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Final Plea

Before the plea some Clapotis (silly rhyme, I know).


This is going to be a beautiful scarf. I could've worn it this morning--it was mighty chilly (7C). It's sweater weather baby! But, today my right forearm is sore from knitting too much I think so I better take it easy. This is my last day off before I start my Post-Doc so Mom and I are doing shopping and lunch--good arm resting time.

Now the business. Run for the Cure. Thanks to everyone for their support of Team Knitty and me. We've raised $5249 (WOW!). And big thanks to Elann for their generous sponsorship. There's still time to donate using the buttons on the right and any amount is appreciated for this important cause. Again, thanks.

The New Koigu?

I finished the front piece of the Noro coat and decided I had enough of entrelac for a bit. It's time to start something new. I pulled something super yummy out of the stash--Fleece Artist Silken--and started Clapotis. This yarn is really really nice. 100% Silk, handpainted, soft, shiny, pretty. I wasn't sure about the colour in the skein, but once I wound it I fell in love. It's a mix of blues and purples and will look great with a jean jacket or a little black dress. I could see this yarn as a beautiful tee or other fancy sweater--something to think about for the future.


I started Clapotis with my addis and had to change to the Denise needles because it's really slippery. Once I got the feel of it figured out, I knit up a nice chunk while watching the season premiere of Law and Order. I am anxious to get to the part where you unravel the stitches. It figures that on the day I have resolved to start getting back to work on my journal article that I have a gorgeous piece of yarn calling to me. Having a job is going to be tough, all that time with no knitting breaks (well, at least until I get an established routine).

I should also say that this pattern is really easy. It looks complicated, but really everything is nicely spelled out for you--once you get the groove then you don't really need to look at it much.

Today also marks the release of Knit Wit--Amy Singer's new knitting book that contains my yoga mat bag pattern (my first published design!) and a bunch of really nifty things to knit. Do you have your copy yet?