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Steek 101--Steph Style

It has been done.  And it was good.  Wanna know how?

1. This pattern instructs you to mark the centre stitch for the steek.  I wisely marked it a few times while knitting so I would know where it was, then I added a few more to be sure.


2. Using a smaller crochet hook and yarn I chained on each half of vee of this centre stitch.  There's a good explanation of what I did here--much better than I can explain.  I followed the little diagram and it work perfectly.  Then I ended up with a ridge down the middle that looks like this:


3. I made sure the middle of the sweater wasn't distorted--this took a few tries with the crochet--it's not my best needle-work skill and then I tried it on for Mandy and for good measure.  I think I over blocked it because it grew a bit, but another wet blocking when I'm done should cure that.


4. Then I gathered my supplies: scissors--I ended up using the short ones, sweater, a glass and the potent potable of choice--today I chose Bushmills (I couldn't find my Glenlivett). 


Of course, this part is optional, but a shot does loosen up that part of your knitting brain that doesn't like putting scissors to knit stitches. 


And it's yummy.


5. If you look at the space between the two crochet chains there is a ladder of stitches that runs up the middle.  This is what you're cutting, and it's pretty easy to see.


6. Then you cut.  Once you do the first few snips and see that the whole thing doesn't unravel into a mess, the rest is easy. 


7. Voila, now it's a cardi.  The crochet steek is so neat you could just wear it as is (weaving in the ends of course).  I'm going to pick up stitches a couple of stitches in from the crochet steek and do button bands--but I have to wait for my yarn from Amy.  So for now I'll do a Rachael:


A second drink to celebrate is also a fine idea. 

Steek interrupted

This crochet steek thing seems to be harder than I thought.  The first run distorted the middle and it looked bad.  So I ripped and I'm working it again.  And I'm taking pictures so you can see the whole thing in one tutorial--I don't want to lead you astray with what I'm doing now, in case I change it.

But I also had a sad revelation last night.  I won't have enough yarn to finish the button bands.  Crap.  But my pal Amy comes to the rescue and extra yarn is in the mail.  However, I ain't cutting anything until I'm sure I can make this a cardi. 

Saved from the sewing machine

This weekend I finished knitting and blocking my retro-prep sweater.  I was planning on grafting the underarms and then putting it away until after the move.  The main reason was because I packed all my sewing stuff, and I hate my sewing machine--so procrastination ruled. 


But then I saw it laying quietly on the couch, with that come hither look.  Whispering "finish me" while I worked on something else.  I really could use a new cardi this time of year.  So today I investigated crocheted steeks and I'm going to give it a go.  Rachel did it perfectly, and uber-knitter Lisa likes them, and there's good instructions here at Schoolhouse Press.  The best part, I don't have to use my sewing machine.  I'll be sure to take good pictures (I don't plan to cut until tomorrow).  Now to find my scissors.

Purple Two-Armed Blob

The sleeves are attached!  (I'm trying to spice up some boring knitting which means boring blogging).  I'm happy though because this sweater is something I need in my wardrobe and is about all I can handle after the packing. 


We're almost at the point where we start packing stuff we use every day, so things are rolling along.  We're also realized that our new place is going to be pretty empty furniture wise.  It'll be great to have the space and to fill it, but it's going to be a mess until it's done.  I'm trying not to stress too much about it, with varying levels of success.  The purple blob and the iPod are good diversions.

The fun will be with choosing the paint colours and getting the kids settled in their own rooms.  And setting up the den/library/computer/knitting/non-tv room in the attic.  My yarn and related-knit stuff won't have to be banished to the basement for much longer.  The blob and a cup of tea are calling.  Have a great week.

This ain't bad

I'm on a retro-prep tear.  I decided to give the two circs a try and I like it.  I don't have a 4mm needle long enough to do the magic loop and that's okay because it's not my favourite technique.  I still think I like dpns better because of the flopping around circs, but in a pinch this will do.


And no iPod yet--sigh.  I missed the shipment this morning because I went to meet the Super of our new place, who didn't show up.  Grrrr.  But they'll redeliver tomorrow and I'll be listening to my tunes by the evening, while I'm either packing or catching up on my work--sigh.  Off to my pile of newspaper clippings.

Purple blob

I've been knitting!  Well, not much because I've been packing and sorting and culling (the most important of the three).  But when I took a break I worked on my retro-preppy cardigan.  I'll be done the body tonight and can start on the sleeves.  I need to get some 4mm dpns or try two circs (which I've never done) to do the sleeves though.  Here it is in all it's boring goodness (boring is good right now):


I'm using Rowanspun DK in lavendar and this will be machine sewn and then cut up the middle to make a cardigan.  Despite having Colourwork Classic on the needles, the knitting word for me for spring is CARDIGAN.  I need cardigans in my wardrobe and they're more practical than pullovers.  I already want to make this one from Rowan 37 and I will use up my reclaimed Summer Tweed on another one.  That should get me to summer--though I see my knitting time seriously curtailed with this move.  But once we're settled I can have tea on my bedroom balcony and knit and enjoy my new space (keeping my eye on the prize here, eye on the prize).