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Pimlico Shrug

I finished, the night before we started a Spring heat wave.  I love it and it's too hot to wear it. 

So here's a shot of it lying flat. 


It ain't much that way eh?  It's a rectangle with sleeves and a whole lotta ribbing.

But once it's on.  Check it out.




It's schlumpy-comfortable and elegant all at the same time.  It was very boring to knit, but totally worth the effort.  I used Art Fibers Sherlock--a wool/silk crepe with subtle colour variations.  It is a perfect sub for Koigu Kersti, but not any less pricey.  In the end, I ran out of yarn 5/6 of the way through the bind off, so I'm thankful I swatched since I could use that for the rest of the bind off and the sewing.  Setting in the sleeves was the only challenge; it just took a few tries to get it right.

Ribbed for her annoyance

Pimlico is still on the needles.  I've been putting in some solid time with it but it's taking forever.  The big rectangle is complete and I'm working on the collar.  348 sts in 2X2 rib for 2.5 inches then 3 inches with 504 inches sts in 3X3 rib.  Not for her pleasure.


I know it will look great when it's done (hopefully on me) however I haven't been this annoyed/bored to tears with a knit for quite awhile.  Here's the photo for inspiration:



Use your imagination

Thanks for all the shoe enabling.  We've even sucked in Rachel H. who will probably smack me when I see her on Wednesday, or kick me with a really nice pair of Keens.

I didn't manage to find the ones I want in Toronto--I suspect they aren't in Canada since they're not on the Canadian website, but I now have a few places to look for other styles.  But I won't be shoeless. I have these red ones coming thanks to my connection on the shoe-underground-railroad Rosemary (did you see her pins in the Spring VK?).  I know I don't have the time to shop in person, so hopefully these will fit.  Or, I'll have a nice pair of shoes for sale on this blog.

This weekend combined some fun--a day of knitting with friends--and work around the house (Craig installed a dryer vent i.e. made a hole in our house--we're getting good at holes--and I provided the necessary support).  It was good I got in some knitting time because work is so busy I'm not sure I'll have time again this week (blogging is a break from work at 9pm--bleh). 

I did make more progress on the Pimlico Shrug--my current must-get-it-done knit.  I have 28 of the 34 inches completed on the body and it's soooooooooo boring.  A big square is worse than sleeves or bodies or endless stockinette in the round.  There is nothing to denote progress, no shaping, no bind off for armhole nothing.  Thanks FSM the sleeves are done.  Though the 300+ stitches I have to pick up and knit 2X2 rib for the collar (and then increase to 500 sts) is making me a bit woozy.

I have no photo since it's just a bigger square than before.  Please use your imagination--it'll be more exciting when I finish and show you the 34" square.

Back to regular And She Knits Too! programming

Holy comments Batman!  What an interesting discussion.  I wanted to do a little content analysis to sum it all up (I'm currently in content analysis mode at work, so it seemed natural) but I just didn't have the time.  I assure you I read and considered every comment and while I didn't respond to all of you, I did pop over and visit a few new blogs and I gained a solid understanding of people's take on blogging and blog commenting. 

As I said before I love the interactivity blogging creates, and your thoughtful comments just went to prove my point.  Thanks!

My personal life has been a bit topsy turvey lately which means that I've been really busy with work.  I'm starting a 4th employment contract this Monday which just adds to the pile of stuff I need to do for pay.  My teaching is winding down by the end of April and the Post-Doc is in the final stages, but I need to take what I can find when I find it so right now blogging, knitting and socializing may be on the low side for a bit.  I did have a small triumph--my first, first-authored academic article was published on Wednesday.  I have some more in the peer-review tubes but this is the first and I'm really happy about it.

Now to knitting.  My parents have been visiting and my extra-super-Mom has been taking very good care of us.  Laundry is done, meals are cooked, house is clean--which leaves lots of time for knitting.

Uncle Ken's second sock is coming along nicely:


I fear I'll run out of yarn.  I even dug out my scale and it says I'll have just enough.  The heels on these socks may not match, but I can live with that in the interest of not having to rip back.  Next time I'm knitting toe-up socks (I usually do, so this is adding to the fear).

Pimlico is also cooking along.  It's a beautiful garment but rather boring.  A 32" rectangle is not exciting.  I'm at 13" so it's getting less fun by the minute.  It would be perfect for this time of year, so I need to get cracking.


Bohus, Collette and Colourwork Classic are marinating.  I haven't got the mental energy to knit these (and with a house full of people it just isn't wise) but I'm thinking fondly of them.

Instead of just getting to knitting business, I started something else using Noro Iro that my super fabulous virtual pal Ann sent me.  I love Iro and decided being wrapped in Sherbie--a nice knit jacket--would be the perfect thing.  This one would be perfect for cool Spring mornings and I might even finish it before the weather is warm.  The back is done:


It needs serious blocking to spread the ribs and get the 23.24" chest measurement.  I'm blocking this part first to see if I'm knitting the correct size.  I made myself do the XS because the small seemed a bit big, but I also don't want a body hugging chunky sweater. 

I'm also planning a few summer knits.  I don't do tanks because it's too hot to wear them in the height of summer and I never really wore the ones I've knit in the past.  But I could use some cardigans.  They're good for cooler mornings and a/c crazy offices and they can add a little something to a tee-shirt to make me look "professional" (as opposed to the schlumpy academic look that I tend to fall into).  Right now I have a few things catching my attention:

Dune from Rowan 33.  I've had the yarn stashed for this since it came out.  I think it's time to continue my plan to knit from the stash.


I'm really liking Rowan 41 too.  Particularly Maris and Spice (I know, not a cardigan, but it's Calmer in bold colours.



Right now the plan (ha!) is to finish something, anything that I have on the go now and then start Dune.  Let's see how much resolve I have.

Some Knitting

I've been enjoying my last week before work starts (tomorrow, sigh) by starting a bunch of new projects.  I finished the Lady Detective Hat but it's a tad too small and I look like I'm wearing a lampshade, so no photos.

I also started a sock.  I haven't knit a sock since the Fall and I missed having one on the needles.


This one uses Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock in Rainbow.  They're for my friend Steve who recently turned 40.  He asked for Bright Socks, so bright socks he gets.

And, for me, I started the Pimlico Shrug from Knit 2 Together.  I'm using Art Fibers Sherlock and I think it will be really pretty.  It took a bit to understand the eyelet pattern, but now I have the hang of it, so it's just a matter of doing 34 inches of a rectangle.


In case you're wondering, I haven't forgot about Lizard Ridge, I just haven't had the time to find the right yarn.  I was going to today, but I got a wee bit busy...I'm saving that for tomorrow's post.