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Perfect Fit!

It's done!  I love it!  It fits perfectly!  Woohoo!

I've been wearing Mermaid for about 10 minutes and it's already my new favourite sweater.  It's elegant and lightweight, fits just right, looks good and it was worth every penny and every stitch.  I can even see myself making another one in a lighter colour for a more Spring look (I love this one). Though I still have my eye on this (my new colour choice, though I am interested in what number two looks like knit up)


I would have liked to get a tad more dressed up (ie combed my hair, let the dishsoap on my shirt dry) for the photo shoot, but since we're still the house of evil virus, I figured I better sneak in the pictures while I can. 


I like it best from the side, quite flattering.


And, this sweater deserves a Rachael.



Mermaid is almost done.  I sewed on one sleeve last night, but it took me about 10 attempts to get it right (I'm fussy and sewing black on black is tough), I decided that I would leave the second sleeve until today.

So I finished this guy instead:


It was a little something for a still sick Alexander to cheer him up.  He and Spherey were fast friends.


Mermaid Update

Mermaid is nearing completion, but I'm a tad nervous about how it will look.  I stitched up the body today and tried it on, and it's going to be a tugging match to pin it shut.  And, the first sleeve seems short.  They're knit side to side, so adjustments aren't all that easy.  I really need to sew it on before I finish the next one (I'm at the halfway point). 


I forced myself to knit a size smaller than my usual instinct told me.  This is because I have several too-big sweaters in my cedar chest and I need to see my body for the size it is.  This sweater is currently not giving me confidence in my quest to acknowledge my true size.  Either that or I really have gained a lot of weight this winter.  I hope this sweater will be saved by the miracle of blocking.


I'm not finished Mermaid yet, and I want another Hanne Falkenberg kit


Probably in the same colour, though I like shade 4 too (see the other shades here).  For the life of me, I can't figure out how it's put together, which is part of the fun.

I'm past the half-way point on the first sleeve!  Being home, a tad under the weather, with a West Wing DVD to watch helped a bunch.  I'm hoping to get in some quantity time on this sleeve on the weekend by arranging some play-dates for the kids.  Have a great weekend everyone.


"I will wear Mermaid this season.  I will wear Mermaid this season.  I will wear Mermaid this season."

Anmyriam, smart woman she is, suggested this mantra to me as a motivational guide through sleeve island.  And, so far, it's working.  The sleeves are actually rather easy to do, compared to the body, and even though the yarn is skinny and black, I can see myself getting this done soon.


And, as the Olympics begin, I will be happy not participating in the huge Knitting Olympics.  I was shying away because I didn't want the stress of another deadline, but also because I really want to finish Mermaid, not start another sweater.  I'll admit I was tempted for a few seconds because, well everyone is doing it, and I have other sweaters I plan to knit next (of which one will be a big challenge).  But except for little projects like the hat from the weekend, I really do want this sweater to wear before spring (which looks farther off with the change back to seasonal temperature).  So I will be cheering for you Olympians in all your knitting craziness.  And since I fall between admiration and mocking I decided to snag both buttons (and because I like Retro-girls and Simpson characters).

Watcher  Sidelines

Swimming to sleeve island

Look, I'm finished Mermaid's body:


And here it is looking more like a sweater without sleeves:


I've only knit one row on the first sleeve so I have a ways to go before I finish this one.  But I can tell it's going to be a beautiful sweater.  My only concern is that I made the attached icord on the last edge too tight.  I'm going to have to block and see before I sew the whole thing together.  And deal with all those ends. 

So pour me a drink in a coconut, I'm off to sleeve island.

Me, Mermaid and Maps

The beer is chilling in the fridge, the yarn and pattern are on the couch, the tv is reserved, now all I have to do is vote (right after Alexander wakes up--I think he's asleep but am too scared to check) and wait until the coverage begins.

Despite Jo's pleas to avoid election coverage, I will not be able to resist.  I love this stuff.  I love the maps and little bar graphs showing the results for each party.  I love yelling at the pundits and critiquing the journalistic analysis.  For me, political coverage like this is a sport, one of the few I like to watch.  And since the results will affect me (unlike whatever happens in the NHL or Olympics) I like to know how it ends before I go to bed--I don't like surprises when my clock radio goes off in the morning--the fact that it goes off at 6am is surprise enough. 

I'm also an optimist.  Maybe the NDP will get more seats than the last time.  Maybe the polls are overstating things.  Maybe the votes will split just right.

And unlike regular TV there are even some surprises.  Like I said, I'm an optimist.

Almost back to normal

**Sorry if the photos aren't working. Typepad is being funny today. Please check back later.

Today I write my last lecture.  No I am not sad, I am very, very happy.  I like teaching, a lot, but the preparation time to teach a new course is huge and I'll be happy to have the time back to do my regular research work and to knit and spend time with the family and do whatever.  I still have to mark one assignment and the final exam (which I need to finish writing) but we're nearing the end.

I can also tell things are almost normal because I did something I haven't done in a while.  I knit a whole bunch.  I sat on my butt in front of the TV the last two night and knit.  And I have something to show for it.

First, one finished Bless sleeve (and I started the second one) and one finished Craig sock (no I haven't gotten around to casting on the second one).


And, I'm past the centre back on Mermaid (that's the blue line on the right).  It's not as bright and contrasty as this picture, I used the flash so you could see the nifty stripes and cool construction better.  I love knitting this sweater. 


This is the sweater that has my attention right now and I'm hoping to work hard today so I can resume carving out the ass divet (no snarky comments about the size of my butt please) on my couch tonight.  There has to be something good on TV on Tuesdays right?

1/4 of the way there

Lookie, I've been working on Mermaid.  Actually, when I have time to knit, this is all I work on.  I love it.  The pattern is interesting, the colours are lovely and the yarn is nice.  It's 2 ply shetland, something I've never used before, but I see the appeal of finer-weight garments for more fancy wear.


The only drawback now: it's too big to carry around with me and a tad too complicated for the subway.  Guess I'll start some socks today.  Or a scarf.  Naw, I want to knit Mermaid more.