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summer_in_banff_all_doneMy house is messy. Very messy. Between all of us being sick and the thesis we've let this place go. So, that's my job over the next week, getting this place back to some sense of normal (which really isn't all that clean...) I did start to tackle the laundry yesterday, but I'm still post-thesis tired.

I did manage to get a zipper to finally finish my Summer in Banff sweater. I even took the time last night to put it in. This is the best zipper I've done, and I only had to do it once! I'm happy with the end result--I now have a super-soft cozy summer sweater (though I can't account for my Sears-catalogue smile). It'll be for those nights where the temperature gets low and I want to be seen in the dark (it sure is bright).

I also started the finishing work on Grace which is going well. I should have that one done by the end of the week, if I don't get swept up in cleaning and organization. Right now I don't want to do anything, and while this is to be expected, it just can't happen. Off to fold laundry. Ah, the glamour of it all.

I've been busy

I had a great weekend. First off, I finished my Summer In Banff sweater. Thanks for all the kind offers of extra lime yarn. I found some locally, from my pal Amy (did you see her amazing lime poncho) who had a bit left of the same dyelot, that turned out to be just enough. Here it is on the floor and on me.

summer_in_banff_done summer_almost_done

I need to give it a wash and machine dry to shrink it up a bit (I even planned for the shrinkage). I also need a zipper, but that will have to wait until next weekend. Besides, we're finally getting some warm weather so I doubt I'll be wearing it.

On Sunday I joined Amy, Kate and Jenna for our Mother's Day Yarn Crawl. We met at Lettuce Knit, a lovely newish yarn shop in Kensington Market that I hadn't found the chance to visit. We had a good time there picking out this Koigu for another Charlotte's Web.


Actually, I'm going to make some modifications and make a Charlotte's Poncho--a short lacy one that I keep seeing on the streets. I decided to use only three colours instead of the usual five, though I might integrate the partial skein of orangey yarn that I couldn't resist. I'm still working out some of the pattern shaping, but I want to start it soon.

Hungry from that shopping, we went for Dim Sum--a first for me. It was good food and great fun. Then off to Romni yarns to shop some more. I picked up this yarn to make Devan (one of my three baby boy sweaters).


We then browsed the huge shop and decided to end the day with cheesecake and coffee at a local bakery. This was a great day to spend Mother's Day. (I also had an early breakfast in bed with Craig and the kids). I can see this becoming an annual event.

Ahead of schedule

I managed to get in some good knitting time before the kids went to bed (they played nicely on their own) and finished the final pieces of Summer in Banff. So while watching the ho hum end of Friends I seamed it up (well I have just a bit left on one arm--I was tired).

I like it, though I look like I have Incredible Hulk arms. I think I should have made the sleeves wider because the bulky yarn hugs my massive biceps, making them look bigger--seriously, I have muscles and everything. The sleeves are too long but I'm assuming they'll shrink a bunch in the dryer. I don't feel like reknitting them so I'll wear it and see. This is hardly prom wear--I want a cozy jacket for snuggling up in.

All that's left then is the collar. This is all I have left of the lime and that's the colour I want to use. So what do I do? I was planning a foldover collar like Rosedale, but I don't think I have enough. So I might do a baseball jacket type collar (like those satin jackets that were all the rage in the early 80's--to wear roller skating!). Any other suggestions? Anyone want to donate/trade their lime araucania leftovers?

I'm embarrassed to ask after Wendy's post today. She's totally justified in telling off her selfish readers (check out her cool new button). I just don't want to come off like as greedy/needy is all. I'll be checking the cotton on my Mother's Day yarn crawl--I can't wait.


Just because I'm knitting up Summer in Banff at a rapid pace, doesn't mean I should be. I've made a few mistakes, and now I have to rip back. On the left front I only bound off one stitch instead of two. I didn't notice until I was measuring the right front against it. So back it went to the beginning of the armhole shaping. I also neglected to read my own pattern for the right front and had to rip back 10 rows. Twice.

I'm not too frustrated because at 3.5 sts to the inch it's fast to re-knit. If I get enough time in tonight, I can have it knit up, leaving Friday and Saturday for seaming and the neck. I'll be done just in time. We haven't had two nice days in a row here and I could use a spring sweater. I haven't worn the Faux Mandarin cardi yet, mostly because it's sorta fancy and I haven't found the occasion.

And, I can think about what to start next. It will likely be a baby sweater. I would like to do a tank, but it doesn't seem summery enough yet.


summer_banff_front_edited_2Thanks to everyone for their great comments on yesterday's post. You gave me lots to think about. I also appreciate your interest in my current "life's work"--it's nice to know that people out there are interested in the work I do. As the thesis is winding up (I'm writing the conclusion this week) I'll try to add a few tidbits every so often...mostly because I might not be knitting so much over the next few weeks, and I like to post.

I had a good day writing yesterday so I got to spend the evening (not) watching the Leafs lose and knitting up a storm. I started and completed the front left of my Summer in Banff last night (while, I confess watching American Idol--I love standards and wanted to see what they did to them). I even got creative and changed the neck line to make it shorter to facilitate the collar I'm considering (pretty much like the stars sweater of a few posts ago).

I'm quite happy with it, and my emerging ability to adapt knitting patterns (even my own adaptations of other knitting patterns) to suit my desires. I'm thinking about gauge and graph paper and resizing and it's fun. And, because this is chunky yarn, I might have a funky new jacket by the weekend. I would like to be finished by Sunday because I'm planning a Mother's Day yarn shop crawl, and could pick up a zipper on the trip.

The Limey

summer_banff_sleeve_2No, not the great Terrance Stamp movie, but my fab Araucania Nature Cotton sleeves for Summer In Banff. Speaking of movies, I knit the first sleeve up while watching some great 70's paranoia-themed flicks (Three Days of The Condor and Marathon Man) on Saturday Night at the Movies.

This chunky cotton is a quick knit and super soft. I'm sorry I didn't buy more from Elann, and now they're all out. And I wished I had bought more of the lime for this project.

I made some modifications to my original pattern idea based on seeing this All Season's Cotton jacket. star_jacket I want the collar in lime (I was originally thinking of making it turquoise) and I might have even included those stars. I'll have to troll the local yarn shops to see if I can find the same dye lot. I already got lucky twice this year finding more yarn in the same dye lot so I might be pushing my luck. The pattern did provide a good solution for the zipper facings--the first two stitches are in moss stitch--so there's no picking up later. Whatever happens it's going to be a comfy cozy jacket.


Yep. That's how I feel. Bleh. My cold didn't get better. In fact, it turned into a lovely case of baterial conjuntivitis--pink eye. I'm off to the Doctor this afternoon to get something to make it better. It's going around the kids' daycare and I have all the gooey symptoms, with a lovely eye-pain for extra fun. If it's not pink eye, I'll eat this: summer_banff_back

It's the back of Summer in Banff. I love it. The Araucania has lovely little colour variations and is sooooo soft. I wish it were done now so I could snuggle up in it and sleep. It was also a quick knit. I think I will do a sleeve next so I can see how the lime knits up.

I also got one sleeve done on my Faux Mandarin Cardi. It's drying now and I'll sew it in tomorrow and see if I will continue with the sweater. I found some great pants to go with it (yesterday was an unusually good shopping day), so I'm more motivated to make this sweater work.

Now I'm off to put a warm compress on my eyes and sleep. I have so much work to catch up on, but I've decided that sitting at the computer pretending to be productive is getting me nowhere. I'll rest and get better and then work myself sick again getting caught up...sigh.

Love the Yarn, Hate the Skein

I spent the evening watching the Leafs lose and winding my skeins of Araucania Nature Cotton with my handy dandy swift and winder. It was awful. These skeins were all tangled and messy. I had to wind most by hand because I had to weave the ball through tangled masses of yarn. I love the feel of this stuff, but I was almost driven over the edge by the tangles. I usually will have one skein in the batch that's messy, but all these looked like this:


Notice all those loosey-goosey bits? I did get all ten skeins wound before bed. I also swatched, washed, ran it through the dryer, and got a few rows of ribbing done. It will be a nice, soft, squooshy sweater.

I joined the Araucania Nature Cotton Knit-Along too. Check it out (the button's on the left).

Cold Remedy

I have a cold. Not a bad one. Just the kind where you feel icky, but aren't sick enough to take on the "sick role" as the sociologists call it. You know, the ability to remove oneself from the responsibilities of everyday life and instead take on the responsibilities of being sick--laying on the couch, sleeping all day, whining. I just get to drag my ass around and not say much instead. (Except here--I can say what I like in this space.)

The problem is, I have the kind of job where I read all day...boring academic papers lately. The kind that make a girl sleepy even if she's healthy and perky. This is not good. But I'll give it a try because the work's been lagging a bit this week.

The carrot that keeps me going? A new project of course. I should keep working on the Faux Mandarin Cardi, but shoulds are for work. Knitting is play, so I can start something new. I took my lovely Araucania Nature cotton out of the stash and will swatch today (after I read an article or two).

The plan is to make a zip jacket based on Jenna's fab Banff sweater pattern (which is my favourite lazy-day winter sweater). I rewrote the pattern to make it with a smaller ease (44"), and a bit less ribbing. The sleeves will be narrower, but the main detail--that lovely raglan shaping will stay the same. The body will be turquoise (05) and the sleeves lime (13)...a bit bright, but I think it's fun. I'm calling it Summer in Banff. Now if I could only be this inspired about revising my section on biomedical definitions of health...