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Finished.  With almost no yarn to spare (I even dipped into my swatch), on time for Rhinebeck.


It is fantastic.  The fit is good, though I confess I would like it a bit looser (maybe Maxfield 2?) and the overall look is super.  


If you look really closely at the middle of the collar you can see where I cheated a bit to save on the blue yarn.  Instead of working two rows of each colour, I worked four of the varigated for about 6 stripes.  I can't see it and I bet you didn't notice in the colourful trippy haze.  Buy a bit extra if you make this sweater (or really any sweater).

The yarn, Indigodragonfly Polwarth Silk is divine.  I love this stuff.  It's so soft after washing.  The colours are perfect: Kathleen Turner Overdrive (navy) and Paging Dr. Smartass (which is a colourway named for me).  


This pattern using varigated yarns perfectly.  I even got to show it to Amy Christoffers at Rhinebeck (though I was too silly to remember to take a photo).

All the details are on my Ravelry page.  


It's been a tense week in Rhinebeck-sweater-knitting-land.  

The knitting is going just fine.  The body of the sweater is knit.  The underarms are grafted.  One zig zag front is knit up (ish) and blocked.  The other is coming along nicely.

But my yarn supply seems a tad light.  It's my fault as I did modify things a wee bit and since I always seem to have huge amounts left over, I have a false sense of security with yarn amounts.

You know things aren't going well when you start doing this

(I never use this scale for calculating nutrients in food--it was a gift and excellent for weighing yarn).

And then you get out the calculator and start following Kate's math to calculate the weight of yarn used for each stitch.

Except I can't do the math on how much I've knit already because it's a lot of shapes and the yarn was custom dyed so I don't have the original weight, just the yardage.  

So I weigh the yarn and knit 6 rows.  That uses a gram of yarn for 318 sts.  

Then I start adding up how many stitches I need to knit.  It looks good.  Really close, but I should be fine.


And to ease the growing anxiety I just start knitting faster.  Except that speed doesn't increase mass. (Do I have that right?, I didn't take physics so I can't say for sure).  

Turns out, constantly weighing the yarn doesn't help either.

Last night, I start thinking about where I can use the contrast colour instead (like the back of the collar that I will never see).  

This morning, I get excited because I remember I have a swatch (which means more yarn).

The good news is that I have enough yarn to make a sweater, albeit one that might not have the final edge band along the collar.  Or it might have a skinnier band.  

I can live with that.  

I suspect I will run out right in the middle of binding off the 275 sts for the band.

Because of this:


I totally deserve it too.  At least Steph can get more yarn.  

Now the question is have I learned my lesson about a) buying enough yarn and b) not being a smartass to other knitters?

My Rhinebeck Sweater

I try (and usually succeed) to have a new finished piece for Rhinebeck.

This year, it's Maxfield. I fell in love with this pattern as soon as it was released but didn't have stash yarn to make it, so I put it in my queue and tried to forget about it.

I kept thinking about it.

Plotted yarn ideas (the called for yarn had alpaca and it bothers me so I needed a substitution).

Caved and asked Kim at Indigodragonfly to dye me something spectacular to make it.

Polwarth/Silk to the rescue.

The main colour is a bluer Kathleen Turner Overdrive and the variegated is my namesake yarn, Paging Dr. Smartass.

It's a fun knit and I'm loving it. Here's the back and sleeves.

Only the fronts to go. Should be done in time for the trip. I've been blocking and seaming as I go. Don't want to have to do that one the road.


Top Secret! (the sweater)

Honeybee is done!  I finished it on the weekend and I love it.  All it needs are buttons.  The fit is perfect and the Tosh Merino Lite is so pretty.  Once again, Laura Chau writes a great pattern.

Here's the last update photo of the attached I-cord neckline with a filter (that's not the true colour--called Esoteric).   You can see better ones on my Ravelry project page.

Icord bind off. My favourite

I can't post modelled photos yet.  My sweater is on a secret mission.

Not a Top Secret! mission, but one that's not mine to share.  It was volunteered to further the cause of knitter world domination.

Honeybee will be back soon with photos...promise.

Where did I go?

Yikes!  It's been more than a month since I've posted anything.  I certainly haven't been hiding from social media, but it does steal the blog ideas far too often.  

I like the more reflective writing that comes with blogging, but need to make and take the time to do that writing.  

So here's a fast recap of the last month.

School ended.  Emma graduated grade 8 and is going to high school.  

Ya, I know, she looks rather grown up.  I love this picture.  I took it on the subway platform on our way to the graduation ceremony (that's Craig, not some random stranger).

Emma grad
This is a more grade 8 shot with her best friends:

Grade 8 Graduation

 Then to celebrate, we went crazy and drove NORTH to visit my family in Moonbeam (yes, Moonbeam).  

And yes, they have a space ship

Moonbeam!  Almost there.

My cousins have a beautiful place on Remi Lake and we enjoyed the long days and dark starry nights (the sun didn't set until 10:30!)

Another great day. Sunset at 9:30. Amazing.

Sadly, we could only stay for 2 days so we took a day to drive up (11 hours) and a day to drive back (10 hours)--1750kms round trip for 2 days of fun.  It was totally worth it.  I spent a lot of summer vacations on that lake and hadn't been back for 25 years.  Now I want to go for another, longer visit.

Now we're into the lazy days of summer.  Well the kids are.  They're off doing summer stuff--at their grandparents' houses, at camps, at home.  And Craig and I are at work (sadface).

I'm using the childfree time to catch up on some knitting (when it's not too hot).

I finished a shawl on our roadtrip:


Lunatic Fringe from Knitty.  The yarn is a no-name merino felted single that my pal Keri brought me from New Zealand.  It was dyed up by the amazing Kim in the colourway: Just Say Oregano.  It was an amazing yarn to knit with and a really fun pattern.


I'm also plugging away at my Honeybee cardigan in Tosh Merino Light


And something a bit crazy.  Apostrophe by Rosemary Hill in Indigodragonfly Merino Silk Sock (yum).  I love the design, but the knitting is a bit fiddly.  In the current heat wave it's a good project because it only touches my fingers.


It's been nice to hang out over here in my blog.  I've been absent because life is good.  And I'll try to come back and say more about that this summer.

Tangle Yoke is Done (and I forgot to write about it)

There's nothing quite like finishing a sweater.  The happiness of having a new knitted piece.  The sense of accomplishment, the fact that you get to cast on a bunch of new projects to celebrate.  And you get to wear your new sweater, take in all the compliments and say "I made this".  It's great.

Finishing a sweater when it's a hot week in May does dull the enthusiam a bit.

I wore my Tangled Yoke without buttons or blocking the day after I finished it because it looked like it would be cool out and the rest of the week was going to be too warm.  

The heat was still on in our office and I was baking.

A few weeks later I bought the buttons.

A bit after that I sewed them on (I did wear it again to a knitter party because that's what knitters do).

Then I sewed on the buttons and posed for these photos.

Tangled Yoke

Then I washed it (it was a hot photo shoot).  Now it is going into my cedar chest until cooler weather comes around.

Tangled Yoke

I actually crave some hot summer days.  But did wish I could have worn my Tangled Yoke a few times.  Ah well, it'll still feel new in the Fall.

I really do love this sweater.  I got the fit just right.  The Bugga is fabulous at this slightly looser gauge (6sts to the inch) and is super soft after a wash and run through the dryer.

The knitting itself was a bit boring at times (I really hate knitting sleeves in the round for some reason) but the yoke was fun.  And the pattern was perfectly detailed and accurate.

I also love the colour.  When I had red hair I couldn't wear these rich colours because I looked too pale and washed out.  Now in my dark blonde look I can totally wear this red/purple combo.

Tangled Yoke