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My last minutes finishing Hanami via Twitter

Well Hanami is done.  I never made friends with this pattern.  I found the basketweave lace pattern impossible--for some reason I couldn't see it while knitting, meaning I had to follow the charts very, very closely.  That made it go into the time out pile for a long time, only to emerge this year when I decided that it was time to just get it done and move on.

What it did have going for it was that I used Kid Silk Spray, KSH's varigated cousin.  It's a fabulous yarn and so pretty.  The drawback was that it doesn't rip out well so I decided rather than fight it, I would just enjoy using the yarn and slog through it.

Today, I got to the bind off.  I knew I was short yarn from the outset so took out one 32 row repeat of the basketweave pattern and the last blossom chart, but randomly added rows to the blossom charts just to stretch stuff out.  It all looked good.  But then it went very wrong

I live Tweeted the bind off (shown here in reverse order, jump down to the bottom.  All photos are included below too)

Picture 3

Picture 2

Ya, I ran out of yarn during the bind off.  Holy crap!

Luckily I was saved by my lovely stash of KSH.  A bit of Blushes to finish it off and the scarf is ready for blocking--I swear now I can't see the difference on the bind off.  It's like this shade is part of the varigation for the Vino Spray.

Picture 4
And even though I felt like this when it was all done:

Picture 5
I think I'm going to keep the scarf for myself.  It was a tough slog to knit and no one will appreciate it like I do.  And it's KSH warm and cozy. 


End of 2011 Knitting Frenzy

I don't have a lot of unfinished knitted things taking up space in my yarn credenza (yep, I have my own yarn storage furniture), but there are a few things I want to get off the needles by the end of the year.  I like the idea of knocking down my stash a few kilometres (I love the downloadable excel spreadsheet on Ravelry!) and also having a relatively clean slate for the new year so I can cast on a whole bunch of new things.

I also don't do a lot of Christmas knitting, but always cave at the last minute and decide to make a few things.

This year I wove a scarf for my brother Mike.  He made a request on his birthday, went through the stash with me and well, said it would complement his rather expensive hipster coat--how can a big sister refuse?

I didn't get good photos as I finished it a few hours before we had our Christmas celebration.  But here's Mike happy with his scarf.

The warp was Indigodragonfly sock in Shadows and Fog and leftovers of Bugga and Tanis.  Yum.

I also decided to knit both kids socks for Christmas.  My children have size 9 feet.  Not my best plan.  I realized I wouldn't finish Emma's so I'll shoot for her birthday in January.  The pattern is Tiara from Indigodragonfly and the yarn is MCN in Now accepting applications for Minions.  It was a Smart-Ass/World Domination One Skein club offering in 2010.  Here's the first sock.  Not bad being 50% of the way there.

I did manage to finish Xander's sock.  I used the Velodrome pattern by Natalie Selles and Socks that Rock Lightweight in a one-off colourway.  It was a tight timeline--I finished them December 24th at 8pm.  The funniest part was him not noticing while I knit them in the car on the way to Mom's!

They were put on the second after he opened them--the finest compliment one can give a knitter.

With all that Christmas knitting out of the way, I decided something for me was in order. I went with the easy win: Momentum Cowl in vintage stash Colinette Point 5. Started at lunch on Christmas, was done before bed. Emma is stealing borrowing it for now.

Now that those things are out of the way, my plan is to finish that Tiara sock and finally finish the Hanami Stole I started in 2009. Probably not doable in the next 2 days, but it's good to have goals!

Two solitudes of my knitting

I thought I would check in and show you what I've been knitting this month. I caught the log cabin bug, fueled by my love of Kureyon and started in the paint box blanket. I had no Kureyon in my stash (no, I can't believe it either) and resolved to buy a bit at a time and only when the yarn was sale. So I bought a few balls online from Little Knits, knit a square and then bought some more on sale from The Purple Purl a week later.


I fell hard. Little, easy to knit garter stitch squares in one of my favourite yarns. Colourful patterns that unfold as you knit. I love it. I want to knit it and nothing else and I'm on my 10th square of 20. The thing is that this should be something I savor. It's easy and portable and is excellent soccer-mom knitting so I need to slow it down.

That's how I swing to the other solitude of my knitting...lace. I don't knit lace much. I don't like the process very much and while I admire the beauty of lace knitting, the products aren't something I wear often.

However, every so often something comes along that I want to knit and I dive in. In 2009 it was Hanami. I had some lovely kidsilk spray in my stash and I wanted a challenge. I knit 2.5 repeats of the basketweave pattern and every stitch was hell. I couldn't figure out the basket weave pattern and it was really frustrating and it went into the time out corner...for two years.

Last month I decided to give it another go or repurpose the yarn. This time around it's much better. I get how the stitch pattern works. I'm even enjoying it. This weekend I left the log cabin squares at home and have knit two repeats of the lace pattern. I guess I need both kinds of knitting. Easy stuff for when life gets stressful and hard stuff for when I have opportunities to relax and take on a challenge. It's nice that I can have both around at the same time as my weeks fly by like a roller coaster without brakes.

Spring Cleaning for my Knitting

I know there's been a bit too much blog silence lately, I'm hoping to get back into the habit since I enjoy writing regularly and I enjoy reading blogs too.  I still really like Twitter but I'm trying not to use all my blog mojo there.

If you do follow my Tweets, you'll notice I haven't been feeling all that great.  Just Spring stuff--colds and fatigue, but I think most of it is behind me now.  The good thing about being under the weather, but not too sick is that I have been doing a fair bit of knitting.  

The first priority project is an extra secret project.  I'm the first designer for Kim's Indigodragonfly Smart Ass Knitters/World Domination 1 skein club.  The pattern and yarn will be sent to club members in June so this sneak peak is all I can show you.



I'm having a great time designing and I stretched myself with this one in the fancy construction department. That part was fun.  Ripping out 150 rows of garter stitch when I got my geometry wrong wasn't as fun!

The pattern is mine to release some time this summer; I'll keep you posted.

Next up are Xander's socks.  I have one done and on the heel for the second one.  His feet really are growing while I look, so I need to get these off the needles.  So it's the couch, Firefly and socks for the next few nights.



I also have some abandoned projects on deck that I want to finish because I have a LOT of things I would like to start.  I consider this spring cleaning for my knitting.  I'm on the last piece of my Nantucket Red Cardi--mine is Calmer Blue.  So that's an easy finished object.  

I also have not so much done on the Hanami stole.  I really love the idea of this shawl, but can't get my head around the basketweave pattern.  I'm hoping I can get my head down and just knit those last repeats (or even cheat and skip one) and then get to the cherry blossom part which I'm sure I can get my head around.  I'm using kidsilk haze which is rather unrippable so I'm going to give it a good solid try.

What's up after that?  Some baby clothes for my knitpal Keri who is due in July, perhaps a summer top for me and then, I'm not sure...only because I have tons of beautiful stash yarn and I want to knit it all.

Last thing I expected to get me out of a slump

A funny thing happened on Friday.  I was procrastinating at work taking a break and looking at Ravelry, when I noticed Emily's very beautiful Hanami stole.  I peeked at the pattern, saw many other beautiful versions and decided that I needed to make one for myself.  Immediately.  I went through my stash (I totally *heart* Ravelry for making this so easy) found a few possibilities, bought the pattern, and when I got home from work, decided on the yarn (need to touch it to be sure) and casted on.

Less than 10 days earlier I was trading away laceweight yarn for boat shuttled because I realized that I didn't like knitting lace.  And here I was spending the weekend getting through 38 rows of a not-so-intuititve (for me) lace pattern.  Huh?

In this case, I'm not fighting it.  Knitting is supposed to make me relaxed and happy.  I'm relaxed and happy and loving the KSH springy pinkiness (it's kidsilk spray in vino).