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It was (almost) nice to knit it twice

It was a hard slog, but I got it done.


It had NOTHING to do with the pattern itself.  Only a) my ability to read and b) the Summer Tweed (a yarn I love to wear and look at, but hate to knit--my neck was so sore I couldn't even move my head at one point). 


That's all mostly forgotten now that I have a fine looking summer tank to wear that's work appropriate and shows off my newly toned arms. (Or I should say, slightly more-toned arms).


I can see myself making a winter version in wool too.  The only thing I changed was to add an additional cable cross at the hem.  It does pull the front up a bit, but the silk/cotton blend holds blocking well.  I call this one a perfect fit.

What I'm ripping

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

That beautiful, summer tweederific Mondo Cable I was knitting was only 40 rows from being completed when I got that funny tingling in my brain that tells me to look at the pattern because something ain't right.

And it wasn't.  In my ultra-relaxed camping state I missed casting on 10 sts at the underarm AND the body increases. (I'm actually a bit amazed at how I screwed it up so royally because everything was written clearly and carefully and not in invisible ink).

I had to rip back to the under arms.  Crap.

I'm almost over being mad about it.  Almost. 

Where's Waldo (and what is he knitting?)

We're on day five of our camping trip. It's rained almost every day for some point but not so much that anyone has contemplated some form of child restraint or drugging. We're here with my knitting buddy Elizabeth and her great teen Alison who is keeping my kids entertained. Between games of where's Waldo under the tarp, I've been getting in some knitting time. The yarn is summer tweed in smoulder, and the pattern is mondo cable by Bonne Marie Burns. (Sorry for no links but I'm doing this on my iPhone. ). I love this pattern; it's very clearly written, top down, and not too challenging for camp. I know the summer tweed is a bigger gauge than called for, but with 4mm needles I squished it down and I like it better a bit tighter anyway. I find summer tweed grows when wet. Even though the sky is getting cloudy we're off to the beach. Classic Canadian summer; you take what you can get.
Where's Waldo (and what is he knitting?)