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Lovely Lara

I stayed up late to finish Lara last night.  It was weird, crazy night last night.  We went to look at some apartments (we're browsing because we need something larger soon, but not fully commited to moving for a number of reasons), but because Alexander wasn't feeling well, Craig went first, and rushed home and I went to the one he said was really nice.

And it was really nice.  So we spent the evening agonizing over whether to move.  It was lovely, but not perfect.  Mostly because there was no storage.  After six years of living in a place with a basement to store junk in, it would be hard to move to a place without one.  We liked the space enough to start playing the "we'll throw this out and sell the washer and dryer and..." By 10 o'clock with pizza in front of us, calmer heads prevailed (we wouldn't be able to afford much pizza if we took the new place, or yarn for that matter) and I got back to seaming since I was too wound up to sleep.  The claw-foot tub was sucking me in, and the possibility of a playroom for the kids. But no where for all the stuff.  Sigh. 

But I have a FAB new sweater.  I love it. 


The Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran was a perfect substitute, soft and crisp, but not stiff.  I took a picture with it pinned (with the only brooch I own) but I will probably always wear it open because I'm a hang loose kinda girl (well in my own mind anyway).  That's why I'm posting a picture of me with a double-chin--I like how my waist looks and don't really care that I'm squooshed up in the chin area.  I'm too lazy to do another photo-shoot.  Why do they look good on that little screen but so terrible on the computer?


I had no problems with the pattern--it was a nice easy knit.  I think it would look neat in Silk Garden because the stripes would run vertically.  I may even try it some time.  Right now I'm watching kiddie shows with Alexander (who just informed me he put apple juice in his eyes--on purpose) and working on Butterfly again.  I'm feeling much better this morning--perfect actually--but Alexander still needs to spend the day at home resting (though the apple juice experiment tells me he's getting better).  I'm trying not to think of all the work that's piling up, just the fact that I'm wearing my new gorgeous Lara and get to spend the afternoon knitting (and cleaning, but I'll "la la" over that part!)

Eternal sunshine of the spotless rug

She's blocking!  I finished the last bit of the sleeve after dinner, then we popped in a DVD and I broke out the pins.


We watched The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and it was so engaging that the blocking wasn't finished until the movie was over.  What a fantastic film.  The camera work and editing were amazing, I loved the use of natural light and the story was thoughtful and interesting (another one where I wasn't certain where it was going).  All the performances were excellent too.  I wish Jim Carey would make more films like this instead of the nutty stupid things he usually does.  He's clearly a good actor, but doesn't get the chance to show it with most of the crap that gets made in Hollywood these days. 

I wasn't rewarded for my efforts though.  I got another migraine as I went to bed last night (I'm a bit freaked out because I haven't had one in many months, and I get two in a row?!)  So I'm home today trying to sleep it off, except Alexander is sick today too (I'm wondering if the mommy goddesses are punishing me or something).  He's got sore throat and fever so once I feel human enough, off to the doctor for us.  Hopefully we'll be ship shape tonight (or at least feeling a tad better) and I can have a sweater to wear tomorrow or Thursday.

Poor one-armed Lara

I had BIG plans this weekend.  You know, to sit on my can and knit and relax.  Especially after a late night out with Craig (first in a long time) marked by stuffing ourselves with Thai food and seeing I Heart Huckbees (which was fantastic--I like a movie where I don't know how it will turn out and which sticks with me).

Saturday brought a bit of knitting time, with the big push being planned for Sunday.  It all started well enough--I hit the last sleeve of Lara and vacuumed the rug (well Craig vacuumed it--he'll want credit) so I could block it Sunday night and WHAM!  A migraine hits. 

I think WHAM! is not really the right word though as they seem to creep up on me.  First I get this wacky aura thing in one eye, which obsures my vision and generally freaks me out.  That goes on for about half an hour where I lay down and cover my eyes (which doesn't make the visual aura go away but calms me down) and then the pain hits the other side of my head.  Though thankfully the visual disturbance goes away.

I down some Advil for migraines and hope for the best.  The advil works for long enough to get in some minorly painful errand shopping but not long enough to get me home for more pills.  After some dinner and more meds I'm feeling alright, but it will be an early night.  I also find these headaches very exhausting. 


This all means that Lara will be one armed-short for at least another day.  I'm totally anxious to finish it, so the headache served to really piss me off.  Good thing I only get them a few times a year.  Grrrr.


I received a few queries about my ZigZag swatches so I thought I would hold a little swatch tutorial today. 

1. Why are your swatches fringed?

It's not fringed, it was knit in the round (sorta).  My gauge is different
in the round than flat (common for most knitters), and the garment is made in the round.  The way it's done: you knit a row, move the yarn to the end of the circular again, wrap the working yarn around the swatch loosely and then knit the next row.  The swatch curls in a bit, so you cut it and it makes a funky fringe.  But since every row is knit, you get a knit-in-the-round assessment of gauge.

It's the most accurate way to do it outside of knitting a sleeve or a hat.

2. Why is your swatch in pattern?

In this case the pattern instructs you to swatch "in pattern".  Since the whole sweater is in this cable pattern it makes sense to swatch in the pattern.  Some just ask for a swatch in stockinette, but since many people's gauges change when cabling or doing lace it makes you'll have a more accurate indication if you're on gauge (especially if substituting yarn).

As for doing it, this time I worked Chart A which shows 30 sts. which made the swatch slightly larger than the indicated sts.  (21 sts =4").  I knit the required number of rows (mostly because I'm lazy--30 rounds=4").

And, swatching in pattern gives you a chance to try out the pattern--to see if you like it and work out any bugs before jumping into the whole project.  After 4 swatches, I'm a pro at ZigZag.


I did find some time to work on Lara a bit last night.  I casted on for the right side.  I wanted it to match the left side (the edge of which is a cast-off edge) as much as possible so I tried a crochet cast-on.  I didn't like it and I got smarter and made little 6 stitch samples to find the best method.  The long-tail cast-on won and I did one row before bed so no photo since there's really nothing to see. 

There's good TV on tonight (but where the hell is The West Wing?) so I see my ass on the couch knitting tonight.

Lovin' Lara*

Lara is almost half done.  She's curling a bit (so she's not really that small).  Now that the back piece is on a holder I can see what it's going to look like.  It's a nice fun not-too-challenging knit.


I've also been swatching some Zara in the quest for the right yarn for ZigZag.  They're drying right now and I don't think this is going to be the right yarn.  I love it, but used single it's too loose or small to get gauge and doubled it was fine dry, but has really grown with washing.  Maybe it'll shrink back.  Maybe.  Pictures if I'm successful.

As for the last few more politically-minded posts, thanks again for the comments.  I'm not going to enter into a debate with individuals here because, well, it's my blog and I can say what I like.  Take it or leave it.  Many people make interesting points, but it ain't gonna change my mind.  I also want to say that I'm sure you're all nice individuals (most people are when it comes right down to it).  But the nothing is going to sway me from my belief that George Bush and the religious right are not working to create the kind of world I would like to see.

*Notice I didn't say Loving Laura?  I was looking at a list of magazines subscription offers for a school fundraiser and there was a children's magazine that touted that Laura Bush has been a contributor.  Let's say that wasn't a selling point.


I needed something to knit on the subway yesterday so I scooped up my Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran and some 5mm addis and swatched for Lara. I got gauge on the first try (I so love that I'm generally able to predict yarn and tension) and last night watched the Lost pilot (which I missed the first time--and which filled in a few plot holes for me) and got started.


This garment is knit in one piece from the left sleeve across to the right so it'll be an interesting knit. All I can say about this yarn is mmmmmmm. It's so squooshy and soft. The drape will be different from the Alpaca Silk the pattern calls for but I don't think it will matter. It's going to be a fab cardi. I also adore the colour (Venetian)--a chocolately purple (if that makes sense--it's purple against brown, but brownish when you look at the ball).

I'm sure to get more knitting done tonight while watching the results of the election. Vote Kerry. It's weird being so invested in an election that I can't participate in, but I'm sure to be affected by the results, so Vote Kerry.