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Granite and Bamboo

Michelle brought her copy of Rowan 43 to the Bohus class (it was so new I swear I could smell the ink) and I affirmed my love of this sweater:


I see myself in some dressy wide legged khaki pants and that sweater looking fresh and breezy (run with this okay?  I like thinking of Spring and me as "breezy") (Craig: tread lightly in the comments).  It's also an easy knit.


I hear that bamboo yarn isn't so great.  That it grows until that slit in the front is something like the opening to a tent where you walk in and out of your sweater if you're not careful (or worse, a camisoled boob pops out while your talking with your boss' boss who has letters like V and P in his title). 

So, any comments on Rowan Bamboo Tape or other Bamboo yarns are welcome  I like the idea of bamboo--drape, coolness, anti-bacterial properties and sustainable fibre production, but I don't want to buy 16 balls of knitting disaster.  I also think even a big swatch will not give me the answers I need.  Substitution suggestions are also welcome.