now we're living with it (we positioned the counter to make it work) and not using the side piece that you could only see when you're in the tub.  I'm leaving that battle for another day.  Which means we'll put the one side piece in the basement, hang a towel bar on that side and never speak of it again.

And since it was all special ordered and arrived in June, we're eating this one.  But that whole "You can do it, We can help" thing at Home Depot feels like some serious bullshit.  No way I'd order my kitchen cupboards there after this.  But that's the 2012 reno...

I feel like we're *this* close to finishing but that *this* is going to take forever.  It's just a "two steps back" kind of day today, but we are in the home stretch.  Back to paint the window frame.

Bathroom Progress

We're putting on the big push to get the bathroom done.

This week I painted:


 Then we started tiling the floor.  This is the dry fit--just seeing how it would look--nice eh?  


Craig was all kinds of awesomeness today--he tiled the floor while I was out.  We just have a spot near the toilet to do tomorrow and then grouting.  

The tiled area around the tub is still not finished, but we can at least start using the toilet really soon.  Since we're been going down to the basement, this is big news.

We had only one little glitch this weekend.  I'm starting to learn that DIY home reno in an old house EQUALS a ton of "little glitches".  We had to make a hole in the ceiling to access the toilet drain. 

We still have things in the basement to patch, so one more hole isn't all that bad.  But it's still a bit crazy making.

In The Pink!

We're in the good part of the bathroom reno!  Stuff is going back on instead of coming out.  We have electricity, plumbing, a bathtub with a working drain! 


We've also squared off the ceiling, installed a properly vented fan (that involved a big ladder and drilling a hole into our house--wacky) and have managed to shim the walls to be square. 

I will just say Craig is awesome.  I help, but am not the brains or brawn of this job. 


Now we're insulating (our ceiling wasn't insulated before) and drywall is soon to be installed. 


I'm hoping this long weekend we'll do a big push and maybe start tiling around the tub.  We're all getting tired of the disruption and want to see it finished.

Things I learned on the long weekend

1. My bathroom is one inch wider at the tub end than the door end.

2. My bathroom roof line is not straight.  We framed a dropped ceiling so it was level to the earth because the floor is about 1/2" higher at the tub end than the door end.

3. Old houses are crooked.

4. Having a friend help Craig position the tub that doesn't easily fit into the spot is preferable to helping on my own.  Because of this, we are still married and love each other very much.

5. Our new tub is 1/4" higher on one long end vs the other.  This means it will drain properly, but more floor prep is required.

6. The tub is no longer in the dining room.  It now looks so much bigger.

7. I going to love my new tub.

New tub

8. Going to the beach on labour day is a good thing. 

9. Kid's lunch bags get really disgusting after a year.  I should have bought new ones.

10. My kids have HUGE feet (size 6.5 men's and 7.5 women's).  Big feet=expensive shoes.  But size 16 men's shoes cost the same as 6.5 so at least I won't be spending more money over the next 10 years.

11. Size 16 Nikes are really really big.  Sorta scary even.

12. It's too hot to seam an aran weight sweater on your lap, no matter how much you want it done.

13. Rhinebeck is 6 weeks away.

14. The film festival starts this week!

Sucker for Punishment

We're at it again...

bathroom demo 1

Yep, this the second floor bathroom.  Well, it was the second floor bathroom.


We have the whole thing ripped back to the rafters and studs.  Even the floor.  We weren't going to change the floor, but a few tiles were cracked and we wanted to get a good look at the pipes and even though it was more demolishing, it felt easier.


There were two subfloors, and we're still working on the original one.  But no real surprises except that our ceilings appear to be completely uninsulated.  We can see into the attached neighbour's insulated ceiling.


We're taking it a bit slow this week because I'm on holiday and it's freakin' hot out (it's good that it's hot since it's been a cool summer, but is hard to work in).

We've framed in a spot behind the toilet that will hold two large cabinets, and moved the heating register down from over the toilet (it would blow your hair while you were on the toilet) to almost at floor level.


We've also bought most of the fixtures and they are strewn about the house.  That's my living room with lumber, drywall, cement board and a bathtub in it.


Fun times...

95% done!

The bathroom is done.  And it's awesome.  I love the glass tiles (especially the storage niche) and the whole completely tiled room thing is fantastic.  No shower curtain, easy to clean, fresh and white but a little retro.  We love it.

360 degree video:

Like many DIY'ers we tend to feel a project is done, even when it's not.  That's because even though I'm declaring the bathroom done, there's still 5% yet to do.  The door needs to be trimmed and painted, the door knob needs to be put on, we need to find and install a mirror and there's nothing to hang the towels on.  But you can use it for all the relevant ablutions and there's no more giant mess with tools everywhere.


No one ask me how long the other 5% takes.  At least a week.  Probably a lot more.  Not a week (or more) of hard labour, just a seemingly endless bunch of little things to make it 100% complete.




What's up next you might be wondering?

Well, we still need to finish the walls around the stairs, get a railing made (anyone know a good place to get an iron railing made in Toronto?) and paint.  We also plan to build a big storage closet sharing the same wall as the bathroom.  Then of course, the upstairs bathroom is waiting for us and our backyard looks like a lumber yard/junk pile full of weeds and dirt and it needs a back fence.

La la I'm going to ignore that and enjoy my new bathroom.

Hiding in the basement

We've been hiding in the basement, making things pretty.

The toilet area went from this:

 Toilet area (underneath of stairs too)

To this:


The shower area has plumbing:

Shower plumbing

And walls (with a nifty niche to store stuff)


And we have a tiled and grouted floor!

Floor with charcoal grout

Now we're working on tiling the walls. Here's a sneak peek.


Craig and I are tiling together and it's not too bad; except when we're near the floor.  I've now got a new saw in my repetoire--wet tile saw.  All I need to learn how to use now is a chainsaw (scary) and then there's nothing I can't cut through.

The *Plan*tm is to have the walls and ceiling (since it's 6'5" we need a fully tiled room) done by this weekend and then we can put in the fixtures and we'll be done!

Floor and stairs

The reno, it continues.  Right now work has stopped while Craig works on a paying contract so I'll get you up to speed.

I left off with this:

Hole in my floor

Which necessitated the purchasing and carrying downstairs of this:

600kg of concrete

That's what 600kg of concrete looks like. Poor guy; he was tired that night. Some of it went into making the edges of floor straighter and to define the space that is the bathroom. The plan is to have the tiled floor be at the same level as the rest of the basement concrete to save precious head room--our ceilings sit at about six and a half feet (gotta love 100 year old houses).

Big hole in my floor

While the edge areas were drying some of the walls were framed and the drain plumbing was laid:

5X6' bathroom area

Then it was all covered with more concrete:

Pouring concrete

And you get the next level of floor:


There is another layer that needs to go on to level the floor so everything goes into that drain in the middle and you can see the sink drain at the top right of the photo. The floor is going to happen next week as they had other stuff to do.

Like the stairs.

First a wall was built where we wanted the new opening to be.  This is more structurally sound than having a header tied into the floor joists and makes the stairs feel less like a ladder.


Then they started cutting the wider opening (I'm so glad I wasn't there to see any of it).

 Stair opening cut away

That was where this used to be.


The overhanging floor still needs to be cut away, but it gives you a sense of what was cut out to make a wider opening. Then the old stairs were removed:

IMG_3002 IMG_3005

And just like one of those HGTV shows, new stairs emerge:

New stairs


They're sturdy, straight, 4 inches wider, less steep (the old pitch was 46 degrees and the new pitch is 40ish degrees--you can see the divet in the concrete where the old stairs ended) and each tread is 10 inches wide instead of 8 inches. They feel completely different!  And they look pretty nice too:


I will paint the brick wall and stairs the same colour as the wall above so they blend with the decor. They're made of spruce lumber and I'm not doing anything too fancy because our basement is a basement.  And I've done one stair project already this year!

My Wednesday (on a Friday)

The basement/bathroom reno continues.  I'm saving that for another post because there are lots of pictures.  And some of it has been rough, so I need some time to step back (really it's all going smooth, just slow and it causes the rest of life to go on hold).

Wednesday; that was a good day.


I got a package.


Yep.  I bought a wheel.


Many of my lovely, long-enabling friends are taking quite a bit of delight in my rapid decline into the pillowy woolen depths of spinning.  I have been avoiding it for about 5 years.  Partly because life was busy, and I was content with developing my knitting, but also because I knew I would like it.


And I'm okay with that.  I'm in a spinny, yarn-making happy place and this is good.


About the wheel.  After trying several wheels (Ladybug, Sonata, Traveler, Joy, Victoria, Lendrum (ST & DT) I decided on the Majacraft Little Gem.  It just felt right when I sat at it.  I made pretty yarn with it.  I liked how it looked (something I think is important--this is one of my tools and it's not something that will spend a lot of time in a cabinet, so I need to like it).  I liked that it had slider on the flyer instead of hooks and really big bobbins.  I like the portability (it was one of my main criteria).  I like that all Majacraft accessories fit on all wheels in case when I decide I want another wheel.


Majacraft also has a good reputation.  I had heard there were some issues with the rimu wood splitting due to the temperature extremes in the Canadian climate.  I wrote an email to the Poad's (the family that makes the wheels) and received a prompt reply detailing good wheel maintenance and also informing me that they now use bamboo on the drive wheel. 

Lisa Souza was also great.  She brokered the deal and all the details and my wheel was with me in just over two weeks from New Zealand.  I also bought some very pretty fibre from her--I can't wait until it gets here.



(And a really messy house).

The only sad part of the story is that I've spun on it for less than an hour.  Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to do more. 

I'll make time--even if I lose sleep to do it.

DIY Disaster Area (and spinning)

Craig and his Dad got to work on our basement reno.  Their work today makes the actual demolition look like I was tidying the house.


Remember our pretty staircase all finished.  Turns out we did that in the wrong order. 


Thankfully I was at work. 

The only labour I can show you is pretty yarn:


Shocking orange merino sliver two ply.  About 12wpi.  Soft and pretty (but brighter than I thought).  I'm going to make a baby hat with it--I want to knit some of my own yarn and see how that goes.

I'm also thinking about joining the Grafton Colorways Club.  Anyone a member?  So many pretty colours; hard to resist.