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Rocket Dress, finished just in time

Thanks for all the advice on the buttons.  I really loved the green and orange daisies, but the pink one just wasn't working for me (I've had them forever, so couldn't find more).  Luckily Lettuce Knit had some snazzy lime ones that were perfect.

Actual Buttons

The dress is now finished and I'm taking it to the wee recipient this morning.  She came into the world a few weeks early, so I'm not sure when she'll be wearing this 6 month old sized dress, but the way she's nursing, it'll be soon enough.

Rocket Dress finished

I might just make a traditional new-born sweater because I know she'll have lots of time to wear it.  I don't usually make the small stuff, but since she was born weighing less than 5lbs, it would be quick and fun to make something like this.

All but the buttons

I finished the Rocket Dress tonight.  Cute eh?

Rocket Dress

I just need to decide on buttons.  I have these super-sweet flower ones in the button stash that I love, but they're a bit tough to use since the buttons have pointy petals.

 Possible buttons

I also wonder if it's a bit too much (though in my opinion baby clothes should be a bit over the top; babies can't tell you they won't wear it).

It's a bit hard to tell from the photos, but the accent yarn is a nice purple colour, so my second choice would be some plain purple buttons.  Thoughts?

In the knitting basket

I told myself that after I finished Baby Cables and Vinterblomster that it was time to get back to my Grey Mist Bohus. I really want this sweater for the winter sweater season, but it's always the last thing I pick up when it's knitting time. 

It doesn't make a lot of sense because the yarn is delicious, I'm about 10 rounds away from splitting off the arms so I have a) less stitches and b) a lot of mindless knitting (which is my preferred kind of knitting for the most part) and yet, it is still crammed in a project bag in my second string knitting bag.

Hopefully I'll pull it out soon.  Maybe even tonight, though that means I'll also need to figure out where I left off which is how I probably get into this situation in the first place.

So what's distracting me?  Right now, two things.  First is a baby present I need to get cracking on because the baby is coming and maybe sooner than I thought due to some unexpected but completely manageable things. 

Rocket Dress in progress

It's the Little Sister's Dress pattern in Lettuce Knit Socks that Rock Lightweight wool.  I love the dress and love the yarn and I'm calling it the Rocket Dress because it reminds me of Rockets; Craig's favourite Halloween candy (which I believe are called Smarties in the US; smarties are something different, it's all explained here).  I am particularly enamoured of this ensemble and purchased some dark purple malabrigo sock yarn to accent the dress and if there's time I plan to make the coordinating baby surprise jacket; mostly because I've never made one before.

The other thing is another pair of mittens.

 Hansel mitten in progress

I'm still rather taken with my Gretel hat and have another ball of the yummy Foxhill Farms Cormo cross and decided to invent some Hansel mittens. 

I'm only showing off the palm until I get the pattern right; I want it to be a surprise.  They're knitting up quite fast and the cable pattern is working so far.  It's been a while since I've done up a pattern and it's working my brain nicely.  Though work is still kicking my ass, so tonight it's some rockets, tea and the rocket dress.