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While I was gone I finished a sweater

Sorry to disappear like that; September came in like a roaring freight train and I was staring at the headlights as it barreled me over.

School started, film festival happened (I saw six films), work got stupid-busy and there was a lot of soccer (more on that in another post).  

When I did have a bit of time I did a bit of knitting and I finished something I started in January.

The ubiquitous Drops Cardi is complete:


It was perfect for keeping more warm on the chilly mornings at the soccer field and fits me just right.


The yarn is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran that was aging in my stash and the size large took 7 balls.  


The pattern was fine, the knitting was good and I have a wearable sweater.   

Now I just need to get into my yarn cabinet (which is stuck behind some cement board) and pull out my Bohus.  Fall is coming and I'm ready for it.

That girl's got it together

It's 8:23pm, Tuesday night, and the kids are both showered, toothbrushed and in bed.  Craig is out for the first game of the Withrow Ball Hockey Men's League Fall 2009 season and I am all alone.  The laundry is done (thanks Mom) and the house is clean.  The dishes are finished and aside from the continuing bathroom reno, there's nothing pressing to do this evening.

Check this out:


I'm blocking a sweater.  I'm a bit ahead of myself since I have half of the right front to go, but I figured I should get things blocking so I can sew them up while the fronts are drying. 

It's the ubiquitous Drops Cardi that everyone made a while back and mine's almost done.  Just in time for Fall.  It's been hibernating all summer, but I figure I can get it done just as the weather gets cool.

I'll have it for Rhinebeck (hooray! I'm going again). 

Holy shit--I look like I have it together eh?

Time for a knitting update post

Sorry I've been gone for a while.  Things have been unsettled at home and work has been busy and, and... you get the picture.

We survived Emma's first slumber party. It was made easier by Xander going to Cub Camp for the weekend (he had a blast at his first away-from home, not with family, nights away) and by the fact that the two girlfriends of Emma's are charming, polite kids.  They watched 4 of 6 Star Wars movies (starting with the originals--also showing their good taste), ate pizza and cookies and popcorn, giggled (but not too much) and didn't sleep much. 

I, on the other hand, sat with Craig in our bed, read, knit, played Scrabble and struggled to keep my eyes open long enough to go downstairs to tell them it was light's out time.  Then I crashed and didn't hear a thing. 

I also have had some time to knit (whilst watching Colin Firth brood in Pride and Prejudice).  I finished a warmer tam for myself.  I know Emma has it on--I had really bad morning hair and had her volunteer.  She's not getting it though.  She has enough of my handknit accessories.


It's Three Tams and it was a nice, quick knit.  I find that the tam isn't floppy enough for me, so I didn't over  shape it and it's a usable hat.  The yarns are Paton's Classic Merino and Noro Kureyon (124?); I'm really pleased with the colours.


I would like to do another FI beret that is more like my Gretel (in shape), or knit one of Gudrun's beautiful new designs.  I also might do a striped one using leftovers from my earth-stripe wrap, but don't think that's windproof enough for our current weather.

Things are progressing with the Drops Cardi.  I finished a front piece and started on the back.  This has been my easy knitting.  And it is good.


And my TIFF socks are back in the works again.  Since the Film Festival was in September I should call these something else.  Emma has claimed these ones and is hounding me to finish.


Bohus is back in the basket.  I hope to get back into it this week, but so far haven't had the brain-power to consider where I'm at with the pattern and where I'm going.  I am not following the pattern as written (doing it in the round instead of flat, added waist shaping and will fit it to my body as I go) so it's not just a sit and knit thing.

Totally Caved

I really thought I was humming along on my Grey Mist Bohus.


It's almost at the hem--I figure another 4 inches--then sleeves.


But then, I just broke.  All those teeny stitches.  All that knitting to discover that you've only knit about 2 cms.  It was just too much.  I wanted some instant gratification.  I checked my Ravelry queue, then my stash and I caved.


It's the infamous Drops Cardigan in my lovely stashed Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in Hero.

I knit for about 2 hours and completed a full sized swatch and this much of the front.  It felt gratifying.

Another night of this should cure my Bohus blues and tomorrow I'll only take it to knit night so I can get back to working on it again.  Just holding it for the photos reminded me how beautiful and soft it is.