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I stayed up late again last night, but now I have new mittens to hide the dark circles under my eyes.  I even added a few rows to the thumb of the first one--I guess I have long thumbs--and now they fit great.

Here they are from the outside--I love all the patterny-goodness on these mittens


And, by special request (sorry I forget who asked), the inside.  My stranding isn't perfect on the cuffs because I was experimenting with some techniques, but it does give a good look at the inside of a fair isle.


You may notice that the mittens don't appear to be the same size.  Either through blocking differences (my kids destroyed my first blocking form) or gauge changes, the second mitten is a big bigger than the first.  It doesn't show unless they're really close together.  What's that thing about a trotting horse? 

Now for the hat.  I have almost full balls of the pink and brown left and I'm not sure how to knit it up.  I know I don't have enough for much fair isle.  I'm thinking of making a striped Silk Garden Beanie style with some fair isle peeries to break up the rows.  I might throw in one of those Nordic flowers, but I'll have to see how the yarn amounts hold out. 

Must get to bed earlier tonight so I might have time to get some exercise tomorrow.  (Hopefully if I make my intentions public, I'll stick to them.)


I gave away my Must-Have Cardi to my Mom because it was too small for me (and it was the XL!).  Nothing like having your Mom put on your fav sweater and seeing how it's supposed to look.

I also gave her the Lovely Lavold Vest because I've only worn it once.  Fun to knit, but just not for me.

Both my Aunt and my Memere want Charlotte's Web shawls.  I can't say no to my Memere, and well my Aunt's name is Charlotte, so I have some spring projects now.

My new mittens did the job yesterday, though I found out why my office is so cold.  Seems one of the non-academic staff that shares the wing OPENS HER WINDOW to let in fresh air.  She must be molten or something to not notice how freakin' cold it is.  I will talk to her because while it's nice to have a window, one should not flaunt it, especially in winter.

My cozy Tagliatelli sweater is coming along.  I finished the front and back and have been working on the collar before the sleeves.  The first version in stockinet like this did not work so I'm trying a 2X2 rib turtle neck instead.  How they got the collar in the picture not to roll is beyond me--false advertising I say.

Seeing Brainlady's beautiful new sweater and her previous Kureyon retro prep make me want to just jump in and start one for myself.  I bought the Rowanspun DK last year and I need a new cardigan all the sudden. 

I also need a new hat that covers my ears but does not make me look dorky.  Oh, and time to knit it.  I might try a Kittyville hat, but I'm not sure I can pull it off.  At least not in pink to match my yet to be finished Nordic Mittens. 

I want to start exercising since a) I work in a freakin' athletic centre (our printer overlooks the dance studio) and have a free membership and locker and b) since I stopped biking for the winter I'm noticing my pants are getting a bit tight (not the Must-Have Cardi--that was always a bit too small).  If I want to eat Ben and Jerry's I need to balance it somewhere.  And I like how much better I feel when I get some exercise.

The very strong cup of tea I'm drinking has finally kicked in.  I guess this means I have to get to work now.  I'm failing miserably at my resolution (which conveniently coincided with the New Year) to spend more time working, especially on my own research and article writing and academic job hunting.  Tonight I resolve to get to bed at a decent hour, so I can get up early enough to get going.

Little diversions

Now that Butterfly is finished (and thanks for all the kind words) I decided to knit a few little things.  First is a scarf for Craig in Jaegar silk in Midnight that someone kindly gifted me.  It's a neat stitch called twin rib that I like because it looks like regular ribbing but doesn't pull in like regular ribbing.  I only have two skeins of this precious stuff, so I need to be thrifty. 


The scarf used to be my travelling project but now it's too long.  It is a boring knit really--a repetitive pattern with fingering weight yarn--but it's no more yardage or stitches than a pair of socks so I should be done soon.  Craig's neck is cold and he's bugging me for it. 

And, I needed another travelling project so I started some socks.  I wasn't part of the sock swap (but if there's another one sign me up) but all those socks had me in the stash. 


I'm using Fleece Artist sock yarn that Amy gave me as a grad present (I love how knitters give the gift of yarn).  The pattern is the Retro Rib from the latest IK--except mine are toe-up with garter stitch toes and heels.  I love this sock yarn and these socks are definitely for me.

Finally, I finished my first Nordic Mitten.  I love it.  The thumb is a tad short so I'm going to try reblocking because I don't want to rip it back--the yarn splits a lot and it's almost impossible to pick up the stitches again (I know because it took two tries to get the thumb decreases right). 

First_nordic_mitt First_nordic_mitt_back

Fearing "second mitten syndrome" I started the other one but am stuck in corrugated rib wasteland (some people have sleeve island, this is my knitting purgatory).  But once that's done I get to play with the lovely pattern and watch it emerge.  I could get into these small colourwork patterns since the commitment isn't as big as--let's say--colourwork classic...  Which I knit one pattern repeat on this weekend, but which hasn't changed much since my last post about it.  I want to sweat the small stuff first.

Colourwork crazy

So I'm getting ready for bed and I notice a possible catalyst for my recent desire to do colourwork. 


The duvet cover is from Ikea and we bought it a few months ago.  Craig picked it out and I wasn't sure about it at first, but now I see that this is a knitter's duvet.  All those Scandinavian knitting motifs--it almost looks like a Dale of Norway chart.


It's also a nice background to my emerging Nordic mittens.  I noticed my gauge was off so I started using smaller needles (2.25mm) a few rows into the pattern, but we're not going to tell anyone are we?  Here's a picture of the palm and the nifty thumb gusset. 


I love knitting this and watching the pattern evolve.  Though I fear that I won't have enough yarn.  On the advice of my not-so-local-yarn-shop I only bought one ball of each and they're getting eaten up fast (why I though 220 metres of yarn would be enough is beyond me).  Fingers crossed because I really don't have time to trek all the way back out there.

Hands, heart and head

I managed to finish the corrugated ribbing last night and do 7 rows of the pattern.  I'm already dreading the second mitten because that ribbing takes a really long time.  Now though I want to get knitting because the pattern is challenging and interesting*. 


And, I got my hair cut.  Actually, I did it on Thursday and it took me this long to like it.  I liked the easy wash-and-go part, but feel like I went from sophisticated to overly practical, but now I'm over it (well sort-of).  Even though I'm a hair-cut whore, I'm not that picky about it between trips to the stylist. 


So here it is.  Not exactly like those pictures of "the stars" I posted below, but it's close enough and I like it.

*That's the heart part in case you missed it.

Look ma! I can do it with one hand!

I learned a new knitting skill today that I really like--Norwegian Purl.  It was recommended for the Nordic Mittens I started today and allows one to do corrugated ribbing without having to bring the yarn in front.  It took a bit to get the technique down, but now I like it. 

I'm also trying to knit with both strands of yarn in my left hand and well, I'm not liking that so much.  They keep getting tangled.  I tried stranding one colour over my index finger and the other over my middle finger, but that never worked.  I think I'm going to go back to two-handed fair-isle, holding the pink yarn which is Norwegian purled in the left hand and the brown in the right. 


All this experimentation didn't yield much knitting.  10 measly rows--out of 29.  Yikes.