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Lazy day with all the fibre crafts

Today was a lazy day. I drank lots of coffee. Ate homemade muffins (with bacon and cheese on the side, because protein is important and delicious). Went for a very short run AND did my abdominal strengthening exercises. And I played with yarn in all my crafty ways. 

Weaving continues on the scarf and I'm dreaming up the next one. I might do a pooled warp, as I'm finally over the debacle of the last time where I used gorgeous yarn, took my time to get the warp right, wove it up and it was meh. Actually it was beautiful, a subtle scarf with lovely subtle colour variations. The thing was you couldn't see the pooled warp because the weft colour was too similar and all that work disappeared. I gave to the kids' piano teacher as a gift and she adores it. I chalk it up as a learning experience - the weft needs to allow the warp to pop. 

I spun a bit on the EE Nano. Craig made me some new yarn guides that seem to make for a better experience. The ones that came with the spinner would snag the yarn - very frustrating. 

And, I knit (well of course I did). I finished Viajante!!!! It's beautiful and I see it getting lots of wear. I love shawls, but struggle a bit with the pins and sticks. This one goes over my head and looks like a shawl, but I can move around. It's blocking now. 


I also started a hat for Craig. I'm in the mood for some small things after Viajante and the blanket. The yarn is Harrisville Nightshades in Cinder and the pattern is Proof. My gauge is a bit loose, but it should fit Craig without being snug. 


We also binge watched a new Netflix show: Giri/Haji. It's a British/Japanese crime thriller/family drama. So good - we watched all eight episodes. 

Fair Isle Diversion

After seven blanket squares, it turns out I needed some knitting diversions. First was to cast on a quick and easy sweater, Gemma, using some old-stash Madeline Tosh merino in Tart. I love this yarn but didn't buy quite enough for it to be a lot of the garments I wanted. Note to self: don't be chintzy if you're stashing. 


I also have a few work-wardrobe holes that could be filled by a simple red sweater, so I got swatching and got knitting. It's been a good knit while I watch Kingdom on Netflix as complicated knitting and subtitles don't work together.

Also if you're into light suspense with Zombies, watch Kingdom. So good. Set in 15th century Korea. Political intrigue fuelled by a strange zombie illness. Beautiful cinematography, lush costumes, interesting plot that has some surprises. 

I also got tempted by Kate Davies' club pattern, Knitting Season hat. It's so beautiful. I've been wanting a red hat to go with my parka and I had the pattern, stash yarn and inspiration so I dove in. 

I really like Fair Isle knitting and changing it up from the blanket squares was the diversion I needed.



One week later, and I'm wearing it. It's -15C, so I'm bundled up.


Such a beautiful pattern. Really fun to knit. I do find the corrugated rib band a tad tight and if you have a bigger head, I suggest adding at least one repeat as the pattern has you adding 36 stitches from band to hat. I'm hoping mine will stretch a touch more and I might reblock to see if I can coax it along. The ribbing isn't stretchy so there isn't a lot of play. I confess I didn't swatch, but it's the same Yorkshire Tweed I used for Strathendrick and the same gauge so I knew what sized needles to use. But I should have done a bit of the math to consider the sizing before jumping in. 

No matter, it's pretty and something I wanted for my hat collection. And I'm itching to get back to my blanket squares. 


Knitting = Me Time

Lots of work and lots of parenting really cuts into knitting. I missed having a hour in front of the TV to relax with my knitting and make something that doesn't involve a computer.

I also realized that not taking that time for myself is not a good thing. I get grumpy when I don't have time for myself to do something that I enjoy. Turns out the Purple Purl newsletter gave me a nudge and I found a project that made me want to take the time and make something.

The Purple Purl was hosting a knit-along of the Seasons Hat.  Gripped by the longest coldest February I've experienced in Toronto, another hat seemed like a good thing to knit and I had yarn leftover from my much-loved Vinterblomster mittens which would make a nice coordinated, but not matchy-matchy set, so I was IN.

Less than a week later, I was almost done the colour work.  Every time I do a colour project I remember that one of the main reasons I knit is COLOUR.  I love pulling out the yarn and figuring out what colours to use.  This time I had the three Vinterblomster colours and added orange and a lighter grey.  

I find it hard to stop knitting when I start colour bands--I want to see how they'll turn out.  I also just enjoyed this yarn, the ease of the project and gave myself the time to get it done.

It took a mere 10 days.  It's perfect. 

 My photography is not so great.  I seem to always finish things at night!

 And this hat became part of my favourite instagram selfie ever.

I accidentally hit the button while turning to get better light.  (Let's keep that as our secret.) 

Christmas Knitting Round Up

December was sort of busy.  I got into a big fun groove of Christmas knitting.  I didn't really plan to make things for everyone but since I wasn't running I had all this TIME, so I just started making stuff.

(And I want to say a big thanks to everyone who commented about my back and my decision to take a break from running.  It's been 6 weeks and I'm still cranky about it.  Having your stories of finding new physical activities and of recovery really helped me).


A hat for Craig


He picked the yarn when we were visiting Kim and Ron of Indigodragonfly this summer.  It's hard to say no when your sweetie chooses a bright yarn and asks for you to knit something.

Simple watch cap.  A lot of ribbing.  Craig asked for it to be longer and it ended up too long.  It's pretty silly, but fine with the hem folded over. Seriously, I don't let him out like that.  

Pattern: Pismo Hat

Yarn: Indigodragonfly Merino Sock in Zen and the Art of Clown Disposal

A hat for Emma


She chose the pattern and the inner liner colour.  I didn't have anything suitable in the stash, so I picked up this stripey yarn.  Emma has a yellow pea coat, so it's a good match.

Pattern: Brimley

Yarn: Biscotte and Cie Gobelin and Tosh Dk

Mittens for Xander

He asked for mittens.  That's a quick and easy project.  I tried Elizabeth Zimmerman's mitred mittens. Very fun.  All from leftovers.


Socks for Mom


By request.  I've made my mother socks before and she's only really liked plain socks in a commercially spun wool/nylon yarn.  So that's what she got.

I used Kate Atherley's pattern from her new book: Beyond Knit and Purl.  I do better with a pattern than when I wing it.  This way I have some numbers written down!

Pattern: Classic Top Down Sock

Yarn: Opal Feelings

A Scarf for my Memere


It's hard to buy a gift for your 86 year old grandmother.  A handknit cashmere scarf really does seem like the most appropriate thing.

She doesn't knit so it's extra special (and she brags about me to her friends!)

Pattern: Miss Otis Regrets (fabulous 1 skein project)

Yarn: Handmaiden Cashmere

Something for Charity


This was a totally last minute crazy idea.  We have a charity auction at the President's holiday party to benefit a mental health initiative on campus.  This year donations were down and when the call came out, I decided to knit up a scarf.  In a weekend.

It's not so hard when you have a yummy 50/50 merino silk single in the stash.  It sold for enough money to make me feel good about the donation (I would have bought it myself if needed) and someone has something pretty.

I confess I'm not keen on the colours, but the knitting was lots of fun.

Pattern: Noro bias lace scarf 

Yarn: Schaeffer Helene


hat in our 'hood, originally uploaded by Dr. Steph.

I wrote up a free pattern for Xander's 4x3 Top-Down, Hat of Power (aka 4x3TDHoP).

It's an easy beginner knit for someone wanting to start knitting in the round. I've indicated spots where you can modify the size, though it's pretty stretchy and should fit most older kids to adult size melons.


You can find the pattern on Ravelry here: download now.  If you don't use Ravelry, you can grab the pattern right here:  Download 4x3TDHop.  

If you're looking for the yarn I used, it's Indigodragonfly MCN Sport (the colour pictured is Herb Tarlek Jr.). One skein for the hat. 

I knit it in a couple of evenings.  I know it's spring, but there are still some hat wearing days left, or you could get a jump on holiday knitting.

A few more FO's

I seem to be on a roll...

First Beaumont in Dream in Color Starry.  



This was really fun to knit and I confess I am really tickled by the bits of silver in the starry yarn. Usually sparkly=scary Christmas Red Heart but the mix of Dream in Color prettiness and the shiny stuff is perfect.  



I want to make some coordinating mittens but can't find a pattern that suits me.  I'm considering designing my own.

And my favourite finished thing for 2010 (sure I know it's early, but of the 3 this month, I love this the best). The desiccated brains yarn is plied and washed and gorgeous.


 It came out to about 13wpi so about dk which is much bigger than I had planned for.  I have 914m which should make some sort of garment.  I might add a coordinating collar, cuffs and hem or something. 


 The roving is 80 merino/20 sea silk and is really nice and soft.  It doesn't have the ropiness of some of my earlier handspun and I'm glad to see there's some improvement.



Kim dyed the roving for me (so I wouldn't go insane spinning undyed roving).  Go see her handdyed stuff, it's gorgeous.

What's Steph Knitting?

Really, even though the blog is pretty silent (work is mostly to blame), I'm still doing a bit of knitting.

I finished a beret last week.


Chevron Lace Beret (Ravelry link) using Manos Silk Blend.  I really like it, but the colour looks horrible on me. It's going into the Christmas gift pile.  I've started a cowl to go with it.  Probably won't keep that either.  Sigh.  The yarn was very nice to work with and I would like some more in the future.  Silk really does make everything better.

And I'm working on the ugliest socks ever.  I'm pretty sure the yarn is a STR Rare Gem (can't find the label) and it was my mom's choice for her curling socks (she has a hot pink vest to match), but the pooling is making for some serious ugliness from my vantage point.  Perhaps the sight of her ankles whizzing by will distract the other team.  


She'll like them because she's my Mom (and very appreciative of my knitting) and they're fine to knit (just plain old socks) but man, they're ugly.  Too much yellow I think.

The Bohus continues.  Kim practically dared me to have this done in the next three weeks, and I'm up for the challenge.  Hopefully my life will make way for my need to get this sweater done.  I'm itching to cast on a new sweater (something aran weight on big needles) and I told myself I have to have Grey Mist done first.

Blame it on the Bohus

I really love the Grey Mist Bohus I'm knitting, but I find I need time away from it.  It's not one of those projects I knit obsessively on until it's done .  I suppose that's obvious since I started in March 2007.

This past week it's been spinning and knitting hand spun that's been pulling me away.

First, at his request, I knit up my June Grafton batt into a hat for Xander.


I chose a simple 2X2 rib which is masculine and doesn't interfere with the stripeyness of the wool.  He's been sleeping in it which makes me very happy.


I spent Sunday surrounded by Halloween candy and my lovely "Desiccated Brains" merino sea silk pencil roving (roving dyed by the fabulous Kim).  I spun up the first half and filled what are very large Majacraft bobbins.  I love how it's turning out.  The goal is a sport weight 2 ply and it looks like I'm getting it right.


The second bobbin is currently reading more blue--it's a beautiful green, brown, turquoise mix.  Love it.

Time for a knitting update post

Sorry I've been gone for a while.  Things have been unsettled at home and work has been busy and, and... you get the picture.

We survived Emma's first slumber party. It was made easier by Xander going to Cub Camp for the weekend (he had a blast at his first away-from home, not with family, nights away) and by the fact that the two girlfriends of Emma's are charming, polite kids.  They watched 4 of 6 Star Wars movies (starting with the originals--also showing their good taste), ate pizza and cookies and popcorn, giggled (but not too much) and didn't sleep much. 

I, on the other hand, sat with Craig in our bed, read, knit, played Scrabble and struggled to keep my eyes open long enough to go downstairs to tell them it was light's out time.  Then I crashed and didn't hear a thing. 

I also have had some time to knit (whilst watching Colin Firth brood in Pride and Prejudice).  I finished a warmer tam for myself.  I know Emma has it on--I had really bad morning hair and had her volunteer.  She's not getting it though.  She has enough of my handknit accessories.


It's Three Tams and it was a nice, quick knit.  I find that the tam isn't floppy enough for me, so I didn't over  shape it and it's a usable hat.  The yarns are Paton's Classic Merino and Noro Kureyon (124?); I'm really pleased with the colours.


I would like to do another FI beret that is more like my Gretel (in shape), or knit one of Gudrun's beautiful new designs.  I also might do a striped one using leftovers from my earth-stripe wrap, but don't think that's windproof enough for our current weather.

Things are progressing with the Drops Cardi.  I finished a front piece and started on the back.  This has been my easy knitting.  And it is good.


And my TIFF socks are back in the works again.  Since the Film Festival was in September I should call these something else.  Emma has claimed these ones and is hounding me to finish.


Bohus is back in the basket.  I hope to get back into it this week, but so far haven't had the brain-power to consider where I'm at with the pattern and where I'm going.  I am not following the pattern as written (doing it in the round instead of flat, added waist shaping and will fit it to my body as I go) so it's not just a sit and knit thing.


originally uploaded by Dr. Steph.
Success!  I have a new hat (and an ugly couch--please ignore it).
It's Frivol and it's purty and a fun knit.  I worked an 11 pattern repeat for a looser fit and went for the pom pom, just because. 
The malabrigo was fab to knit with and is so soft.  I want more. 
Looks good with the coat eh?