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Lazy day with all the fibre crafts

Today was a lazy day. I drank lots of coffee. Ate homemade muffins (with bacon and cheese on the side, because protein is important and delicious). Went for a very short run AND did my abdominal strengthening exercises. And I played with yarn in all my crafty ways. 

Weaving continues on the scarf and I'm dreaming up the next one. I might do a pooled warp, as I'm finally over the debacle of the last time where I used gorgeous yarn, took my time to get the warp right, wove it up and it was meh. Actually it was beautiful, a subtle scarf with lovely subtle colour variations. The thing was you couldn't see the pooled warp because the weft colour was too similar and all that work disappeared. I gave to the kids' piano teacher as a gift and she adores it. I chalk it up as a learning experience - the weft needs to allow the warp to pop. 

I spun a bit on the EE Nano. Craig made me some new yarn guides that seem to make for a better experience. The ones that came with the spinner would snag the yarn - very frustrating. 

And, I knit (well of course I did). I finished Viajante!!!! It's beautiful and I see it getting lots of wear. I love shawls, but struggle a bit with the pins and sticks. This one goes over my head and looks like a shawl, but I can move around. It's blocking now. 


I also started a hat for Craig. I'm in the mood for some small things after Viajante and the blanket. The yarn is Harrisville Nightshades in Cinder and the pattern is Proof. My gauge is a bit loose, but it should fit Craig without being snug. 


We also binge watched a new Netflix show: Giri/Haji. It's a British/Japanese crime thriller/family drama. So good - we watched all eight episodes. 

Running Update: Who Have I Become?!

I know I haven't been the most prolific blogger lately, and I'm sure I haven't talked about running in months.  So it's time for an update.

I'm still running.  And I like it.  A lot.

I ran all winter, increasing my distance per run and distance per month.  I'm getting stronger and faster.  I feel fantastic and I even get a bit cagey when I don't get a chance to run for a few days.  I almost *need* to go--I call it running away from home (So far, I always come back).  I ran in the cold and the snow and the bleh, but I still don't run in the rain (I hate cold and rainy, it chills me to the bones and I just don't do it).

I even signed up to run the Sporting Life 10km run May 1.  My first race with a number and a chip to time me and the chance to completely make an ass of myself amongst a crowd of 15,000 other runners.  I'm terrified and excited all at the same time.

Though really, I know I'll be fine.  When I started running way back whenever, I couldn't even run for 2 minutes straight.  Then I was up to 5km.  Now I can run 10km in under an hour consistently and am running between 25 and 30km a week.  

Who have I become?!

I dunno, but I rather like her.

I'll let you know how the race goes. 


For the record

December 28, 2009, I resolve to get my ass off the couch and start being more active.

I looked like this:


January 2011, I'm a runner, I eat a lot better and I'm fitter and 20lbs lighter!!


Space girl

I was looking at the blog for some renovation photos and remembered how much I like having this journal of my life to see how far I've come (in kntting, renos, parenting etc) and how much it reminds me of what's important to me.  Since having a healthy body (which really does help house a healthy mind) is important; I want to have that here too. And hell, it's my blog, so I write what I like.

Now if only I could be back in Cozumel to retake that shot!


Sunday Stuff

I was going to write a post about the fact that I hardly ever blog anymore and really, should I bother in a world with Ravelry and Twitter and Facebook and then I thought, fuck it, why I don't I just post some stuff about what's going on like I always do and just not worry about it.

So here it goes...

I should run today.  I haven't run since Monday, but I've had a mild cold, it's been busy and when I finally found the time and energy, it was snowing like crazy.  So today it is.  Once I drink some coffee and get more motivation.

What I would rather do is stay home in my pjs with warm beverages and knit.  I ended 2010 with only one WIP on the needles and now Space Girl is done (and I love it).  Made from my own handspun (which tickles me a bunch).


Now I have a brand new year and a beautiful stash and so many possibilities.  I let the yarn be the guide and started Redhook with Briar Rose fibers BFL that I bought 2 Rhinebecks ago. I've wanted to knit up this yarn for a while and it's super nice to work with.  I do hope I'll wear this vest (I don't have a great track record with vests), but I am enjoying the knitting.


I also started some complicated socks--a first for me.  The pattern is Staked by Glenna C. and the colour is And Then Buffy Staked Edward, The End.  It's an offering from the Indigodragonfly Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club and it's lovely (there are little cabled hearts with stakes through them).  I know little of both Buffy and Twilight, but I know pretty socks when I see them.  


I usually don't bother with difficult to knit socks because I like to use sock knitting as an easy thing, but this year I'm giving it a go.  While these can't be a knit on the subway project, they are a nice foil to lots of stockinette.  And they're small enough that I might get them finished!

Well back to psyching myself into a run AND working with Emma to finish her Social Studies project.  Stupid homework.  And it's not even MY homework!

Running Update: Shameless self-pity edition

Ball Hockey season is over.  I had a great time.  Team Purple--Hear for Life was full of fantastic, talented and wonderfully supportive women who made me feel welcome and part of the team.  I learned a lot, scored 2 goals (!) got one penality (!) and made some new friends.  We managed to come in second, losing the final in a tough game (they scored the only goal with only 1 minute, 38 remaining!) and I'm really glad I took the plunge and decided to try something new.  And, I can't wait until Spring so I can play in the league again.

The only bad thing?  I got injured.  Nothing too serious, a muscle strain right where the back of my thigh connects to my ass, but an injury that has stopped me from getting any more exercise.  Today, I visited the doctor, and I'm off to physiotherapy to get this strain to stop hurting, heal and let me run again.

[warning: self pity begins]

I really miss running.  I tried to go last week and had to stop and walk home.  That sucks.  I feel like I finally got it right--exercise, eating well, losing weight, feeling great--and now I'm sitting on a magic bag, drinking a rum and coke to relax my muscles (I like booze better than prescription stuff) getting all whiney when I really want to be out destressing with a run.  Wah.

[self pity ends]

I am riding my bike still and that feels not so bad.  I'm also considering dusting off the Jillian Michael's DVD to see if that's less straining, but it's not the same as getting outside and just going.  

At least the Halloween candy is almost gone.

Woot! Ran! Raised Money! Gave Away Fabulous Prizes!!

I had a great run.  It was a slow start with all those people, but once I got going, I ran and I ran fast.  The run was only 4.5km in the end (confirmed by my Runkeeper App) but my pace was my fastest ever.  It was very energizing running with that huge throng of people (even if it was like leaving a hockey game and walking to the subway for the first 3/4 of a kilometer).

The best part: I raised $528 thanks to all of you.  Amazing.  

Now for the fun stuff. 

Prize give aways!!!

Using the random number generator and and witnessed by my sweetie Craig, here are the lucky winners:

Araucania Ranco: Keri W

Socks that Rock Medium Weight: Kate A

Briggs and Little Regal: Stephanie M

And the super lucky winner of the $50 gift certificate to Indigodragonfly is...Susan L

Congratulations.  I'll email you to arrange delivery of your stuff.  Enjoy.

Big Run Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first running with others, race type thing.  It's a 5km for the Run for the Cure and I'm pretty excited about it.  I did a little 2km practice run with Alexander today (he's got a cross country meet on Monday) and I'm feeling ready.  It's not a timed race or anything, but it's a big step for me to go from running alone in dark of the morning or evening, to running with a throng of people.

Thanks again to everyone who donated.  I raised $433 for breast cancer research--I'd love to make that $450 though (just because I like round numbers).  I'll do the prize tomorrow after the run so I can give away that yummy yarn and super duper Indigodragonfly gift certificate.

If you want to donate, there's still time.  Here's the link.  Just email and let me know you're a knitter.  Every $5 you donate gives you an entry in the draw.

Now to spend some time on my Rhinebeck shawl and relaxing.  

Woot! She Shoots! She....Scores!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you've already heard...I actually scored a goal in ball hockey Monday night!  It was really amazing to put the ball in the net on my second game.  And we won, 2-1 (I scored the first of our goals).

I credit my goal to luck, coming to shooting practice before the game, and to running--I actually have the stamina to get to the net.  That part is nice--it's important to see hard work paying off and being able to take up another sport and have the legs to do it is quite motivating.

Another motivating thing...

Your super, fantastic, fabulous generosity.

I've raised $395 for the Run for the Cure--thanks to all of you.  Amazing.

There's still another week until the run.  My running partner may be walking instead, but I'll be doing the 5km run and I'm feeling energized about it.  

Remember, there are some nice yarny prizes for every $5 donation.  And that $50 gift certificate from Indigodragonfly  yarns.

Cross-Training for the Cure...Hockey-Style

Thanks to everyone who had made a donation to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure.  I really appreciate it.

And, I have another super-duper-fantastic prize to announce!

Kim the uber-talented dyer behind Indigodragonfly yarns has generously donated a $50 gift certificate so one lucky donater can choose from her selection of squooshly, cleverly named yarns (I'm waiting on my order of 50/50 merino silk in the Edwards discovers woodchippers make good juicers colourway).

Indigodragonfly gc

A huge thanks to Kim!

If you wish to donate, every $5 gives you a ballot in my draw (see the last post for my fresh from the stash prizes).  My donation page is here (sorry about all the pink--I didn't design it).

And now for an update on my training.  Monday I joined a ball-hockey team.  I signed up in the summer for the Fall League and was on the waiting list (The Withrow Park Ball Hockey League is a huge group of players from 4 years and up that's been around in our neighbourhood for 30 years.  The women's league started 4 years ago and has become very popular.)  I figured that was the end of it (and that I didn't have to contemplate playing a team sport that I've never played before).

On Sunday I got the call that I was on team purple and the first game was Monday.  It was a bit freaky being under the rink lights (we play on an outdoor ice rink surface) running around trying to figure out what I had to do on the right wing.  I didn't suck too much and while we lost 2-0 we had a fun time and all the women were welcoming and helped me get my bearings.

I felt great yesterday, but today I'm a wee bit sore.  Seems that getting into it at the boards trying to free the ball while leaning into an opposing player uses some muscles that are out of practice.  So does sprinting down the rink to get to the net. 

I get to do it all again tonight. 

It does conflict with my weekly knitting time at Lettuce Knit, but only until the end of October.  I'm cross-training for the cure and having some fun stretching myself and doing something new.  I plan to squeeze in two 5km runs in the week just to keep my legs in shape.

I'm on the run!

Remember a long, long time ago when I started running?  It's been over a year and while it was a bit bumpy going over the Fall and Winter, I really go back into it in May and I've been running pretty consistently since then.

It was HELL over the summer.  Turns out that I love the heat when it means laying about at the cottage but it sucks for running.  Now that the weather has turned a bit, I'm really happy to be out running.  I even put in a 9km run yesterday (5.6miles)--my farthest distance ever! 

I'm sort of amazed how good I feel about it.  I've always tried to be active, but I can't say I've ever really settled on something I love.  I can't say that running will be my thing for the next decade, but right now it's awesome.  I just put on my shoes, step out the door and go. I find the stress relief that comes from a 30 minute run amazing and I'm looking mighty fine too.  I've lost 12lbs since last winter, gone down a pant size and my mood is so much better.  It's great.

The next step is to maintain the 3 times a week running habit over the winter months.  I've decided to do a charity run in October to keep up the momentum.  So I joined a team at work to raise money for the Canadian Breast Cancer foundation.  Yep, I'm running for the cure.

I've done the walking part of the event a few times in the past with Team Knitty and then I stopped because I really really really hated the whole "pinkification" of the breast cancer message and I wasn't pleased with all the stupid pink product placement that tries to create brand loyalty from the perception that these companies are contributing to the cause. 

I'm still not comfortable with it.  But after doing my research, I see that Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation funds important scientific research AND community based initiatives to support women living with cancer AND socio-cultural research that looks at how cancer affects the lives of women and their families.

I can run for that and I hope you can support me.

Here's the deal.  If you would like to donate, visit my donation page here.  For every $5.00 donation you will receive a ballot for fabulous prizes from my stash.  Just email me and let me know how much you donated to enter the draw. 

I think this is a win-win-win solution.  The Run for the Cure raises money, I thin the stash a bit and you get a chance to own some fabulous yarn.

Here are the first three prizes.  I will probably add more once I have time to toss the stash a bit.

A fabulous orange skein of Araucania Ranco Multy:

Araucania Sock

Socks that Rock Midweight in Gertrude Stein:

STR Mid Gertrude Stein

Two skeins of Briggs and Little Regal worsted in a nifty purple: