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Super Cute


Wouldn't you agree?  I settled for a less shaped hood (I wanted to modify Jenna's Rogue hood, but lost interest) which still looks great.  I opted for to graft the top instead of doing a 3 needle bind off to avoid a big ridge (and because I like grafting), and in the end I'm really happy with it.


Emma loves it--so that's all that matters.  She wore it to daycare today to show her teachers--she's been bragging about it increasing my pride (one day she *will* be a knitter!)


It bugs Emma when I use the word Nifty, so I couldn't resist when speaking about her sweater.  That's because it's so nifty how it's turning out (especially now that the pocket is properly centred).

The starting point for this one was this nifty top-down pattern generator.  I used a provisional cast on for the neck so it would be easier to add the hood at the end (though I'm not sure how I'm going to make the hood...) and I added the pocket using ideas from a bunch of patterns.  I found the sleeve measurements were a bit off, so I just used Emma as a guide for those.


She's anxious for me to get it done, so I think this will be the thing to knit for now.  I do want to get back to Colorwork Classic and I need to knit something for a friend (I'm debating between socks and a scarf).  The latter should satisfy my need for mindless line-standing knitting.  TIFF lines start tomorrow.  I have my vouchers and it's time to pick my movies.  I hear there's one about sheep who go baaaaaad.  I can't wait.

Do you see it?


Why didn't I see it!

This is Emma's Hoodie.  We went into my stash (yeah, stashbusting!*) and she picked the yarn (Araucania Nature Cotton) and we got together on the pattern.  A striped hoodie with a kangaroo pocket was Emma's contribution.  That it would be knit from the top down, working out the details as I we went along was mine.  And the daisy was my idea (there'll be some on the hood too).  I rather liked this pattern, but I was vetoed. 

Don't see it yet?  Look really closely.

Things were going well until I got to the pocket.  The intarsia that I haven't done since this sweater was a bit of a challenge and I needed to start it again to get it right.  I also think the pocket should be a bit wider, but I wasn't ripping it back for that.

The other problem, that I will have to rip back for. I didn't centre the damned pocket.  Actually I did, but I forgot that I'm knitting from the top down, not the bottom up.  So while it would have been centred had I started from the bottom, it doesn't work when you consider the decreases/increases (depending on your perspective).

And here I was thinking I had nothing to blog about.

*I was excited about the idea of taking a chunk out of my stash until I did a little assessing and realized that unless I knit a cozy for the CN Tower, I ain't making a dent in anything.  Here that Christo and Jeanne-Claude?