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It's not the greatest picture.  I totally forgot to take some outside today because I was too busy Christmas shopping (yes, I did wait until the last minutes, which is very unlike me and I'm not that happy about it.)

I love this sweater.  The Rowan Cork is soft and chunky, but super lightweight (Why did you discontinue it Rowan? I would rather have more Cork and less yarn that you have to knit on 20mm needles).  The size is just right for me (I must be getting over my body dysmorphia--I always make things too big) and the high collar (which was obscured in the pattern) is perfect for winter. 

A nice Christmas present to me.

Here's a washed out close-up so you can see the cable. 


Now to wrap those presents. 

Decisions, Decisions

So Bless is stitched up and waiting for a zipper.  It's been ready for a zipper since last Thursday when I wore her to the fabric shop.  They didn't have an orange zipper, but the drycleaner did, but then I forgot to buy orange thread so Bless had to wait until today for thread. 

After the thread was bought, I stopped by Toronto's oldest, largest and crankiest* yarn shop today since I was in the neighbourhood.  I don't go there often because I'm never in the area and I can usually find what I want somewhere else that's much friendlier.

But today I was looking for something a tad more...frou frou.  Some Berroco Suede to make these.  Aren't they super cute?  I owe the next-door neighbour a happy baby present and there are more babes on the way and I couldn't resist the idea of little baby Uggs. 


And I picked up some Baby Cashmerino to make myself a Skull Hat (no, not to go with the skull scarf--I gave that away--and yes I do miss it, but it was never knit for me). 

And, I made a hat for Craig this weekend (which is felting as we speak) because he lost this hat.  It's pretty much the same hat, with some minor colour changes and modifications.  And while I'm miffed he lost it (it was his favourite hat), I love him and I love felting so it was no big deal.  If he ever loses Na Craga, that'll be different.


So now I have a pile of exams to mark (89 to go, but they're not as bad as marking essays) and new yarn to make small projects (like super cute booties) and a sweater that needs a zipper and all my other knitting and I'm almost paralyzed into inaction.  And, I'm trying to get to bed earlier (like 10:30).  Which means that I'm going to bed, right after I get the hat out of the washer and baste the front of Bless closed so it feels like I'm one step closer to a FO.

*Someone went to the front counter and asked if she could have some help making a yarn selection for a toque and they said no, they didn't have time.  That's cranky.


I have 13 essays left to go.  13.  It's not much when you consider I had 97.  But it's a tougher slog the farther I get along.  Especially since I've finished knitting Bless.

It's blocked and ready to go.  So I'm splitting my time: mark and essay, sew a seam.  But then I couldn't mark with the kids around so I decided to keep sewing and enlisted Emma's help to take the photos (ie kept her busy). 


I will have to put Bless down and finish marking tonight.  And I still need a zipper, so I won't be wearing it tomorrow, but soon.

Almost back to normal

**Sorry if the photos aren't working. Typepad is being funny today. Please check back later.

Today I write my last lecture.  No I am not sad, I am very, very happy.  I like teaching, a lot, but the preparation time to teach a new course is huge and I'll be happy to have the time back to do my regular research work and to knit and spend time with the family and do whatever.  I still have to mark one assignment and the final exam (which I need to finish writing) but we're nearing the end.

I can also tell things are almost normal because I did something I haven't done in a while.  I knit a whole bunch.  I sat on my butt in front of the TV the last two night and knit.  And I have something to show for it.

First, one finished Bless sleeve (and I started the second one) and one finished Craig sock (no I haven't gotten around to casting on the second one).


And, I'm past the centre back on Mermaid (that's the blue line on the right).  It's not as bright and contrasty as this picture, I used the flash so you could see the nifty stripes and cool construction better.  I love knitting this sweater. 


This is the sweater that has my attention right now and I'm hoping to work hard today so I can resume carving out the ass divet (no snarky comments about the size of my butt please) on my couch tonight.  There has to be something good on TV on Tuesdays right?

Does this...


...mean I've finished something?

No.  It means I'm getting a tad worried about finishing something.  I want to be finished my Art Fibers Wrap (from the Holiday 2003 VK--cover piece) by Saturday night to wear it to Craig's (boring) holiday party.  I don't want to buy something new for this (boring) party, so this will give me a bit of holiday glitz with my black pants and black sleeveless velvet top. 

Thing is, I have a ton of work to do this week, and Alexander's birthday party (that same Saturday) to finalize plans for.  So while I'm pretty close to finishing:


I still have about 13" to knit before it's the right length.  I figured I should do the boring work of weaving in the ends now, so that I can always bind off in a rush to wear it for the party and finish it later. 

I really did have time to finish it this weekend since I finished my marking yesterday, but I got tempted by the Bless sleeve,


And going in circles, a la Lauren's lovely design.


And I even baked chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and muffins.  I don't know what's come over me.  Life is either getting back to normal (since this is the most knitting I've shown off this fall) or I'm completely neglecting my work, or I'm neglecting my work in service of not neglecting my mental health.  I vote for the last one.

I've been knitting!

Even though there is a pile of 89ish essays waiting to be marked at my feet, I took a little time this week to knit.  Nothing more than mindless stockinette, but I accomplished something and that feels good.

Exhibit A: Bless Back


Exhibit B: Craig's Sock


This is my first after-thought heel.  It was okay to get started, but I don't think I would use it again unless I have to--too fiddly.  I just thought I would give it a try and now I have it in my sock knitting arsenal.  I still have another whole sock to finish after this heel, then I can get into the Rhinebeck basket and do some Socks that Rock. 

Now do I sit down and work on the sock (I have a cup of tea and a comfy chair staring at me), mark papers, do Xander's birthday invitations, plant bulbs, do laundry or change the beds? 

What's one more WIP?

I know I have a bunch of projects on the go and no time to work on any of them.  So when I found myself with a weekend and not much to do (well no immediate deadlines) I could have worked on Madli's shawl, or Craig's socks or Mermaid or my Art Fibers wrap (which I need for November 26) or my KSH daisy shawl.  But I didn't.  Nope.  I pulled out the Cork I bought this summer and started this.


Why?  I dunno.  I like the yarn and wanted miles of stockinette to knit.  Except for the socks, everything I have on the go right now requires my concentration.  So another WIP goes in the basket.

I'm violating my self-imposed 3WIPs+socks rule and I don't care.  That's about all the rebellion I can muster right now. 

And my shawl pin source, Rosemary, has her website out--Designs by Romi.  Go buy a groovy pin from her.