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I've been knitting stuff (finishing it too!)

Look!  Finished projects!

Redhook Vest


Yarn: Briar Rose BFL dk.  I had enough minus the cast off row, so after a little rip back, I had enough. Just. 

Pattern: Redhook by Jared Flood.  Perfectly written pattern, fun to knit, great to wear.



Staked Socks



Yarn: Indigodragonfly Merino Sock in And then Buffy Staked Edward. The End (Smart Ass Knitters/World Domination Club Exclusive Colour).  I love the smoky tealy goodness.


Pattern: Staked by Glenna C (Club pattern, available soon).  My first ever complicated patterned socks. It was fun to knit, even with the miss crossed cables and slightly messed up decreases on the foot.  My feet don't notice, so I don't care.  I might venture into more complicated socks again!




I finished this a long time ago, but wanted to show it off because it's my current favourite scarf to wear and it was great fun to knit.


Yarn: Sanguine Gryphon Bugga in Longhorned Beetle (leftover from my Swedish Heartwarmer Shawl) and Baruffa Bollicina Cashmere Silk from super old stash.

Pattern: Clockwork by Stephen West.  Deceptively simple to knit.  I love garter stitch squooshiness.

Thanks Carol!

I love the internet.  I've met so many interesting people from all around the world through it.  I do a lot of my job on it.  I connect with people I know in real life and those whom I'm only acquainted with virtually and I've made some amazing friendships through it.

When I started spinning, one of my internet friends Carol contacted Lisa Souza, another internet acquaintance (whom I met when I sold advertising for Knitty) and gave me the fantastic gift of a certificate for spinning fibre. Yummy Lisa Souza BFL roving to be exact.

Well, one good turn deserves another, so I made Carol a scarf to say Thank You.  I'm going to meet Carol in person for the first time at Rhinbeck, which didn't give me enough time to spin and then weave some of the fibre she gave me, so I took some of my brown corrie handspun and some Fly ing Sheep BFL for the weft, and some Fleece Artist Merino Sock for the warp and made this lovely scarf.


I went for truly random brown stripes because it was randomness on the internet that led me to meet Carol (well that and I didn't have enough for the whole scarf) and I really hope she loves the jeweled blue-green tones. 


I don't know if Carol reads my blog, but to maintain the surprise, I've set this post up to go live after I've left for Rhinebeck.  Thanks for the fibre Carol and for being one of my virtual friends.


Made it!

I set a modest goal of weaving two scarves for Christmas presents, which due to the wrong yarn choice on my part turned into three scarves. 

I've warmed up to the first one (which I will give to my cousin for her birthday on the 26th), and am really pleased with the other two.

Warp and Weft: Spirit Trail Fibers Superwash Merino Worsted with a 7.5 dpi reed and twisted fringe.  This is a better photo than the other day (nice to have some sunlight!).

Growing on me scarf

Warp: Beaverslide Worsted, 90% Merino, 10% Mohair in Chokecherry Heather.  Weft: Malabrigo Worsted in velvet grapes with a 7.5 dpi reed and twisted fringe.  This scarf is soooooooo soft and squooshy.  If the recipient even makes a little noise about not liking it, I'm taking it back!

Hannah's Scarf

Warp: Knitpicks Gloss in Black and Pumpkin, 70% Merino, 30% Silk.  Weft: Knitpicks Gloss in  Cocoa on a 12.5 dpi reed with regular fringe.  This is for my brother who wanted something not too thick to wear under his camel coat.  I think it's suitably masculine and I love how the stripe worked.  This one has inspired me to try some more solid colours and stripe combinations.


And as you can see, we're having a white Christmas. We're in the final scramble here before we head out to the cottage, but we did find time to go sliding and watch the original three Star Wars movies.  I'm on holiday until January 5th (one of the perks of working for a University; they close for 2 weeks) and I plan on doing a whole lot of loafing.

Having cake and all that

So many opinions!  I almost had my mind made up when I posted last, but the new knowledge that I could probably knit both put me over the edge.  Since I like the Earth Stripe Wrap a smidge more and knitting stripes doesn't bother me (it is kidsilk haze afterall), I'm going to start with that one and use my leftovers and my other colours for the MQW at some point.

Now I'm on the hunt for 1 Hurricane, 2 Majestic, 2 Meadow and 2 Drab.  Apparently the Drab is on backorder which is good, because I don't have the pattern yet either!

Yarn-lust and kidsilk machinations without the shopping part is a good way to extend the thrill of the find.  At least that's what I'm going to tell myself.


First I saw the Modern Quilt Wrap and fell in love.  All that lucious kidsilk haze.  Yum. 


Then I found the Earth Stripe Wrap.  More kidsilk haze, earthy tones (my favourites) and Kaffe Fassett's sense of colour with a lovely simple stripe pattern (some of his are beautiful, but a bit wild for me). 


I am torn.  I want to knit both, but that's a whole lot of kidsilk haze.

I compromised and bought colours of kidsilk haze I love to go with my little ksh stash to make a modern quilt wrap.  But now I'm not so sure.  I think I like the earth stole better. 

Here's what I have for the MQW


From the top: Jelly, Marmalade, Blushes, Cocoa, Trance, Elegance, Heavenly, Liquor and Caramel.  I also have Jacob, Trance and Candy Girl stashed.

So, I could buy a couple more balls of KSH in Hurricane, Majestic, Drab and Meadow and make that wrap (here's the yarn list) or I could go with my modified MQW. 

Care to vote?  I'm not going to start right away because I'm still entranced with Roam, but I also like to stash projects more than yarns and I'm mired in indecision.  Pick one. Don't say knit both, because I'm still considering that!

Full Metal Alchemist

Amidst all my Knitty frenzy, I managed to finish something for Fall.


I used Alchemy yarns Silken Straw in Full Metal Alchemist and this great pattern by Wannietta Prescod.  It was a fun knit (good for film festival lines) and I loved the yarn.  Here's a close-up of the stitch pattern:


It really needed a block to make it sing--all handknits need a little wash in Soak as far as I'm concerned--I love this stuff, it smells so good and is nice on the hands.  Now I have a jaunty little scarf that smells great.   

Does this...


...mean I've finished something?

No.  It means I'm getting a tad worried about finishing something.  I want to be finished my Art Fibers Wrap (from the Holiday 2003 VK--cover piece) by Saturday night to wear it to Craig's (boring) holiday party.  I don't want to buy something new for this (boring) party, so this will give me a bit of holiday glitz with my black pants and black sleeveless velvet top. 

Thing is, I have a ton of work to do this week, and Alexander's birthday party (that same Saturday) to finalize plans for.  So while I'm pretty close to finishing:


I still have about 13" to knit before it's the right length.  I figured I should do the boring work of weaving in the ends now, so that I can always bind off in a rush to wear it for the party and finish it later. 

I really did have time to finish it this weekend since I finished my marking yesterday, but I got tempted by the Bless sleeve,


And going in circles, a la Lauren's lovely design.


And I even baked chocolate chip cookies, banana bread and muffins.  I don't know what's come over me.  Life is either getting back to normal (since this is the most knitting I've shown off this fall) or I'm completely neglecting my work, or I'm neglecting my work in service of not neglecting my mental health.  I vote for the last one.

Art Fibers goodness

First off, no Eris is not done.  I'll take it with me to the cottage tonight and give it the old college try, but I hate sewing zippers and with the weather being so lovely (ie not sweater weather) I'm just not that motivated.  Also, I have learned from painful experience not to do hard stuff like zippers at night--crooked zippers are not good.  So it just has to wait.

Instead I will distract you with something pretty.  I got out all my Art Fibers yumminess and started a wrap.  I wanted something interesting to knit and visually appealing and found it in the Colinette wrap from the Holiday 2003 VK (it's the one on the colour).  It has been a bit of a bitch to knit (these yarns are slippery and loose on 9mm needles) but the effect is stunning.  It's just a seafoam stitch with random yarn changes, but the wavy effect is nifty.


It'll look great with my new black pants and a sexy little top.  Or over the sweater I plan on making with my just arrived Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan.  This is lovely squooshy stuff.  I will use it to make this sweater from the Fall 2005 VK.


I bought the mid-blue (colour 11) and it's a bluey-grey almost denim colour.  Did I mention it's squooshy and soft?

I might blog again this weekend, but I can't say for sure.  Happy Labour Day!

Scarves and Modular Knitting

I have a lot of work to do.  Papers to write, a syllabus to construct, data to code, articles to read and a big house to clean.  So instead I've been searching for new stuff to knit (makes sense right?).

Modular knitting is currently piquing my interest.  You would think after the entrelac debacle/fiasco/endurance test I would be done with it, but there's something about twisting handpainted yarns in multiple directions that catches my knitting fancy.

It started with this skirt in Vogue Knitting


I don't want a knit skirt, but I like the idea of the hexagons and the wide vertical stripes.  It would make a great scarf or wrap, and it's in koigu, so what's not to like.

Then I found this ArtYarns pattern through Hope and took an instant liking to it. 

Finding that pattern led me to the Modular Knits book.  When I'm up for another bout of procrastinating, I think I'll pop over to Lettuce Knit and see if they have the book, looks like there's all kinds of nifty projects in there.