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Sunday Round-up

Wow!  Thanks for all the great comments on Mermaid.  I did get to go out and wear the sweater on Friday, but not for long.  The weather has been wonderfully, unseasonably warm so I had to take it off at the bar, and haven't had a chance to wear it again since.  Tuesday is back to normal (sigh), so I'll be wearing it then.

It's been a busy weekend, but I did get to do some knitting, and I knit a LOT during the week (that is the reward for staying home with sick children).

First, another sick kid means another Spherey:


I hadn't realized how crooked its smile was until this picture.  The pattern is from a book called Unusual Toys to Knit and Enjoy by Jess Hutchison, but I understand that it is also now hard to get.  There is a free pattern for one toy on Knitty that I'm going to make sometime soon. 

I also started my red hot sock.  I'm not officially in the knit-along, but I liked the idea of knitting a red sock and had the perfect Koigu in the stash.  These are my first Koigu socks, and they re-ignite my koigu lust--my desert island yarn.


And the Shona sleeve is coming along, even if it is hard to photograph:


I also finished the back of another sweater, but I'm too lazy to find it for pictures, so I'll save it for another post.  My knitting time is going to lessen now that I'm finally back to work, so I might as well stretch things out.


Today, I almost feel better.  I really felt good this morning, I wanted to get things done, go out and be healthy, but after sorting the laundry and showering, I was done.  The flu is as nasty as all those public health people say it is; I'm still tired after two weeks.  The bronchitis is much improved, but still lingers too, and now poor Alexander is sick as well.  Next year, flu shots (I need to keep reminding myself).

I have been well enough to do some knitting though.  Sadly, poor Mermaid got cast aside for an important project and then my desire to start something new, but I'm back knitting that last sleeve today, I want to wear it to the Toronto Knit-Night on Friday.

First the important project, a koigu afghan square for a friend who is going through a super-rough patch:


This is my first mitred square and it was fun.  I didn't get the size exactly right, so I added a border, and I like the overall look.  I always like knitting with Koigu.  But I do not like photographing Koigu.

Then the meandering away from Mermaid:


This is Shona.  It's a shawl collared cardigan with lots of texture.  I'm using Zara wool for this and I'm in love.  It's soft and squooshy and the cables just pop.  (Don't ask me about the pattern because I don't know much about how to get it--a friend sent it from Australia and I don't think it's widely available.) 

Now for some tea and Mermaid, and maybe a nap.