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Happy, Happy, Hip in Hempy

What might this be?


Woohoo! It's done and I'm Hip in Hemp.


While it's a bit shorter than the pattern said it would be, it's the perfect length for me and the fit is great.


I put the elastic in after I finished (the alternate instructions are found here on Ravelry) and it fits very nicely (I'm not showing you my middle, just believe me). It's soft, funky and I wore it to work.

It looks quite Missoni and one co-worker said it didn't look knitted; I took that as a compliment.


My front garden looks pretty good too eh? It was a tiny front lawn before we dug it up and planted stuff. It's a work in progress for us new gardeners--I see lots of groundcover like periwinkles, thyme and violets. Stuff I don't have mow.

PS: I went to Lettuce Knit last night.  I can paint next week when the kids go to my Mom's.

While I was on Stay-cation

Today was my first day back to work since June 26th.  I was in an hour earlier than usually feeling rather productive.  Holidays are good.  We didn't do much, or go far, but we were busy.

Like every July, we spent some time up at the cottage and looked at the lake and did not too much.  We celebrated my birthday on Canada Day so that we could get back to Toronto in time for me to share the rest of my ginormous cake with my peeps at Lettuce Knit.  My July 2nd birthday will only be on Wednesday knit-night every how many years (7?) so I wanted to make the most of it.  Yarn, cake, good friends, beer (and some gorgeous handspun from Molly) what more could a girl want?


Except maybe some awesome crocheted dolls--Death and Ninja!  Sorry I forgot to photograph them before they were assigned to guard my desk at work.  They're sly things and probably wouldn't take kindly to being photographed anyway!  Here are Keri's FO photos.  (As their creator, she has more control over them.)


Keri did such a super job on them with the little throwing star and the fimo scythe (which isn't in the photo, but you can imagine)!

My Father-in-law was also a total star and bought me a Wii!  I not only get to play Wii (which is super fun) but since it's mine I have the moral authority over it and can tell the kids that they need to stop playing Mommy's Wii and get outside and play.  We only have the sport game so far, and while I find it a bit disconcerting to box with little Miis of my kids, it's a hoot.

I also got in some good knitting time on Hip in Hemp.  It's at the 1960's micro-mini length, so I have a ways to go yet, but it's also knitting up faster than I expected and I love it in it's 1970's appliance colour-glory. 

Hip in Hemp started

It's almost enough to take me away from my loom.

But I'll save that for another post.

Monogamy works!

(Hopefully that title won't attract a bunch of weirdos; especially since this is about knitting monogamy.)

I've been faithfully plugging away on Vino and on Tuesday night I finished the back.  This knitting one thing at a time plan is quite fruitful.

back vino

Sorry about the crappy camera phone pictures, I was in a rush and my camera battery was dead.  I really need to get another battery or a new camera since this is getting rather silly.

I pushed getting the back done because it was not longer portable at almost 38" and I wanted to work on it at knit night on Wednesday.  And I concur with everyone that Dream in Color is fast yarn; it just flies off the needles.  I finished the ribbing on the left front last night whilst eating cake to celebrate Denny's birthday (and a big Happy Birthday to Elizabeth whose birthday is today) and meeting Ysolda, who came all the way from Scotland to hang with the knitters--she's lovely and her cardi is now on my to-do list.

Of course, even the monogamous can stray a bit...


That's the yarn to make Hip in Hemp.  I'm trying to stay faithful and not swatch or anything until Vino is blocking.  I don't have an elastic for the waist yet, so I wouldn't get far anyway.  But it is tempting to start.  Especially now that Spring has sprung and it's ideal skirt weather. 

queens park in spring

Better camera phone photo of Queen's Park turning green (I walk by it on my way to work.  It's kinda neat to be this close to government, even if they piss me off most of the time.)