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Holy concert night! (shameless kid bragging)

Last night was Music night at Emma's middle school and as dutiful parents we went to see hersing in the choir.  I confess that I'm not as involved in the life of the middle school and I had no idea how much talent there is in the place.


The choir was quite something (if you're interested, here's a couple of short snippets.  Emma is right in the middle--I'm not one of those parents who goes right to the front).


The concert featured a whole bunch of other fantastic performances--strings, band, solos (including Emma's new French teacher playing the theme from Star Wars on the bagpipes), a parent/teacher rock band featuring Emma's homeroom teacher (who sang professionally before teaching), a group playing the baritone ukulele and singing Sweet Child of Mine (that I totally should have filmed), and a student rock band belting out songs from The Guess Who and Rolling in the Deep.  
It was actually a really enjoyable evening.  Especially after all those years of sitting through some pretty horrid concerts at the school and daycare.  The kids are always cute, but now they are choosing to participate and the teachers are really invested in making nice music.
We also got a preview of the production of High School Musical they're doing in May (Emma is in the chorus).  I'll have more bragging to do then!


My baby is 13...

Yesterday Emma turned 13.  I have a teenager in the house.  How did that happen?

Craig surprised her yesterday with a great gift.  He took her to his very funky hairdresser for some highlights.  She has cut Craig's hair for 15 years and has cut Emma's hair and watched her grow up.  Eve's hair is either purple or blue and as a woman in her 60s she clearly has danced to her own drummer her whole life.

So what did Emma choose?  Blue.  She bleached out the bottom 1.5" of the ends and now they're electric blue.  What more could a teenager ask for?

She also got the more traditional stuff--charms for her bracelet, a sound dock for her ipod, balloon bouquet from her Grandfather and of course the slumber party with her best pals.  I think I'm more tired than they were from getting up to tell them to get to sleep.

It was all fun and Emma cleaned the main floor of the house yesterday (including vacuuming) so I think 13 will be fun.  I'm still in shock that she doesn't look like this anymore:

Emma Baby

Emma is one

Halloween Tweens

Halloween was a fun time this year.  Except the part where I was FREEZING.  It was much colder than I thought it would be (that's due to denial about winter coming) so the standing around while Xander sprinted from house to house was not all that fun. 

Seeing the kids in their costumes having fun, getting candy, being silly etc. is always entertaining.  This year we had one Annikan Skywalker ala Clone Wars:


And the more eerie version:

 eerie anikan

And, one Glam Rocker.  Notice the attitude?  I see trouble ahead...


Yes, those are silver doc martin's. What you can't see is the silver sparkles on the leggings...


Halloween Tweens are PROS at getting the candy. There are a lot of empty calories in the house. Now the trick for me is to avoid eating too many treats (gotta keep off the now 18 pounds I've lost this year!!!).

(Note: I don't like the term Tween, but do love a good rhyme for my title.)

Re-entry is a cruel bitch

I'm back at work after two weeks of summer fun.  Relaxing summer fun.  It was sublime.

Sadly, I didn't win the lottery, get an unexpected inheritance or rob a bank so I'm back at my desk and life is crazy.

Craig started a new job in July, after a long period of unemployment and this is the first week that everyone needs to get going and get out of the house without that nice hot breakfast and pleasant morning that having a parent at home facilitates.  It's been a bit rough.

The kids are coming in to work with me to attend daycamp and while I like their company and they like their camps, it's a LONG commute:

  • 10 minute walk to subway
  • 25 minutes on TTC
  • 35 minutes of walking around campus(kids are at two locations

And then I do it all again on the way home.

Yesterday's walk gave me a wicked blister.  Not so good (but did necessitate a new pair of awesome shoes). 


Then on the way home, it rained.  Biblical, build an Ark rain.  Don't wear your nice new shoes rain.  Walk in your blister-giving crap shoes, then walk barefoot across campus rain.  Holy crap we're soaked rain.  We got home wet and blistery but still in an okay mood.

Then I discover one kid has lost a water bottle, the other goggles and Emma's good proper bathing suit is too small (really too small) and a bikini won't work for Aquatic camp.

Off to the store.  Bathing suit and goggles bought (next pair of goggles will be paid for by the child).  Lunches made.  In bed.

Up this morning feeling okay.  Until Xander tells me his head is very itchy.  I have a look. 



Comb out hair as best I can in 10 minutes.  Make note to get lice stuff on the way home.  Put bandaid on blister and start the trek again.

Tonight will be filled with soccer games and lice combing.  Sigh.

There is beer in the fridge--thank FSM.  I think I'll book a pedicure for Saturday.

I Love Summer

I'm on week 2 of a 2 week holiday and am in a wonderfully lazy mood.  Last week it was me and the kids and no car (Craig's started a new job which involves a bit of a commute and no holiday time for a while) and we had a whole bunch of fun on a staycation: beach, inline skating, Ontario Place (waterslides!), hanging around loafing (not to be underrated), local pool swimming--all good.

Then we went to Tweed to visit the kids' Grandfather and we got to do some more swimming, fireworks, hanging out by the fire and just relaxing.

This morning I did the laundry, repacked our cottage bags and we headed up to Oro-Medonte to my SIL's parents cottage to do more lazing.  



It's a fabulous place right on Lake Simcoe which we snagged in exchange for watching Ms Ruby Puppy for 10 days while their whole family went off to England.



I say puppy watching for lake front property is a fair trade.





Of course as a knitter, loafing time can be productive.  The loom is warped with yummy BFL from Briar Rose Fibers:


And I've got some very easy and fun knitting with me.



The pattern is Bellevue and the yarn, Lorna's Laces Sock in Satsuma.  I'm a few rows away from the armholes and hope that I can have this finished to wear to work.  

That is, unless I win the lottery and can spend most of my time like this.

My Crazy week

I really did mean to do more blogging but, I had a lot to do this week.  Besides work there was a ton of kid wrangling:

2 soccer practices

2 dress rehearsals

1 soccer game

1 ball hockey game (we skipped the other one)

1 ball hockey team photo 

1 piano lesson

1 piano recital 


4 performances of Jackman Avenue: The Musical


Emma was the JJ the Jaguar--the school mascot (a lead role and she was AWESOME)


Xander had a few parts, the most impressive was the Zorba dance (we live in Greektown and the play was about the school and the community)


I didn't have to do anything at these events, except juggle the schedule and make sure everyone was fed and got to where they needed to go.  That it was a short week due to Victoria Day and SUPER HOT didn't help.

And did I mention my Mother and Grandmother came on Friday for the weekend to take in the events?

I need a beer and some knitting time (they're leaving in about 15 minutes).

I did manage to get through all the easy parts of the Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl and finish a baby gift (save sewing on the button).  Oh and I finished Nantucket Red but still need to find time to get the hook and eyes.  

I'll tell you all about the knitting next post.  Time for that beer.

Happy Feet

I finished Xander's socks on the weekend. 

Xander Socks 2

He loves them and I'm very glad that he loves them.  The IndigodragonflyMCN (merino, cashmere, nylon) was so nice to work with.  The colour, Self Elm0lation was so pretty and that little bit of black FI kept it interesting.  Unfortunately, the stranded part on the first sock is a bit tight and it's a bit harder to get on, but my kid won't let me rip it back so let's hope it stretches out a bit.

Xander Socks 2

This was my first try with a toe up gusset heel and I'm SOLD.  I love it.  Easy to do, elegant in it's construction and no stitches to pick up.  Nice on the foot too (remember, these socks fit me and I expect they will be handed down to me at some point).

Xander Socks 2

I have a happy kid with happy feet.  And sheesh, he looks so grown up at 9 compared to this photo from June 2008 (his feet were smaller too!)

Happy Pirate Kid

One Teen

My dad liked to say we were Zero Teen at 10 and One Teen at get the idea.  Today my eldest, Emma, turned One Teen.

She had a non-stop, stay up almost all night, (loosely) Hogwarts themed slumber party last weekend (Xander was conveniently at cub camp) and tonight we opened some gifts and celebrated with powdered donuts (her request, and the same as last year).  Tomorrow it's sushi dinner for the final celebration.  She's loving all of it.

And why shouldn't she?  Her tenth year was fabulous; full of fun exuberance, new adventures, lots of enthusiasm and all the delights of being a kid.  I only hope eleven is more of the same.

That being said, I do find it hard to believe that 11 years just zoomed by and I almost have one teen living in my house.  Thankfully, she's not rushing to be 15 (even if it feels that way to me sometimes).  

Happy Birthday Emma!  Love you Emmy.

Emma's 11th Birthday and all the others

9 Times the Fun

My baby is NINE today

Xander's birthdays 

(From Top Left: 5, 6, 7, 8th birthdays, Xander at 4, Xander's 9th (big photo), 3rd birthday, Baby Xander (6months) and Xander at 2. )

And he couldn't be happier.  He got some good swag and had a great party a few weekends back: 3 boys slept over and they played Wii for 9 hours, then woke up and played some more.  

Of course there's lego.  Can't be a birthday without it.


Me, I can't get over how fast the time is going.  At least the cake was delicious.


Soccer Mom now on hiatus for Fall and Winter

The 2009 season of the East York Soccer club closed with excellent performances by Alexander (U9) and Emma (U10).


Alexander's much-improved performance assisted Spirale Banquet Hall (also known as Grey) in their end of season 10-game winning streak, narrowly missing the first place position for the season.  Their streak did not continue into the final tournament where they took 3rd spot but had a lot of fun.

Xander Soccer

Emma had a 13 goal season as the Striker for Agora E-Client and benefitted greatly from the fine coaching skills of Alan S. who lead Agora to his first league championship.  Emma and her team had a fantastic season, played well together and learned about fine sportsgirlship and team comarderie.  The final tournament was also disappointing for Agora, but allowed the girls more opportunities to work on their team cheer and Emma had a scoreless stint as goalkeeper.


Soccer Mom Stephannie and Soccer Dad Craig felt that both kids had an excellent season and are looking forward to the Fall/Winter hiatus.