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Mini-Movie Reviews

My time at this year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) was shorter than I wanted because Craig was called away for work (for 3-5 weeks--but that's another story) which necessitated some shifting of schedules, giving away of tickets and only one night with a babysitter (this Friday!).

I have seen 4 movies so far and they've all been quite good in their own way.

Me and Orsen Welles: A nice solid movie.  The pace was good, the story was interesting (it's about Orsen Welles' production of Julius Caesar in 1937), and it all just worked.  Claire Danes' character was really great and the man playing Orsen Welles, may have been inhabited by the man's ghost--it was amazing.  For those into High School Musical, Zac Efron played the Me in the title and was quite good, though I had never head of the guy.  Everyone was in attendance and here's my crappy, from far away, camera phone shot.  Clarie Danes is the one in the dress.


Pontypool: This was my favourite of this festival.  A clausterphobic, tight, creepy as hell zombie-esque movie (they're not officially zombies in the true definition, but have zombie-like traits) which takes place in Pontypool Ontario.  Bruce MacDonald's film is super good and shows that you don't need lots of money to make a great film.  The budget is rumoured to be 1.5million and the whole thing was shot in a Toronto church.  Stephen McHattie (look him up, you'll recognize him) is fabulous and the I still get a bit creeped out thinking about it.  I bought the book it is based on and there may be more tales to tell by MacDonald who envisions this movie as one of a trilogy.  Must also put Hard Core Logo on my DVD rental list.

Sunshine Barry and Disco Worms: We saw this one with the kids (used up some tickets too!) and it's about worms who want to boogie.  This was the world premier of the show and the Danish director was a total hoot with the kids in the audience.  It's typical kiddie fare--worms at the bottom of the insect food chain try to show the world they can really achieve something by becoming Disco stars.  The animation is good, and the creation of limbless dancing characters is great.  And there's disco (which is great music to listen to and dance).  My favourite character is the Jimmy Page guitarist wannabe.  The kids loved it with Emma asking to buy the DVD.  She was disappointed to learn that it would be awhile since it wasn't in theatres yet.

But I found a trailer (in Danish--we saw it in English)!

Real Time: As the title says, this movie is done in real time.  It's about the last hour of a compulsive gambler who is picked up by a hit man who offers him an hour to make amends before being killed.  The film has that "Canadian look" to it and is set in the not-so-nice looking parts of Hamilton Ontario.  Randy Quaid is great and while I wanted to kill other gambler/hit, I suppose that means that he was good too (Jay Baruchel was very good, I just couldn't stand his character).  The soundtrack was great--lots of Can-con from the AM radiowaves and the story is impressive.  It could have ended several ways to satisfy me, but how it does go is very interesting (no I will not tell you more).

Friday night I'm seeing a documentary called American Swing, about sex clubs in the 70s.  I'll let you know how it goes.  And I'm hoping to see Burn After Reading asap.  I love me a Coen bros. movie.