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Challenge and Reward

I had a challenging week. The good kind of challenging where I got to stretch myself, try new things, learn stuff and remember that I really like my job. But it was also a sixty hour week where I was ON for three days and I was exhausted at the end.

I dragged myself to The Knitter's Frolic and I'm glad I did. Being around knitters and the yarn was restorative. I got to see my knitting peeps and get inspired with new yarn and projects.

I'm sorry if I didn't chat very much when I saw you. I was seriously done with being social. I actually used up all my extroverted self (and if you know me, you'll find that staggering). We should get together and knit some time and I'll make it up to you.

My favourite purchase was a Tornadoz gradient box from Indigodragonfly.

The colours glow. I started an easy cowl and am in the second colour already. I needed a new project to celebrate Spring and getting through my challenge. (It doesn't glow in the dark though--trust me it's beautiful.)



I treated myself to a new project bag.

Meet Ethel.  
















She's a robot with a sparkly gold dress and killer glasses.  Just large enough to hold a sock-in-progress.  When I see her hanging out in my purse she makes me smile.Esther Robot Pouch

Made by Robot A Day, Ethel is a one of a kind sassy pouch.  There are so many other great robots--animals, zombies, smart-asses--they're silly fun.

See all the robots here on Etsy.  I can't go look or I'll get another one.

Beautiful Fall designs on a (finally) hot July day

Meagan, my very lovely LYS owner just got a huge load of Berroco stuff for fall.  While she always has a great sense of what's pretty and knittable, this time, she totally hit it--the new stuff is gorgeous.
There are two aran weight yarns: a wool, mohair, angora tweed called Blackstone tweed and a 50/50 wool tencel called Lustra that I'm already coveting.  There's also a bulky wool peruvia that is totally soft and squooshy.  And the patterns are great.  Norah Gaughan is the best thing to happen to Berroco ever.
I tried this on last night and it made me look curvey (which never happens).  It was a warm chocolate brown (my favourite colour).


I'm loving this (Blackstone Tweed)


And this  (uses worsted weight merino)


Oh and this (that exact colour in Lustra)


and this (Peruvia Quick)


That being said, I'm not ready for it to be Fall.  Especially since it feels more like October than July so far this month.

My Wednesday (on a Friday)

The basement/bathroom reno continues.  I'm saving that for another post because there are lots of pictures.  And some of it has been rough, so I need some time to step back (really it's all going smooth, just slow and it causes the rest of life to go on hold).

Wednesday; that was a good day.


I got a package.


Yep.  I bought a wheel.


Many of my lovely, long-enabling friends are taking quite a bit of delight in my rapid decline into the pillowy woolen depths of spinning.  I have been avoiding it for about 5 years.  Partly because life was busy, and I was content with developing my knitting, but also because I knew I would like it.


And I'm okay with that.  I'm in a spinny, yarn-making happy place and this is good.


About the wheel.  After trying several wheels (Ladybug, Sonata, Traveler, Joy, Victoria, Lendrum (ST & DT) I decided on the Majacraft Little Gem.  It just felt right when I sat at it.  I made pretty yarn with it.  I liked how it looked (something I think is important--this is one of my tools and it's not something that will spend a lot of time in a cabinet, so I need to like it).  I liked that it had slider on the flyer instead of hooks and really big bobbins.  I like the portability (it was one of my main criteria).  I like that all Majacraft accessories fit on all wheels in case when I decide I want another wheel.


Majacraft also has a good reputation.  I had heard there were some issues with the rimu wood splitting due to the temperature extremes in the Canadian climate.  I wrote an email to the Poad's (the family that makes the wheels) and received a prompt reply detailing good wheel maintenance and also informing me that they now use bamboo on the drive wheel. 

Lisa Souza was also great.  She brokered the deal and all the details and my wheel was with me in just over two weeks from New Zealand.  I also bought some very pretty fibre from her--I can't wait until it gets here.



(And a really messy house).

The only sad part of the story is that I've spun on it for less than an hour.  Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to do more. 

I'll make time--even if I lose sleep to do it.

Attention Frolickers!! Road Closure Notice

On my bike into work I saw a sign that the Don Valley Parkway will be closed starting tomorrow morning at 2am until Sunday night.   Confirmation of the closure here.  It's closed from the Gardiner all the way to the 401.

If you're driving to the Frolic, you're going to need another route.  The link to the Frolic site has a Word document with alternative directions.

At least this gives us a bit more notice than the wildcat TTC strike.

The Deal

My plan for 2009 is to "slow stash" as Clara Parkes puts it, but that doesn't mean I don't want other fibrey related things.  I decided it was good to make a list to refer back to, so I can think about what things I might like instead of yarn, or to facilitate the use of those yummy yarns I already have.


Alice Starmore's Fair Isle Knitting (I confess I don't knit a lot of FI, but I love this book for all the technical advice it provides). 

The Ashford Book of Rigid Heddle Weaving (Revised Edition).  Not sure why I can't find it in Canada yet, but want to buy locally.

Creative Weaving - Beautiful Fabrics with a Simple Loom.  I'm told this is a good beginner book.


Boat Shuttles.  To try them out.  I think they would be faster than stick shuttles, but don't know.

Loom stand.  Then I can weave sitting on the couch or at least in front of the tv.  That I don't really have a place for a loom on a stand (it currently resides under the couch when not in use) is an issue (one that I am sorta ignoring).

A second heddle kit.  To push my weaving into different territory.  But need to read more about this first.

Fringe twister.  I can do it by hand, but this looks easier.

Just 'cause:

Iphone.  I've wanted one since they came to Canada and missed out on the opportunity to upgrade my phone for the same cost as a new customer so I've been waiting for my upgrade price to come down.  I noticed it has.  A lot.  (Note: Canadian cell phone contracts are rather byzantine due to the small market--it ain't easy to make changes.)  Soon my pretty.  Soon you will be mine.  Then I can have my patterns in my phone and ravelry.  So it counts for this post.

Note to self: Shop first, blog after

Did you all go out a buy Basil bike bags or what?  Busy mom that I am, I didn't have the chance to go to Curbside Cycle until lunch today, and my first and second choice bags were gone.  Sniff.

I was told they only ordered the Twig and Jugendstill this time around, and the other Blossoms won't be in until September (if they order them) I don't mind this one,

Green pannier

but seeing the Teal (totally my first choice) and Orange messenger style versions made me want the brighter colours.  They're all very nice bags. 

Blue pannierBorange

More googling will have to happen I suppose.  I wish I read Dutch--they have them everywhere, but I'm not completely sure how to order. 

Or I can learn patience and wait until September.  If anyone has a line on where to get this bag, please let me know in the comments.

Good thing I wasn't riding Claudia

I haven't had any opportunties to ride my bike for the last 2 weeks.  The kids are coming in to work with me so they can attend daycamp, so we've been taking the TTC.

Claudia, my bike, is parked in the living room (like she was last year...weird), whilst the shed is being built (hopefully finished by this weekend) and is starting to get cranky about not being out on the road where she should be.

Then today, as I step off the street car, I see something that looks a lot like this biking by me (this woman's pannier's were red though).

If I had been riding Claudia, she would have slapped me.  So pretty.

A bit of google-fu later and I have located a local shop, Curbside Cycle, that sells the bikes (bad Steph, you don't need another bike, yours is a gorgeous, fun to ride, original), and the panniers.  The bag company is called Basil and of course, it's Dutch. 

There's nothing covered in Daisies, but I'm sure I can find something that will work to tart up my bike a bit.  I consider it a little back-to-bike gift for next week.

Here's some on a townie--so cute!

Townie with bag

These are my current favourites...tough to decide (I like these too, but don't think they go so good with orange).


From Oh so bad To So much better

It's 8ish am and I'm justing popping downstairs to throw in some laundry before taking the kids to school.  I'm working at home today and think of how comfy I am in my favourite ratty pants and Police concert shirt.  Then I notice water on the basement floor and realize that my grand plan to soak Emma's dirty sweatshirt sleeves (but not the whole shirt) turned the rest of the sweatshirt into a giant wick that sucked all the water out of the basin and onto the floor.

As I roll the dehumidifier into the laundry room it hits a bump in the concrete and I watch the almost full reservoir of water tip out of the machine and all over the floor. 

Today is not going so well.

Many towels later I am out the door with the kids on a nice ride to school.  I get home and water the front garden (under development; pictures later).  I plant our new holly tree.  When I go to water it, the nifty new spray gun untwists just enough that I get completely sprayed.

I need coffee.  Stat. 

At least my work is moving along.  It was really boring, unchallenging stuff that last few weeks, but now some new data on faculty job satisfaction has come in (I know, very geeky) and I get to play.  Except the interface for one set is a bit clunky over the VPN.  But this means I can blog while it churns.

Cautiously optimistic that things will improve.

Canada Post truck stops in front of my house.  Ding!

My new Danskos, sent through my shoe fairy Rosemary arrive.  Brown latigo Marcelles; sadly discontinued.  I love them.  I don't wear shoes much in the summer (only sandals), but come Fall these will be great (especially with my Vino coat--more on the that in another post). 

New Danskos

Shoes are always good for elevating my mood.

And Rosemary sent presents.


Two skeins of laceweight from Handpainted yarns.  The colours are gorgeous!  Thanks Rosemary!  

The day is looking up.  I'll just stay away from water.