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Pretty Stuff

Phew, it's been a busy week.  I'm on holiday until the 24th and so far it's been action packed.  Right now the kids are in bed and Craig is out and I'm enjoying a quiet few minutes.  I've been such an infrequent blogger lately, but I have been knitting stuff.

Milkweed is done!  Just in time for the first heat wave this summer.  I'm not complaining about the heat, but it's too hot to model the shawl.


It's rather little--I should have gone up a needle size AND I needed to make the first two stitches of each row a bit looser so I could make the shawl longer.  It's about 4 feet--but makes a great little scarf, which is what I wanted.


It was a really fun, really quick knit.  I could see myself making another one.  Nice pattern Laura!  I used Fleece Artist Casbah and I like it.  I want more.  Yummy.

I also got some fibre dyed.  I bought a 450 gram bag of Merino/Seacell pencil roving at the Knitter's Frolic to use as practice yarn.  After spinning the brown stuff, I realized there was no way I could stand to spin 450 grams of white fluff so I had the uber-amazing Kim over at Indigodragonfly custom dye it for me.  She is one of those people who GETS colour.  Her hand dyes are flippin' gorgeous and she and I have very similar colour tastes.  I just gave her the bag and told her to surprise me.


Gorgeous eh?  She took inspiration from my new glasses.  I love the mix of my most favouritist colours.

Kim is also a smartass like me and she has cooked up some great names for her colourways.  Since pencil roving looks like brain, I call this Desiccated Brains.   Mmmmm brains.

If you haven't seen her yarns.  Go look.  Pretty.  She also has the Casbah yarn base (merino, cashmere and nylon) so you can have pretty and SOFT fibre.

Off to fire up the wheel and spin some of this prettiness.

Flurry of activity

My shoulder and neck are feeling back to normal.  That lovely change, combined with a roadtrip to get the kids from my mom's meant I got down to business with my knitting.

Of course, it also meant starting some new things.

First up, the perfect pattern for my Calmer.  Nantucket Red.  But for me it's Pool Blue.  A nice, easy pattern, knitting up well with sproingy Calmer.


Then, because I couldn't stop myself from buying a ball of Casbah sock yarn from Lettuce Knit, the Milkweed shawl.  The colour is midnight--blacks, blues and purples--super pretty and about my speed when it comes to lacey knitting.


And I've been spinning.  I finally finished the brown singles.  I did some tests with plying and will navaho ply this up tonight (too thin for me as a 2 ply).  This means I can dive into my first Grafton Batt and spin some colour!


I'm really pleased with this yarn I made.  Thin, pretty consistent and it felt really natural to spin.  That's a nice feeling.

But, I didn't finish painting the door.  I guess I can't do it all.