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Ripples in Time

Look what I finished last night:


I love it.  The fine gauge makes for a beautiful sweater and the green is one of my favourite colours.  It will look quite smart on the baby boy in about a year (I like to knit things big for babies, that way they can wear them for a while).  And, I've alleviated any guilt I had about being the reason the baby hasn't come yet.

The pattern from Fionna Ellis' new book was perfect.  I also liked knitting with the Dale of Norway Baby Ull, though I found it a bit splitty.  My only complaint was the damned photos in the book.  The neck line is shaped like a shallow curve and I couldn't figure out what it was supposed to look like.  The instructions didn't quite make sense to me without the photo, except that the lighting in the picture and the placement of the garment really obscured the shoulder.  I had an "aha" moment and I realized it's a classic baby-garment shoulder; designed so that you can actually get it over a baby's big head.  A very nice touch actually.  I'm filing that away for future designs.


Now I've started another baby sweater for a friend whose son is already 5 months old.  I'm using Stasia's Cardigan--a top down, all in one piece sweater and some stash Grace cotton (from this failed piece).  They're visiting in a week and I'm pretty sure I'll have it done in time.  Our lazy holiday has been pretty damned lazy so I'm getting lots of knitting time in.

Gotta get a move on

While I don't think I have Stephanie's magical powers of inducing labour through the completion of baby sweaters, I also don't want to chance it.  My friend's baby is due August 7th and I still have about 5 inches to do on the wee one's sweater.  I need to get going.  I don't want to be the reason this baby hangs out in the womb, causing his mother to endure this heat in those agonizing last days of pregnancy.  I need to work on this just to maintain the karmic balance (or until she has the baby and I can confirm finishing a sweater played no part in the process).

I have the sleeves blocking so they're ready to go when I have the rest done.


I love how tiny this sweater is.  I've mostly been neglecting it because of the heat (thanks for all those good metaphors) and because the stupid strep is back and I'm not feeling 100% or much like knitting.  This weekend we're up at the cottage and this is the number one priority (well along with beers and swimming).

Night Blogging

I've been a lazy blogger lately.  Not because I don't have much to say (like that would ever happen), but because I don't seem to give myself the time to say it.  So instead of reading or knitting in bed, I figured I would do some blogging (besides Craig is asleep and probably would object to me turning the light on).

For the first time in a month (or longer) I got to the new and improved Lettuce Knit for Knit Night.  First Amy and I had a yummy Big Fat Burrito (which dripped on my white skirt) and talked shop.  She gave me a fancy Namaste needle binder for my birthday which I really like and which means I can get rid of the Black and Decker big black tool box which currently holds my needles.

And I did some real, live, more than one row of knitting.  I finished the back of Angie and am seriously wondering if I will have enough yarn to finish this one.  I have only 3 balls left (at 65m) and the whole front and neck to do.  I think it's going to be really close.  I probably should start looking for another ball in the same dyelot now.

I also did some work on Ripples in time.  This is the last piece and I'm making good progress.  I love this sweater.  Easy but elegant cables, baby sized and fine yarn, with a "ahhhh so cute" factor.


Sorry the picture sucks.  This one actually looks like knitting.  When I used the flash it was a pink blur with a little green blur on top.

And I met a nice woman, Elizabeth tonight who lives near by and who just finished Rock Star.  Seeing it in person has bumped it up on my To Do list.  She used a cotton silk blend which while lovely is not what I want.  I'm still thinking of Silk Maiden (a perfect sub for the too dear Alchemy Synchronicity), but I would prefer to use something in the stash like Art Fibers Sherlock colour 14 I have.  I bet it would look good in the red Amour Calmer I have too (though I wasn't envisioning this sweater in red).  All this talk of yummy yarns should provide some good fibre dreams tonight.

Help me stay awake!

It's one of those days.  I just woke up with my reading on my lap--a little impromtu siesta.  I'm tired and all the work I have right now is the passive kind (reading and editing) and I can't stay awake to get it done.  I was really productive this morning with all kinds of researching and emailing and with scheduling interviews, so the day isn't a complete waste.

I napped too much yesterday afternoon and couldn't fall asleep last night.  If I sleep now it will just make for more of the same tonight and I don't want to be like this again tomorrow afternoon.  Thankfully it's Thursday and I can grab some sleep on the weekend to get caught up.

So since it's nice and I need to stay awake, I'll show you my progress on the baby sweater.  I'm just at the armhole shaping, so I'm making good progress.


The shower was a lot of fun and I managed to hint at the knitted-present-in-progress by enclosing a snip in a baby lamb card.  Though I have to admit I would have a liked a big round of "you knit that?!" amongst the ooooing and awwwing over the lovely baby swag.  It must be why I blog--I like the attention.

Well that woke me up.  Hopefully my little accidental nap will give me enough energy to make to the kids' bedtimes and I'll have enough sense to go to bed.

24? More like Six Feet Under

The baby sweater is not going to be done.  I pretty much gave up on it 3 days ago.  I was in Halifax to do focus groups, spent two fun days with an old grad-school friend (where I talked so much I never knit a stitch) and I had already bought a just-in-case present for tonight's Baby Shower.  So Jack Bauer, I ain't.  No biggie. 

Right now I'm just trying to get it together enough to get to the Shower.  I just got home this morning, I'm tired, I want to see the kids, unpack, relax, and get back into the swing of real life.  So I'll wrap the present, take a nap, then a shower and worry about knitting up this sweater later.  I can't even take a picture of the front-in-progress because I can't find my camera.  So go say Happy Birthday to Stephanie instead of listening to me whine.

Note to self: READ the pattern

I kinda figured something was funny with the front piece of the sweater when I was on the plane.  The stitch count was off and it just didn't look right.  I didn't have a picture of the sweater with me, so I just made it work (in a way which was logical).  Except when I checked today it's not supposed to look like this:


Shit, now I have to rip back a good inch and a half of this thing.  I reread the pattern, carefully.  I got it wrong.  Reading, it's a skill I'm pretty good at.  But apparently, not always.

It's an easy fix, but this knitting to a deadline is probably a bad idea.  I am going to plug ahead though and take the challenge.  I'm going to *pretend* I'm the Jack Bauer of knitting, and I'm going to set up a little count down clock and kick this pattern's ass. 


I've shifted from Knitting for Me to gift knitting mode.  I knew it was coming; it's the end of the school year and a bunch of friends are having babies, but I figured I had lots of time.  Nope.  I've been invited to a baby shower next week and well, I hadn't started the sweater when I received the invitation.  I bought the yarn months ago, but the Knitting for Me part was a higher priority.  So with two business trips between then and and now (I'm just waiting for my flight for trip 1), I'm working hard to have it ready for next Wednesday.  Of course I picked a cabled pattern knit at 8 stitches to the inch.  Here is a sleeve:


It's called Ripples in Time from the new Fiona Ellis book.  I'm using Baby Ull but changed the colour to this fab acid green.  I was inspired by the facings in Stephanie's recent baby sweaters and because I love bright green.  I've got one sleeve done, one almost done and the big pieces to go.  The countdown is on.

And, I'm re-evaluating the knit-for-teacher's gifts.  I don't normally knit for teachers or buy them gifts (I usually have the children make a thank-you card).  I may be abandoning that idea.  In fact, I think I just did.