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Mason Dixon Knitting to the Rescue!

I have the best readers!  You have so many good ideas, and I tried a bunch of them to finish the blanket.  The one that resonated with me the most came from the fine gals over at Mason Dixon Knitting.  I pulled their extra fabulous book out (no mean feat since my books are all still in boxes) and tried to avoid getting log cabin fever while reading up on garter stitch mitred borders. 

A whole lot of picking up stitches later and the garter stitch border is on the needles.  It's not done yet (I had some issues with picking up too many stitches and wavy borders), but it looks great.  No photos because I'm at work right now and really Lizard Ridge deserves a full photo shoot.

I loved knitting this blanket so much I want to do another afghan.  The cold weather must be getting to me because this one is looking mighty fine.

I need other options

I'm not liking the crochet.  As a rule, I don't really like crocheting.  Probably because I don't do it well and it's the last thing I need to do to finish a much-desired piece of knitting.  But also, I find some of it too frou-frou for me.  The scallopy edge on Lizard Ridge just isn't me.  So I need some alternative edge treatments.

Plans I have considered involve first doing a slip stitch crochet around the edge to make it look nice and consistent.  I prefer slip stitch to single crochet.  It looks like the entire thing has been bound-off knitting style, that works for me.

Then my sanity shifts a bit and I think of knitted borders.  One is an i-cord edge.  I rather like i-cord edges.  It's a lot of i-cord when I think of the perimeter of a blanket.  That leads me to other options.

Garter stitch border with nice mitered corners?

My list is about that long, so it's pretty short.

Any suggestions for a fairly clean-lined edge?

A little peek

Lizard Ridge is seamed and all the ends are woven in.  I worked on it this afternoon at a little knitting party held by my friend Keri.  Good food and knitterly company always make end weaving go by faster.  And the seaming was really rather quick.

Now it's time to sit and crochet the border.  So for now just a little peek.  Inside out, so as not to give too much away.


Pssst. It's gorgeous.  I LOVE IT.

Shell Game

Twenty-four squares complete:


Now to arrange them.  Like this:


Or this:


Or this:


I don't see much difference either.  I think I need to close my eyes and trust the force on this one. 

My plan is to crochet the squares together.  It is faster than mattress stitch (I think) and will leave a criss-cross ridge along the back which will look nifty (I think).  I know it means I can just work from the ball of yarn and go which is easier (I think). 

I haven't decided what my border colour is yet.  I have black, a gold/mustard colour (Elann's Allspice) and a deep cranberry red in my stash.  The blanket isn't screaming a contrast/complimentary colour at me yet though.  I'll have to ask Craig--he has good colour sense.

I'm not making any decisions tonight though.  It's been a long week.  There were lots of good parts to it though.  An afternoon visit with Jo, lunch with Amy and Jacquie (who I just realized has a blog), knit night at Lettuce Knit (where I got to meet Ms Vesper herself), but also a ton of work (reports written, classes taught, essays collected, legal house papers to sign, moving stuff to deal with and a fridge that shall not be discussed). 

Tonight, I treat myself to mindless TV and starting Poppy.



I've knit my way through all my full balls of Kureyon and have completed 19 squares.  For the last 5 I will use the leftovers from these squares.  My plan is to match up squares that I think have harmonious colours and use those oddballs to form a square.  I'm not sure if I need 2 or 3 of these partial skeins to do this, but I'm hoping it's two so I don't have to buy more yarn.  All but 2 squares are blocked, so I'm getting anxious to put it all on the floor and shuffle things around to get the right colours. 

The sewing, I'm less excited about.

Starting to panic

My yarn isn't here.  There are only four more sleeps until Rhinebeck.  I'm getting worried.  Right now I have a one-armed, no neck sweater. 


Do I start calling the local shops to see if they have my yarn (which will ensure that I'm driving to hell's half acre for what I need tomorrow, only to return home to find my yarn in the mailbox) or do I just go through the cedar chest looking for another good sweater to bring?

I have been consoling myself with Lizard Ridge squares, I'm working on number 15, though I'm planning to reknit the one on the bottom left. 


I'm learning to embrace the randomness of kureyon, but it doesn't always work.

Perfect Knit Night

I finally made it to Knit Night at Lettuce Knit yesterday.  I hadn't been since July and I was really missing the crazy chatter, the fibre porn and the general cameraderie that is Wednesday Stitch'n'Bitch.

Turns out it was the perfect night to drop everything and be sure I was there. 

Jenn bought a new wheel and I got to watch her get covered in green roving while getting all happy making yarn (and she brought wine, so I got that fuzzy glow without spinning). 

Denny showed off her beautiful angora creations (yes, there was more than one).  She is a woman of talent and style and her lemon squares were yummy. 

Stephanie and I lamented the design turn at Dale of Norway and the general state of the universe and the annoyance that is John Travolta

I got to chat academic life and possibly fleeing from it with Aven (and her comparatively tiny but expanding bump) and a lovely new hire at U of T whose name I didn't get, but who had on gorgeous hand knit red socks and who I hope to meet again.  Russian historians who knit are very cool.

I also chatted with Amy, Laura, Maria, Drea, Meagan, Melanie, Michelle, Rachael H. and a bunch of other cool knitters whose names I can't remember and who will hopefully flog me with cashmere next time I see them.

And I had a long chat with Juno who was in Toronto for a visit. Sometimes I meet bloggers and we have a nice chat and pet fibre and it's just a nice time.  Other times I meet bloggers and we do all that but I know I want to spend more time with them and realize that it sucks that I don't have more time to chat and pet fibre and get to know them more (because every blogger is more than what's on their page).  Juno is one of those people.  She's great. 

Since I don't have any photos from last night (I tend to forget my camera at important moments) I'll show you my new square (colour 40):