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Shawl that Jazz

I have been so busy that I forgot to blog about my finished shawl.


It was off the needles about two weeks ago and I've worn it a bunch of times. This is a bad thing because it's a non-lace garter stitch shawl and it's June.


That doesn't mean it's not a great shawl--because it is. 

I went with the extra ruffly-ness and it's just ruffly enough.  This is coming from a woman who looks like a dork in anything ruffly.


The yarn is Briar Rose's Grandma's blessing and it knit up beautifully.  I do wish I had gone up a needles size to 5mm so the shawl was a bit bigger, but since I tend to just wrap them around my neck like a big scarf, I don't mind that much.


A great, easy, pretty project on fabulous yarn.

(And holy crap my yard's a mess)

The right project at the right time


That's the sound of my last week going by.  I worked late almost every night, had lots of after hours commitments and was thankful I had a long holiday weekend to make it all feel like a distant memory.

I celebrated by starting a new project.  I loved Steph's Shawl That Jazz and dove into the stash to find something suitable (I wish to note publicly that I did not cave and buy the super pretty Puck's Mischief Twisted yarn; I am currently knitting from stash so I can buy fibre to spin).  Out came 1200 lovely yards of Briar Rose Grandma's Blessing.  It was a bitch to wind (because I'm so stubborn I wouldn't cut the yarn and make two skeins), but it's beautiful to knit and is emerging into a pretty shawl.


I bet many of you are cringing at the idea of knitting a garter stitch shawl.  I love it.  Endless rows of mindless knitting.  I can do it in the car on the way to the cottage.  I can knit and talk with family and friends.  I can knit while almost napping (I tell you it was perfectly a lazy weekend) and today, I can bring it to the first of many many soccer practices. 

This photo was taken on Saturday morning.  I'm a good 10 inches in now, maybe more.  The construction (all short rows) now render it an unphotographable mass.  A pretty mass all the same.  Tonight it's me, Battlestar Galactica Season 2 and this shawl.  Hopefully all this mindless diversion doesn't make my brain leak out my ears.