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Happy Boy

I finished Xander's Classic Aran yesterday, and it was a mommy-gratifying experience. He loved it. He wore it most of the day, even to nap. I'm glad he likes it, because the way it *just* fits means he better wear it a bunch now because it won't fit later. I confess I overdid it with the pictures, but he's just too cute, and my baby.


And two more for the cute-obsessed more pictures here and here. There's some other photos in my Stills gallery, including one of just the sweater.

This was a fun sweater to make, but the sizing runs a bit small. Xander is only 3, but he's a big kid, so I made the largest size. Even with extra length on the sleeves and body (about an inch) it just fits. I guess Scottish kids are small or something. I also liked the Highland Peruvian wool I used for this (available at Elann), it was easy to work with. And the Starmore pattern had all those little details that make for a really nice sweater.

It's amazing what you can get done when you're sick

I felt like crap this weekend. I woke up Saturday exhausted and dizzy and spent the day dozing while the kids watched TV (their Dad had to work). I napped off and on all day, but squeezed in some knitting whenever I was awake--I didn't have enough energy to get off the couch, but my fingers still worked.

I did have trouble with the Classic Aran though, I could not get through a row without making a mistake. So I switched to this:


Remember the Entrelac Garter Stitch Coat from Debbie Bliss Noro 1? The one I started last fall and only finished one piece of? Well I picked it up again in an attempt to get it out of the basket this spring. I whipped along on the back this weekend and really enjoyed it. With this pattern I'm only working on 9 stitches at a time so it wasn't mentally challenging. And, I remembered how fun it is to watch the Kureyon colours emerge.

Yesterday I didn't feel much better, but I managed to stay awake all day. I suspect my body was telling me to get more rest. I will be finished my results chapter this week--all I have is some proofing to do before I hand in this piece. I think I allowed myself to relax a bit and my body took it too far. I'm still tired today so I'll be good and get to bed at a decent hour again tonight.

My ass didn't move too far from the couch yesterday either and I finished the back of the Classic Aran:


The final sleeve is on the needles, so I'm a happy camper. Especially since I have yarn on the way from Elann that will want to be swatched.

Well off to do that editing. It feels SOOOOOOOO good to have this chapter almost done. I have very little left to write for the first draft (how much is something I have to work out with my supervisor) that I'm starting to see the end. It's a teeny pinpoint of light off in the distance that I have to squint to see, but at least it's in my view.

Where's this yarn?

I want to make this:


It's the Mandarin Faux Cardigan from the IK Spring issue. I'm not a slave for the called-for yarn (Trendsetter Oceano), but I would like to see some swatches of it, or even a live ball so I can decide to use it or look for substitutions.

I googled and can't find it anywhere. Anyone seen it?

And I think I'm out of my slump. Yesterday I started these for me:


The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Merino Sock in Northern Lights. Pretty and squooshy yarn. Yummy.

I also made some more progress on the Classic Aran while we watched a bunch of episodes of The Family Guy last night. This was one of Craig's birthday presents. I love this show. My favourite line last night was when Peter is riding an elephant and says: "Look two symbols of the Republican Party: An Elephant and a Big Fat White Guy who's afraid of change". Hee hee hee. Oh ya, here's the sweater:


Xander and I are having an "at home" day today. We're off to his new school for a Jr. Kindergarten orientation. My little baby goes to school in September. Sigh.

Big Boy

I spent the evening working on Xander's Classic Aran. I'm starting to see the cables, which means I don't have to rely so heavily on the charts. I'm almost at the neck shaping and luckily I measured Xander today--I don't think the largest size is going to be long enough.


I know it's a boxy sweater, but 35cm is not very long. I measured one of his shirts and figure I'll have to ask another 5cm. Hopefully I won't run out of yarn as I didn't anticipate this adjustment. Sheesh, he's only 3!

I've been spending the rest of my time hunting for the perfect laptop bag. I'm pretty sold on Tom Bihn bags--it's just a matter of figuring out which one. I want something big enough to tote around my usual gear, but not so big that I carry too much (a problem of mine). So I'm thinking: laptop, all those laptop peripherals, water bottle, snack, notebook, PDA, phone, pens, magazine or journal articles, umbrella, knitting. I like the ID bag, with a brain case, but suspect it won't be big enough. This is one of the problems with on-line shopping, I can't bring it all and fill a bag and see.

I'm open to cool messanger-styled laptop bag suggestions.

Consolation prize

Rogue didn't dry on time for me to sew it up last night. So to console myself I started something new. The Classic Aran from Starmore's The Children's Collection for Xander. I'm using Peruvian Highland Wool I bought from Elann and it's knitting up nicely.


Doing Rogue has really rekindled my love of textured knitting so this sweater was the perfect next-project choice. Besides, it's also rather small so should knit up in a jiffy.

My other projects aren't being neglected. I did work on the socks a wee bit, but they just don't keep my interest. I also hand-felted and re-shaped the back neck of Craig's vest, which is now drying beside Rogue. The entrelac jacket is stalled though--too many other temptations.

I also did some blog housekeeping. My WIPs are now in their own photo gallery.

I also must say that I've shown tremendous restaint today. I have not gone to the basement to see if Rogue is dry. I'm pretty sure it is. I'll try hard to be good and work on it tonight, after thesis.