Skull Scarf

Skull Scarf

Yarn: Lana Gatto Wool Gatto (100% superwash wool/DK weight, 181 yards)
4 in Black (5000), 3 in White (8000)
Needles: 3.5mm 16" circular needles

My scarf is 6.5" wide and 72" long not including fringe
5 rows of skulls = about 14" (on each end)
The length and width of scarf are up to you and depend on your yarn and gauge. I didn't do a gauge swatch because I wasn't too fussy about these things. A bigger gauge will result in a wider scarf and smaller in a narrower scarf. The length is determined by you.

The entire scarf is worked in the round. The skulls and peeries (the knit 2 black, knit 2 white border) are worked using fair isle techniques with yarn not in use stranded on the wrong side. Note: When adding a new ball of yarn, weave in ends right away because it will be difficult (impossible!) to turn the scarf inside out when it's done!

Cast on 88 stitches in black, join in round, place marker
knit 2 rounds in black, purl 1 round in black, knit 2 rounds in black

Begin Skulls:
Start working chart until desired number of skulls, end with the fair isle divider/peerie
(I did 5 rows of skulls for total of 20)

Stripe Portion:
Note: carry yarn not in use loosely up the inside of the tube, that way you'll have it for the peerie and the next stripe
knit 12 rounds black, fair isle divider/peerie,
knit 12 rounds white, peerie
continue until desired length ending with a black stripe.

Repeat skull portion to match first end then, knit 2 rounds in black, purl 1 round, knit 2 rounds in black, cast off

Gently steam scarf (if using natural fibres--not acrylic it will melt!) to flatten out the tube and align the skulls (two skulls fit on one side of the scarf) Sew ends together
Add fringe if desired

Copyright 2003 Stephannie C. Roy - For non-commercial use only
-original skull courtesy of Stefanie at