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Two summer sweaters

This might be a record for me...I've finished two summer sweaters that I *really* like this summer.

The first is a bit of a cheat since I actually started it last summer.  I like having a partially finished sweater put away until the beginning of the season so I can whip it up and have something new when the weather changes.  This time it was Nantucket Red which I finished in June and just got around the photographing now.

Nantucket Red

While it's a lovely sweater, that I love the fit on, I found it hard to get photos of me in it that make me look good.  I'm not sure why that is since I always receive compliments on it and I know it fits me well.  This time around I got a bit dressed up and worked the outfit and I'm pleased enough with the photos (I'm generally a reluctant model).

Nantucket Red

I used Calmer for this sweater and it's such a nice yarn to knit with and wear.  The baby blue is a bit of a departure for me--and that's good too.  Must mix it up sometimes.

This picture is the truest image of the actual colour.

Nantucket Red

The second sweater is Bellevue.  I love it. 


Laura Chau's designs are so wearable and having the advantage of being able to try on her stuff makes it easy for me to decide if the pattern is right for me.  I also had Denny's fabulously fearless colour advice.  While I love orange, I wasn't sure if I could (should) wear it and she sagely noted it would look awesome with my hair.  And it does.


The yarn is Lorna's Laces Sock in Satsuma and it's made the perfect little summer sweater.


Now I'm getting back to the stuff I started before summer in preparation for (gasp) Fall.  I won't speak of the change of seasons again for a while.  I'm having a great summer and I'm not ready for it to end.

To Do

Seems my knitting and knitting related obligations and desires are getting away from me...

Time to consolidate (I like lists).  

Knitting and Fibre Pursuit To Do List

Part A: Knitting:

  1. Finish secret thing (I know, a bad way to start, but someone who reads this blog would guess this)
  2. Upload photos to pattern, send to tech editor, Ms Indigodragonfly herself.
  3. Start gift sweater for wee one gestating in a dear friend.
  4. Wind *that* yarn.  You know, that skein of doom.  The one that's a bit tangly and takes for fucking ever to wind and makes you swear like a fucking sailor because the shitty fucking yarn that you love so much is a bitchy assed blankety blank blank blank.  Ya, that one.
  5. Finish seaming Nantucket Red.  I have one seam left, and a redo of part of another.  
  6. Decide if collar on Nantucket Red needs to be redone.  So far the answer is yes, but seaming will allow me to go to that mental spot within which I contemplate a redo.
  7. Get back into Hanami Stole.  Or frog it.  I can't stand projects hanging over me like that.

Part B: Knitting, in preparation for tomorrow:

  1. Count stitches on work in progress.  See if you're getting to the point where you have to think.  If so, consider what other project you can bring tomorrow for that long talk you have to attend.  That's 2 hours of knitting time during work!
  2. Assemble whatever else is required for said 2 hours (stitch markers, measuring tape etc).
  3. Find needles to start Part A, section 3.  That's the Friday reward--starting something new.

Part C: Knit Blogging:

  1. Review 3 books in To Be Reviewed pile.
  2. Start cute beret from Veronik Avery's new book, Knitting 24/7.  Thanks to the publisher and Veronik for including me in their knitalong and trial of the St. Denis yarn.  (PS Veronik, it was great to see you at the Frolic.  Sorry I didn't stay long.
  3. Photograph work in progress from Part B and do a proper post.
  4. Add recently acquired yarns and not-so-recent ones to Ravelry.  Photograph ones without photos.  I like having my stash in it's own virtual yarn store website in my Ravelry profile.  

Part D: Spinning:

  1. Spin.
  2. Spin some more.
  3. Ply parts 1 and 2.

Part E: Time:

  1. Find someone who will learn to build a TARDIS or warp space and time or do whatever it takes for me to get through this list.

Spring Cleaning for my Knitting

I know there's been a bit too much blog silence lately, I'm hoping to get back into the habit since I enjoy writing regularly and I enjoy reading blogs too.  I still really like Twitter but I'm trying not to use all my blog mojo there.

If you do follow my Tweets, you'll notice I haven't been feeling all that great.  Just Spring stuff--colds and fatigue, but I think most of it is behind me now.  The good thing about being under the weather, but not too sick is that I have been doing a fair bit of knitting.  

The first priority project is an extra secret project.  I'm the first designer for Kim's Indigodragonfly Smart Ass Knitters/World Domination 1 skein club.  The pattern and yarn will be sent to club members in June so this sneak peak is all I can show you.



I'm having a great time designing and I stretched myself with this one in the fancy construction department. That part was fun.  Ripping out 150 rows of garter stitch when I got my geometry wrong wasn't as fun!

The pattern is mine to release some time this summer; I'll keep you posted.

Next up are Xander's socks.  I have one done and on the heel for the second one.  His feet really are growing while I look, so I need to get these off the needles.  So it's the couch, Firefly and socks for the next few nights.



I also have some abandoned projects on deck that I want to finish because I have a LOT of things I would like to start.  I consider this spring cleaning for my knitting.  I'm on the last piece of my Nantucket Red Cardi--mine is Calmer Blue.  So that's an easy finished object.  

I also have not so much done on the Hanami stole.  I really love the idea of this shawl, but can't get my head around the basketweave pattern.  I'm hoping I can get my head down and just knit those last repeats (or even cheat and skip one) and then get to the cherry blossom part which I'm sure I can get my head around.  I'm using kidsilk haze which is rather unrippable so I'm going to give it a good solid try.

What's up after that?  Some baby clothes for my knitpal Keri who is due in July, perhaps a summer top for me and then, I'm not sure...only because I have tons of beautiful stash yarn and I want to knit it all.

Weekend Spinning and Stuff

It was the Taste of the Danforth this past weekend and we decided to get the heck out of town.  I love my neighbourhood (officially Greektown, but much more multi-cultural than that) but when the annual street festival begins, I like to be somewhere else.  For one, the Greek stage is visible from my front door and hearing all that music and having tens of thousands of people walking by is just not my thing.

We do attend for a tiny bit of time right at the beginning, to enjoy a leisurely stroll right on Danforth Ave. and to savour some gyros and loukoumades (I love honey balls) and to run into neighbours and enjoy our special part of Toronto.  But then it's time to leave.

And go to this:

Gone fishing

The weather was pretty good this weekend; it only rained once (which is as good as it gets this summer).  I had two good runs on the Trans Canada Trail which runs just beside the cottage and realized that trail running is so much nicer than street running.  I just ran until my iphone app told me I was half way, turned and ran back.  The bugs were a bit oppressive, but the run was smooth and I'm still liking it.  Tomorrow I start week 3.

I got in some good knitting time on my Nantucket Red sweater; the back is now done and I'm onto a sleeve.  And, I brought up Imogen (yep, I named my wheel) and spun up the rest of my Grafton batt.  The sky was so overcast that I couldn't get a good photo, but here it is on the bobbin overlooking the lake.

Grafton batt spun

I decided to let the colours fall where they would and love how the blues and greys mixed together.  It was very nice to spin and I'm anxious to start my July batt.  This time I'll try to maintain the stripes in a 2 ply dk weight.  I haven't unwound this one from the bobbin, but I would call it a heavy worsted, with a bit of thick and thin for fun. 

We arrived home just as the festival was finishing up for a nice soft re-entry into our 'hood.  My kind of weekend.

Flurry of activity

My shoulder and neck are feeling back to normal.  That lovely change, combined with a roadtrip to get the kids from my mom's meant I got down to business with my knitting.

Of course, it also meant starting some new things.

First up, the perfect pattern for my Calmer.  Nantucket Red.  But for me it's Pool Blue.  A nice, easy pattern, knitting up well with sproingy Calmer.


Then, because I couldn't stop myself from buying a ball of Casbah sock yarn from Lettuce Knit, the Milkweed shawl.  The colour is midnight--blacks, blues and purples--super pretty and about my speed when it comes to lacey knitting.


And I've been spinning.  I finally finished the brown singles.  I did some tests with plying and will navaho ply this up tonight (too thin for me as a 2 ply).  This means I can dive into my first Grafton Batt and spin some colour!


I'm really pleased with this yarn I made.  Thin, pretty consistent and it felt really natural to spin.  That's a nice feeling.

But, I didn't finish painting the door.  I guess I can't do it all.