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Honey Hooray!

I'm not sure what it is about the word Honey that make me want to use alliteration.  Probably the fact that I am happy this sweater is finished and that it looks nice on me.


The new hem is really nice and it's a good wear to work sweater.  Here's a close-up:


And here's the finished product:



Hate Honey Hems

I'm glad that my mini-tutorial about hems was so well received.  I wrote it before I was actually done my hems.  Before I put it on and found out the sweater looks like ass (to borrow a Harlot phrase that is a perfect descriptor). 

It wasn't that the hems were awful, but that the sweater was a bit too short and was missing something.  It was the wrong sweater to hem, it needed some kind of border to give some definition to the reverse stockinette.  Kim Hargreaves is a good designer, I bet she considered that in her design deliberations. 

I disliked it enough to forget to take photos before I jumped in and fixed it.

And I also forgot to take photos while I fixed it.

Nonetheless, here's what I did. 

Since I had a nice row of purl bumps at the edge, I picked up those stitches and knit a garter stitch border equal to the button bands.  Then I carefully unpicked all that half-kitchener (watching Stranger than Fiction for the second time helped pass the time--it's a delightfully charming movie) and frogged the hems until there were 2 rows left and then I casted off. 

I'll show you when I show off the finished sweater (that I like!) next post.  I love my new job, but uploading photos at work is probably not a good thing to do (we won't discuss the whole blogging at work thing).

Hemming Honey

I finally got around to doing the finishing work on Honey.   I decided to change the pattern a bit and do a hemmed edge instead of the garter stitch borders.  I didn't knit in the hem because I found it hard to do with the slippery silk and bigger gauge.  Vanessa suggested I use a provisional cast on and then do a "half kitchener" to sew down the edge.  A great idea and since I had one piece finished before I had this advice, I could compare and contrast.

This is the first one with the regular cast on:


There is a bit of a harder edge on this one--it doesn't really show differently on the front side, but it is less elastic.

This one is grafted on and runs along the bottom of the needle (I don't have a program that puts arrows onto photos).  It's completely seamless.


I should add that this sweater is in reverse st. st. so I did my hems by making the knit side the right side for 10 rows and then changing to the purl side which makes the fold line and the neat hem on the inside.

Here's how to do the grafting.

First unzip your provisional cast on and put the live stitches on a needle.  Run your sewing needle through a stitch on the body of your sweater:


Then put your needle through the first live stitch as if to knit and drop this stitch off the needle.


And then through the next live stitch as if to purl (just like kitchener).


Then through the next stitch on your sweater.  Easy.

I'll show you what it looks like when I'm finished.

Honey Flows Slowly

I actually squeezed in some quality time with my knitting this weekend between fence-ripping down and water sealing my porch ceiling.  Having my last Friday off helped a bit too, but I did more work that day than I wanted (still finishing up post-doc leftovers).

I have the button band and hemming to go and a whole bunch of ends.  The good news is I think it will fit me.  It's very short (why I'm surprised when the schematic says 18.5 inches I don't know.  However, the model must be very short because it doesn't look the same way in the photo--stupid Rowan) but I think it'll work with a tank/shell underneath (and a bra!) and I look good in boxy cropped things.


(My version is above the navel).

I sort of wished I had dones the garter bands instead of hemmed edges but it'll probably be fine when it's all done.  Now I need one fab button.  Lettuce Knit has hand-made porcelain ones which could work.  But I can't get to knit night this week.  Shoot.

Hopefully I'll have time to finish it tonight.  Though it'll be too hot to wear this week--we're having a heat wave.  I'm very happy to be in my new office-space with a/c!

Holy Sh*t! There's Knitting!

It's been a good week.  The kids spent it at my Mother's so we got to play a bunch--a movie and beers, quiet dinners, unhurried mornings.  It was nice.  I had a paper accepted for publication and I got a new permanent job.  The job news is especially good.  I have been working at the University on a contract and now it's full time.  It's also not an academic job (though it does involve research) and I'm happy about that too.  And besides it's a new adventure.

I've even had time to knit this week:

Two more pieces of Honey are blocking.  I'm on the last sleeve and having the "get it finished" fever.  I still have to decide about the front button bands so it may take a while longer as I experiment to find the right ones.  I changed the bottom bands from garter stitch to fold-over hems and might do the same for the bands, but I think it might be too thick.  I-cord is another possibility, except the bands are fairly large and I need the extra width there (I'm actually only 50% sure this sweater will fit). 


I've also been dabbling with the Mystery Stole (3).  I'm really enjoying watching this one unfold.  Here it is in the middle of clue 2:


The two-colours of beads are working out really well too.  They're a bitch to photograph, so you'll have to just take my word for it.


They look more pretty than this.  Really. 

And to end my good week, I'm off to pick up my new bike!  I'm also checking out some accessories.  I really like what these people did to their Townies.  Especially the daisies.  I heart daisies.  I almost went for this bike, but it was too silly for what I need.  I think I'm having a mid-life crisis!

WIP Roundup

I used to be a 3 projects + socks kinda knitter, but I drifted.

Thing is, I don't like the idea of having too many projects on the needles at one time--it just messes with my type-A, keep things organized, have control personality.  The other thing is, I have the urge to knit a whole bunch of new things on top of what I'm knitting now, so I need to just make a list and see where I come out at the end.

I suppose I could do all this in Ravelry, but I'm still getting thing organized over there, and while I love the whole idea of the place, I still like the blog medium better.

Current WIPs and their ontological status (from oldest to newest):

1. Colourwork classic.  I actually picked this up and started working on the sleeve again this week.  So I guess I'm not ready to let this one go, despite the fact that it's 2.5 years old and reflects my emerging skills in stranded knitting.

2. Collette.  Lace and Intarsia and craziness.  I think I want to own this one more than I want to wear it since I haven't touched it since about February.  I'm also too lazy to unravel it right now so it's in knitting limbo--fate to be determined.

3. Grey Mist.  Bohus beauty.  This will get made.  I don't like the fuzziness of angora when the weather is hot, so it might just be a while.  I already see myself wearing it this winter.  Yum.

4. Sherbie.  Simple mindless knitting that go put away for summer.  I'll finish this in the Fall and return Anmiryam's book.

5. Honey.  Soccer Knitting.  I think the sweater is going to be too short for me, but I don't want to rip back.  If it doesn't fit me, it'll look great on Mom.  I really should make this my Summer priority so I can wear it a few times before it's too cold.

And I started a sock because at the time sock knitting was what I could handle.  The Vesper Yarn was a trade with Anmiryam and I love it.  So do all the kids at the soccer games, who are amazed that socks are made, not bought at the store.


Okay, now that makes me feel a bit focused.  But only a bit.  I already have some Zephyr lace yarn on the way from Red Bird Knits (in onyx) and beads from Earthfaire to make another shawl. 

And I really really want this Hip in Hemp skirt from the new Knitty (I get to see the patterns months before you do and I've been wanting this one for a while).  Thankfully I'm stuck on colour choice.  I need to find this yarn in Toronto so I can make a decision.  I'm thinking Brown, Turquoise, Orange and Sand. 


And then Michelle, spotter of all the good new knits, alerted me to a new Hanne Falkenberg that I will buy as soon as I figure out what colour I want (though I'm leaning toward that green because it's so gorgeous).


Do you ever feel like there is just *too* much great knitting out there that you will never get to do? 

Now back to editing manuscripts...I tend to organize for procrastination, it makes me feel productive when I'm avoiding other tasks.  But now deadlines loom, I'll treat myself to a few rows once the first article is sent back to the journal.


I started a nice summer sweater this week.  My disconnectedness is leading me to choose some simple stockinette projects with little fussiness -and- I'm singled parenting it three weeks this month meaning I'm logging a lot of time at the soccer field and ball hockey rink. 

After seeing my co-worker Erin's lovely version of Honey, I decided I wanted one too.  I had enough Summer Tweed in the stash and the book, so it was kismet*.


The knitting part is not so kismetty.  I decided to do a folded hem instead of the garter stitch and that took a bit of fiddling to get right (note to self: picot hems and summer tweed don't mix).  What I eventually did was knit the hem with the knit side as the right side and then did a purl row for the turning row and continued in reverse st st for the rest as written. 

I'm using a discontinued colour, 510 Bouquet and I love all the orangey/turquoisey tweedy flecks.


I finished the left front and it's too short.  I didn't do much swatching--a bit a Stephanie's book launch and but she wisely notes swatches LIE (more than alibi services) and I've had a few experiences with summer tweed and it grows with wetting and wear. 


So I'll block this piece and see what happens.  I may need to recalculate the raglan decreases for my row gauge, but if it starts becoming too much thinking, I'm throwing it in the basket and starting a sock.

*I will be wearing it with a top underneath--my post-partum boobs ain't that perky no more--if they ever were.