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All Hail Garter Stitch

Once again, I fall in love with a beautiful garter stitch pattern.

Last year it was All the Shades of Truth, a wrap I loved knitting and love wearing (in my icy cold office).

This year it's Eden Prairie.

I enabled assisted my pal Keri with her Eden Prairie yarn selections at the Spring Knitter's Frolic and while I watched hers knit up so beautifully, I realized I have to make one too.

Conveniently, I was visiting the dying team extraordinaire at Indigodragonfly headquarters and put together a fantastic selection of colours.

I started last week and am ready to quit my job and work on this full time.  I love every colourful garter stitch moment of it.


Green: Where's the regenerate switch on this convertable?

Blue: Canoe up to the beer store

Purple: Sargasm (yes, one of the best colourway names ever)

Dark green/black: Is She All Green And Fuzzy And Mossy?


(Night shot, first photo is much more accurate for colour).

You only knit with one colour at a time and it's all garter stitch.  Swoon.



Where did I go?

Yikes!  It's been more than a month since I've posted anything.  I certainly haven't been hiding from social media, but it does steal the blog ideas far too often.  

I like the more reflective writing that comes with blogging, but need to make and take the time to do that writing.  

So here's a fast recap of the last month.

School ended.  Emma graduated grade 8 and is going to high school.  

Ya, I know, she looks rather grown up.  I love this picture.  I took it on the subway platform on our way to the graduation ceremony (that's Craig, not some random stranger).

Emma grad
This is a more grade 8 shot with her best friends:

Grade 8 Graduation

 Then to celebrate, we went crazy and drove NORTH to visit my family in Moonbeam (yes, Moonbeam).  

And yes, they have a space ship

Moonbeam!  Almost there.

My cousins have a beautiful place on Remi Lake and we enjoyed the long days and dark starry nights (the sun didn't set until 10:30!)

Another great day. Sunset at 9:30. Amazing.

Sadly, we could only stay for 2 days so we took a day to drive up (11 hours) and a day to drive back (10 hours)--1750kms round trip for 2 days of fun.  It was totally worth it.  I spent a lot of summer vacations on that lake and hadn't been back for 25 years.  Now I want to go for another, longer visit.

Now we're into the lazy days of summer.  Well the kids are.  They're off doing summer stuff--at their grandparents' houses, at camps, at home.  And Craig and I are at work (sadface).

I'm using the childfree time to catch up on some knitting (when it's not too hot).

I finished a shawl on our roadtrip:


Lunatic Fringe from Knitty.  The yarn is a no-name merino felted single that my pal Keri brought me from New Zealand.  It was dyed up by the amazing Kim in the colourway: Just Say Oregano.  It was an amazing yarn to knit with and a really fun pattern.


I'm also plugging away at my Honeybee cardigan in Tosh Merino Light


And something a bit crazy.  Apostrophe by Rosemary Hill in Indigodragonfly Merino Silk Sock (yum).  I love the design, but the knitting is a bit fiddly.  In the current heat wave it's a good project because it only touches my fingers.


It's been nice to hang out over here in my blog.  I've been absent because life is good.  And I'll try to come back and say more about that this summer.

Christmas Knitting Round Up

December was sort of busy.  I got into a big fun groove of Christmas knitting.  I didn't really plan to make things for everyone but since I wasn't running I had all this TIME, so I just started making stuff.

(And I want to say a big thanks to everyone who commented about my back and my decision to take a break from running.  It's been 6 weeks and I'm still cranky about it.  Having your stories of finding new physical activities and of recovery really helped me).


A hat for Craig


He picked the yarn when we were visiting Kim and Ron of Indigodragonfly this summer.  It's hard to say no when your sweetie chooses a bright yarn and asks for you to knit something.

Simple watch cap.  A lot of ribbing.  Craig asked for it to be longer and it ended up too long.  It's pretty silly, but fine with the hem folded over. Seriously, I don't let him out like that.  

Pattern: Pismo Hat

Yarn: Indigodragonfly Merino Sock in Zen and the Art of Clown Disposal

A hat for Emma


She chose the pattern and the inner liner colour.  I didn't have anything suitable in the stash, so I picked up this stripey yarn.  Emma has a yellow pea coat, so it's a good match.

Pattern: Brimley

Yarn: Biscotte and Cie Gobelin and Tosh Dk

Mittens for Xander

He asked for mittens.  That's a quick and easy project.  I tried Elizabeth Zimmerman's mitred mittens. Very fun.  All from leftovers.


Socks for Mom


By request.  I've made my mother socks before and she's only really liked plain socks in a commercially spun wool/nylon yarn.  So that's what she got.

I used Kate Atherley's pattern from her new book: Beyond Knit and Purl.  I do better with a pattern than when I wing it.  This way I have some numbers written down!

Pattern: Classic Top Down Sock

Yarn: Opal Feelings

A Scarf for my Memere


It's hard to buy a gift for your 86 year old grandmother.  A handknit cashmere scarf really does seem like the most appropriate thing.

She doesn't knit so it's extra special (and she brags about me to her friends!)

Pattern: Miss Otis Regrets (fabulous 1 skein project)

Yarn: Handmaiden Cashmere

Something for Charity


This was a totally last minute crazy idea.  We have a charity auction at the President's holiday party to benefit a mental health initiative on campus.  This year donations were down and when the call came out, I decided to knit up a scarf.  In a weekend.

It's not so hard when you have a yummy 50/50 merino silk single in the stash.  It sold for enough money to make me feel good about the donation (I would have bought it myself if needed) and someone has something pretty.

I confess I'm not keen on the colours, but the knitting was lots of fun.

Pattern: Noro bias lace scarf 

Yarn: Schaeffer Helene

No medal, but I have a snazzy new wrap!

Presenting All the Shades of Indigodragonfly (aka All the Shades of Truth)


This was my Olympic project.  I finished it Tuesday, so it was a bit late, but I didn't knit anything else but this wrap since July 28th--it was that much fun.

See here I am having fun knitting on a break at work:


The yarns are all Indigodragonfly.  Three were Smart Ass Knitters/World Domination Club yarns and the remaining two I ordered to fill in the gaps.  All but one had 20% cashmere meaning this is a soft, snuggly wrap.  It already did the trick in an overly air conditioned showing of Paranorman (which you should totally go see--it's great).


I love colourful garter stitch knitting.  It was great fun.  See my Ravelry page for all the colour details etc.  I did fiddle with the colours a bit because I was a bit short on the yardage for a few colours.  I don't think it matters though--that was part of the fun.


All the Shades of Crazy

I blame it on the kitchen reno and my completely failed attempt at participating in the Tour de Fleece (it was such a failure I didn't even mention it here or on Twitter)...I'm doing an O-y-p-c project (you know, that big event in London).

I decided to knit All the Shades of Truth because it's beautiful and I had almost enough yarn in my stash to knit it.  Well 3 out of 5 colours; all of which are club yarns from the Smartass Knitters/World Domination one skein club from Indigodragonfly.  I ordered two more colours to round things out, picked them up in person (and had a lovely visit at Indigodragonfly headquarters) and got started a day late.

It's been fun knitting.  I love me a good garter stitch project and 4 out of 5 yarns have cashmere in them...all good.

All the shades

Pretty eh?

On Monday I took stock.  I noticed the Olympics are half over (and I haven't watched anything more than what's on the restaurant tvs) and wondered how much more I had to do.

Oh, that's a lot.

Then the crazy set in.  I got out a calculator, opened my Evernote app and this is what I wrote:

Remaining rows:

Section 2: 30 @ 280sts 8400
Section 3: 78 @ 75 sts 5850
Section 4: 28 @ 319 sts 8932
Section 5: 110 @ 89sts 9790
Section 6: 124 @ 89sts 11036
Edging: 48 @ 431sts 10344
Total rows: 394
Total sts: 54352
6 days: 9108 sts per day
Average sts/row = 138
Finish section 2 plus 10 rows section 3
Finish section 3 plus 13 rows section 4
Finish section 4 plus 49 rows section 5
Finish section 5 plus 41 rows section 6
Finish section 6 plus 4 rows edging
Finish 20 rows edging.  Weave in ends

First off, that's a lot of knitting to do for someone who doesn't have a kitchen and has a job and children (well one is away canoeing in Algonquin Park, but still). 


Second, I must be going insane to have calculated a full plan based on an average row based on calculating all the remaining stitches in the project.
What have I become?

All the shades of crazy

Oh, and as of this morning I'm 46 rows behind. Crap.
Maybe this will also be a Paralympics project. 


Colourful Finishing

I've been on a bit of a finishing frenzy the last few weeks. 

Colour Affection is done!

Colour affection

It's a beautiful shawl.  The colours are soft and subtle and the yarn is amazing!  After a nice bath in some Soak, everything softened and bloomed and it's all stretchy garter stitch goodness.


I've only worn it once because we're in the middle of a heat wave but know Colour Affection will be in heavy rotation once the weather cools.

Kimuro Handspun Woven Scarf is done!


I started the spinning Easter weekend and finished the scarf in June.  That's not too shabby. It's really pretty and soft, but I'm still not happy with my edges.   Untitled I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but in some ways I don't care since the bumpy yarn compliments the bumpy edges (and may in fact be contributing to the bumpiness). 


The scarf is a gift for Xander's super awesome teacher.  She's an appreciator of art and craft and I know she'll be pleased with it.

Pioneer is Done!

I haven't blogged much about this top.  I started it last summer, worked on it here and there and finally got around to finishing it last weekend.  I'm a bit meh about it.  The Artfibres Golden Chai silk yarn is AMAZING, but I'm not sure if I like the look of the top on me.  I haven't got any finished shots or modelled shots yet--here's a link to my out of date Ravelry page--(and it's too hot to try today).  I find the deep vee neck is complicated to wear and it grew a bit in length when I washed it. 

If I don't wear it, Emma will (she takes many of my knit cast-offs) and I'm happy to have it complete.

What's next?  Socks.  I started a pair of toe-up socks using my handspun from a few years ago.  They're turning out well and sometimes it's nice to have some unchallenging socks on the needles.  

Handspun sock

Once it's a bit cooler out I'll plot my next big project.


so maybe I started that shawl everyone is knitting...

And maybe, I just about have it finished.  

Colour affection

Yep, a Colour Affliction Affection Shawl.  In Madeline Tosh Merino Light.  I've never used the yarn before and there were buckets of it at the Needle Emporium booth at the Spring Knitter's Frolic and well, I fell down. 

And it's all garter stitch.  I LOVE garter stitch and colour and easy knitting and pretty yarn.  So you can totally see how it might happen that I would be knitting this shawl every chance I had.

It also goes to show that while I'm still a good knitter, I'm a rather poor blogger.  Late April and May was consumed with work and Colour Affection was the perfect diversion after a long day (or even during the evening work sessions where I had downtime waiting for the computer to do it's thing--I was system testing).

I'm at the bind off now and it's taking some time.  I also forgot to count at some point and ended up doing an extra repeat in the 3 colour section.  Not that I mind, the shawl is a bit bigger and it's been a fun knit so it doesn't matter.

Colour affection

The colours are Manor (blue), Thyme (green and impossible to photograph) and Cathedral (reds, pinks, greens and blues and GORGEOUS).  I tried to move out of my usual colour selections, and didn't do very well, but I did choose something more subtle than is normal for me.

Today, I'm taking an actual lunch break and will go visit Lettuce Knit and hopefully bind this shawl off.  I haven't been to my LYS in a long time because of work and ball hockey so it'll be nice to breathe some yarn fumes.  




I am **THIS** close to finishing my Ella coat.  I just need to sew down the buttonhole facing one more time (I don't want to discuss it).  Since I don't have a spiffy new coat to show off today I will show off a gorgeous new shawl instead.

Meet Flavia


The pattern by the awesome GlennaC was the December yummy Indigodragonfly Smartass Knitters/World Domination package this year.  700 metres of lucisious polwarth silk blend, dk weight, super skein of fantasticness.


I started the shawl in late February, knit on it like crazy, then Ella and her ruffles muscled her way into my life.  After I triumphed over the ruffles I went for the easy win and finished the shawl this weekend.

Lovely, squooshy moss stitch, a pointy pretty border.  Perfect for my chilly morning bike ride to work.




Skirting Ella

Nora gave us a big, 3 week assignment for the Ella Reinvented KAL and the deadline is Sunday (not that it's a hard deadline since this is knitting and fun and all that, but I like to stay on top of things). The task is to pick up from the high waist of the Ella bolero and knit down to the length desired.

I can totally do that.  Easy.  Pretty on the pick-up.

My random stripe pattern (for which I have a cheat sheet to keep it random--I know, but I migrate naturally to patterns so I have to plan my randomness), is chugging along and is quite fetching.

Oooooh, what's that?  New yarn for Xander's sweater.  I can work on that for a bit to make him happy.  I have three weeks to knit my Ella skirt.

Flavia?  What a pretty shawl.  I started you at my girls'n'yarn weekend and I'm on the border so I'm practically finished.  I should work on that in the car trip to drop the kids at Grandma's for March break.  Tons of time to work on Ella and she's not that portable anymore (I carry her in a big Lululemon shopping bag).

Aw crap, it's 4 days to deadline time and I have 6 inches of knitting for a knee length Ella. I better get going.

Since I last blogged...

I caught a craptastically craptastic cold (I actually had it in the pictures of my finished Amused--hence the hat and pale face) and spent most of last week sick at home.

That wasn't all bad because a) I re-watched the complete two seasons and Christmas special of Downton Abbey (which I ADORE) and b) I knit a whole big bunch.

For example, I completed weeks 5and  6 of my Ella Reinvented coat, the cuffs and the collar.  I'm loving these ruffles! -even if they take FOREVER to bind off.  (It's a picot bind off, cast on 2, bind off 3, on a ruffle of a gabillion sts).

Ella with collar

And I finished my Grand Central Cowl (sorry about the crappy photos, sickness makes me lazy). 


The yarn is super squooshy Briar Rose Pilgrim. I love the deep jeweled colours.  Natalie's pattern is easy and fun and fast. I want to make another one.


I also got started on something new, Flavia from the Indigodragonfly Smartass Knitters/World Domination Club. The yarn is extra yummy Polwarth Silk. This stuff could become my desert island yarn. The pattern is a whole lot of moss stitch which suits me fine--I wanted some easy couch knitting.

This is my progress as of this morning. I got a whole lot of knitting done this weekend, but that's another post.