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Whisper Cardi

It's done!


I finished on Thursday and didn't like it at all.  But I figured that was the sickness talking--it's hard to think you look good in something when you feel so awful!


By Saturday, I was quite happy with it.  I was hoping it would be slick enough for work wear, but it's probably not.  It's great for casual wearing though.  And the Malabrigo sock yarn is super nice.  I just dipped into a third ball for the size large and have plenty left for socks or weaving.


It was a great pattern--no errors, interesting construction and a good fit.

Now...what's up next?  I need to mull this over for a bit. 

A post with some knitting in it.

I'm home sick.  Bleh.  Yesterday I got lots of rest and today I'm contemplating whether to go to work for a 1pm meeting or to stay home and skip it.  It's an important and good meeting to attend and I'm really feeling pretty good (I'm rested and I just have a stuffy nose) but the lure of being home is strong.

That's because I can get a few things done.  I just finished washing my recent handspun yarns.  Some of them are looking pretty good.  I have a whole lot of brown stuff that I'll photograph once it's all dry.  It was a ball of practice fleece that Kim gave me--a big ball--and it's all spun up now.  Some mixed with other practice stuff, some two ply, some navaho plied.  All pretty chunky.  I think I'll knit up a mat or something with it, because I can't think of what else to do with it; it's rather coarse.

I will show off my latest colourful attempts.  First is some BFL from Lettuce Knit that I navaho plied.  I'm pretty pleased with it. 


Second is 4oz of Shetland in a pretty purple/blue colour from Hopeful Shetlands.  This is was spun on the Little Gem and it was pretty effortless.  It is also the most consistent stuff I've spun and I'm happy with how it turned out.  I guess that's a combination of practice and a nice machine to practice on. 


I haven't bought my wheel yet, but I can tell you there's no duty on spinning wheels coming to Canada.  The nice people at Border Services found wheels under Section 84 Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof (PDF, 649 KB), so you can see how I might have missed it.  I also know there are more local-ish dealers too, so I'm still weighing my options in terms of price vs service vs location.  I know they are not mutually exclusive, but since this is a major purchase all things need to be considered.

I've also been knitting!  My Whisper Cardi is in the home stretch--I have about 3 inches left on the body and I'm done.  It's one of those blobs-to-photograph-but-nice-to-wear pieces so just take the photo for what it is--a nice brown blob of Malabrigo sock yarn softness.


Time for a little nap before I decide how I'll be spending my afternoon.

When Spring Weather Arrives I *Might* Be Ready

The Whisper Cardigan is progressing nicely.  I was watching the first episode of BSG (which I liked very much) and realized that the back of the cardigan looked long enough. I counted the rows on either side of the center "seam" and I had only one row to go!  (Also nice is that I didn't do one row too many).  Now I'm on the other sleeve so I'll have the first piece done pretty soon.


So far, this has been a mostly trouble free knit.  I changed the arm hole by casting on for the medium size but made the large for the rest.  You start by making a shrug, so it's a long tube that's open across the back.  I like the centre "seam" detail in the back; pretty, but also gives the sweater some stability, a nice touch.


It feels good to have a Spring sweater in the works before Spring weather arrives in full swing.  Judging from this week's forecast, I have lots of time to knit this sweater.  I biked twice this week, but doubt I'll get even one ride in for the coming week--I don't bike when it's less than 5C and certainly won't when they're calling for wet snow.  Bleh.

Weather for Toronto, ON, Canada
Current: Cloudy
Wind: NW at 45 km/h
Humidity: 66%
Chance of Snow
1°C | -1°C
Chance of Snow
4°C | 1°C
Chance of Snow
3°C | 0°C
Chance of Snow
1°C | -1°C

A funny thing happened in Cozumel airport...

As planned, I brought my Whisper Cardigan knitting to Cozumel.  I knit some of it on the plane, and while it was in my beach bag all week, I didn't knit a stitch.  I'm not particularly surprised by this fact, but I did think I would have a minute or two to knit while the kids were asleep or something.  Turns out they went to bed the same time as us, and that's fine too.

I did plan to knit on the plane on the way home.  But that didn't happen.

I had my knitting on my metal Knitpicks interchangeables, in my Tom Bihn pouch when I went through security, just like I did in Toronto airport.  I was also carrying two 1litre open bottles of water, which I was told was no problem.  I thought that was funny since liquids are a big no-n0 in Canada and the US (and most other airports), but I got to keep my water so I didn't complain.

When I was told then needed to look in my bag, that didn't phase me because the knitting is always inspected when I fly.  I take out the pouch and show the friendly security woman the work.  She tells me in broken English that I can't take the needles on the plane.  I tell her I knit on the way down and that I checked and my airline allows knitting needles.  She tells me the rules are different in Mexico.

So I unscrew the points and show them to her.  I tell her they're like pencils and I won't knit, but I'll just put them with my pens in my purse.  She tells me the rules are different in Mexico and I realize my points are't coming home with me.  They cost about 5 bucks, so no biggie.

Craig has other plans.  He takes the points and his passport and boarding pass and goes back to the check in.  I presume he's going to see if he can put them in his suitcase, but I wonder how he's going to manage that since we checked in about 5 minutes ago.  I take the kids and sit (Cozumel airport is very small).  Craig  comes back without my points.  Turns out a fellow passenger (and evil tequila bringing hot tub companion) offered to put them in his bag.  Nice.

We have the flight attendant bring our pal and his wife a beer. 

When we arrive in Toronto, we wait for our bags and our pal Alex hands me my points.  He says in a drug dealer type voice: "Here is your stuff, just don't tell anyone you got them from me."

Smuggled needles.  I love it.

No time to blog. I'm knitting!

I have almost everything ready for my trip (4 days!!), so I managed to spend some time knitting this weekend.  It's been a while since I've had some solid time to knit and put a bit of time in on three projects.  I have a good portion of the sleeve done on the Drops Cardi (no pictures--it's a blue tweed sleeve).

I also started the Whisper Cardi; twice.  I'm making the largest size because I have broad shoulders and I want the cardi to be a decent length, but found the 16" diameter sleeve too big and floppy.  I have broad shoulders, but not huge arms (though they're not super-model skinny).  I also had real troubles with the Magic Loop (I really don't like that technique) so I started again after locating my 4mm dpns.  I have this weird problem with 4mm dpns.  They disappear.  I've lost 4 sets in the last 5 years.  I don't know where they go, but they go.  Right now I have very short Signature ones (they're awesome) and very long Knitpicks ones which are perfect for the cardi.


Back to the sleeve...I started with the medium sleeves but stopped decreasing once I had the large sleeve stitch count.  I'll just knit the missing 24 rows (representing the remaining decreases) so the sleeves are the correct length, and proceed as written for the back.  Easy-peasy. 

Now that my travel knitting is established (I have all my yarn and tools assembled too), I got back to the Bohus.  Today was perfect Bohus weather, and as this project celebrates its second birthday as a WIP, I'm a bit sad that I'm so close to finishing, but probably won't get a chance to wear it this season.  Really, I better not get a chance to wear it this season--I've had enough of the cold.

So close, yet so far.


I did the hem row today and just need to work the final inch or two for the hem, then it's on to the sleeves.  I bet they'll take a while, but I don't really mind.  This is still a mindless, but sensual to the touch knit.  Merino/angora. What's not to like.  And I'm really pleased with fit on my body--even in yoga pants.

It had to be done

I tried to use something from my stash.  I really did.  After some measuring and some help from the designer, Hannah Fettig, I decided I did need to knit the large size of the Whisper Cardigan.  Which meant that I didn't have enough of any appropriate yarn in the stash.  It happens. 

I was planning on using Malabrigo lace, but after swatching, I found it too thin, and chose Malabrigo Sock instead.  It's not quite the same as the Morehouse Lace, but I wanted the yarn in hand, swatched, with the needles ready for my trip, so I needed a local yarn.  It's not single ply, or slightly slubby, but it's soft and pretty and knits to a pleasing drapey fabric at the called for gauge, so I'm going with it. 

Emma and I popped into the Purple Purl on Sunday (we had only 15 minutes; I love how local my LYS is!) and I was drawn to the acid green, but decided that I really needed a brown cardi for summer.  Brown is my favourite neutral and I'll get an acid green tank to wear underneath.  The colour is cardovan--think chocolate and cinammon. Or since I'm going to be in Mexico--think mole.  Mmmmm.


I restrained myself to only swatching last night.  But I may start it this week, I want it on the needles before I board the plane, and just 'cause it's so soft.

In all, I went 66 days without buying yarn.  And since this is just sock yarn, it doesn't count, right? 

Random Wednesday with a Whisper

1. Normally Wednesdays are a tough day at home because everyone is tired.  This week the kids had a 4 day weekend and I had Monday off so we're pretty zippy.  I suppose that will mean tomorrow is the tough day.

2. I did very little knitting on my long weekend.  But did make Emma a pair of fingerless gloves.  She seems to be reviving the 80's style (is that back already?!) with suspenders and leggings and now these gloves.  But it's cute on a ten year old who is expressing herself.

Emma Finers

3. Fingerless gloves on 4mm needles are a fast knit.

4. I'm working on my taxes which is leading to another blog post, but not today, I need to let it percolate more.

5. The coffee at work actually tastes good again.  I stopped drinking it for about 6 months until they changed the machine.  Now that it doesn't taste like coffee-flavoured diluted dishwater I wonder if the regular drinkers are wondering if they should have been drinking the old stuff.  I sure wonder how they stood it.

6. I bought a bikini this weekend.  Not only does it look pretty good on me, I feel good with it on.

7. Why a bikini?  We're off to Cozumel in 2 and a half weeks.  I want to get a little UV therapy while I'm there.  It'll save me having to do UVB therapy when I'm home and will be more fun. 

8. I got a regular takini too.  Takinis rock. 

9. I'm feeling better about my exercise program.  I'm feeling better BECAUSE of my exercise program.  I feel crappy about sleeping instead of exercising today; though I did get a good walk into work today.

10.  I started a new notebook today for my work notes.  I love starting new notebooks.  I'm working towards a very much reduced paper office and I'm doing very well, these notebooks are my one weakness, I like to write things down sometimes.  The process of making script seems to help me think more than the process of tapping keys.

11. I hope Lettuce Knit has the Spring Interweave.  I really want to knit the Whisper Cardigan while I'm in Mexico.  I'm hoping my stash yarn will work.  I'm going between these two colours of laceweight, or this Briar Rose Grandma's Blessing (which I think will be too thick).  I'm thinking I should use a semi-solid so the Orange is the big contender. 



Briar Rose Grandma's blessing

I might not have enough of the orange laceweight which will lead me down the ice ramp of breaking my knit from stash pledge right into the loving embrace of some malabrigo laceweight or sea silk or something equally lovely for this sweater.  Ack!

12.  I haven't purchased any yarn since mid-December.  Maybe I've shown enough resolve...